Exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden

Exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden

Whoever has a garden has a paradise and a treasure that is summarized not only in beauty and calm to admire and delight your senses, but also in an interesting source of food if you decide to incorporate fruit trees or various crops. In this article we are going to show you a list of exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden. They will fill your little green lung with color and aroma and, at the same time, will give you a lot of play in the kitchen, if you also like to incorporate fruit into your recipes. 

Fruit is a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, making it an essential food for all ages. It can be taken fresh, in juices, smoothies, in salads and in various cakes or sweets. And, if it is also exotic fruit, you will have that added bonus of growing fruits at home that you cannot find so easily in supermarkets and that, if you buy them, cost you dearly.

Are you wanting to know what exotic fruit trees Are they the ones you can have in your garden? Here goes the list.

Persimmon or persimmon tree

Exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden

El persimmon tree It is one of the fruit trees that you can plant in your garden because, despite being exotic, it adapts perfectly to the Mediterranean climate. This species has its origins in Asian lands, but it can live perfectly in Spain, even in especially cold climates such as those found in the north of the peninsula. 

If you decide to plant persimmon or persimmon, you must take into account their dimensions, because The adult tree can measure up to 12 meters, although there are some that are half the size. Its trunk is relatively short, but its crown is very voluminous, so much so that it can exceed the 9 meters wide, so you will have to provide it with space, not only thinking about height but, above all, width. 

Like a good tropical tree, will need a lot of sun. Furthermore, it is preferable to protect it well from frost, especially when the tree is young, because once adult, although frost does not favor it, it could nevertheless withstand very cold temperatures

Nor will it give you big headaches regarding irrigation, because it is a species that tolerates drought well. However, more irrigation, will give more and better fruits. The quantity and quality of fruits will also depend on whether it has a good nutrient-rich soil, with adequate fertilizer and, fundamental, is drainage, since a drained soil It will prevent the accumulation of water, an essential factor to avoid rotting the roots.

As for pruning, it is another advantage that the persimmon tree has, that you will not have to prune it. So you will have less work. It is a very grateful tree.

custard apple tree

Exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden

El custard apple tree It is more demanding than that of persimmon, because it needs heat and does not tolerate low temperatures as well. Not always if it is very cold in your garden, because it will collapse with temperatures below -1 degrees. However, if you live in a warm area, you can afford to grow it to enjoy its fruits. 

We find its origins in areas such as Peru, Ecuador and India. Taking that into account, it is easy to imagine that they do not cope well with frost, nor with humidity. 

On the contrary, this exotic fruit tree needs a lot of light, which is not the same as sun, because if you live in an area where the sun is intense, the best recommendation is plant it in semi-shade, so that the strong sun does not burn the leaves or fruits when they come out.

In terms of dimensions, it is a small tree, so you can fit it in any space in your garden. 

Be careful with excess water! Waterlogging could be disastrous. So make sure the soil has sufficient drainage and pamper your tree with a good compost and worm castings or an equally rich compost so that it produces the best fruits.

Avocados in your garden

Exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden

It's not exactly easy grow avocado, especially due to its large dimensions, because it can reach Meters 20. And because it requires a very tropical climate to thrive, just like the climate it finds in its countries of origin: Central America and Mexico

Needs to heat and humidity in equal parts, although it does not tolerate temperatures higher than 40º. What it does demand is lots of sunlight, a well-drained soil rich in nutrients, which is also a little acidic.

Plant a pistachio in your garden

Exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden

If you fall in love with this fruit, like so many of us, you will be happy to know that you can plant a pistachio tree in your garden. In fact, in the Cuenca area its cultivation is abundant, so why not try it? The origins of this fabulous tree are in Asia and, now, you can take care of your own pistachio tree. Of course, you must be patient, because a defect in the Pistacia tree it's just that gives good harvest of fruits every two years and you will have to wait for it to comply 5 years for the first harvest. However, you can have your own storage of pistachios and take advantage of their properties and flavor.

You will need to have male and female trees for effective pollination to occur. And prepare a deep, well-drained soil. For the rest, it needs a lot of watering and a lot of light.

mango tree

Exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden

Another essential exotic fruit whose tree is suitable for a garden is the mango. It also comes from Asia and usually grows quite large, even reaching 30 meters, but there are some species that you can buy that are smaller and suitable for the garden. 

El mango tree needs a lot of sun, heat and moderate watering, because it is more of a dry environment, so drainage will be essential for the tree to thrive well. If, in addition, the soil is a little acidic, all the better.

To make it grow more robust, it will be good to prune it from time to time. This way you will have a beautiful and strong tree that will give you exquisite fruits.

These are the exotic fruit trees that you can plant in your garden. Have you tried any of them yet? Tell us your experience. 

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