How to buy flower seeds that really germinate you

Flower seeds

With spring it is normal that you feel like planting flower seeds. It is the opportunity to see them grow, but, above all, to brighten your eyes with the beautiful colors that the flowers have.

The problem is that, many times, we buy flower seeds without realizing if it is the best time, if they are suitable for the climate, or if we are really going to like them. So, how about we give you a hand with this and help you choose some that you really like?

What should you look for when buying flower seeds?

When buying flower seeds there are several factors you should consider to ensure you get the best flowers, as well as seeds that really germinate. Some of the things to keep in mind are:


You should choose seeds that are suitable for the climate of your area. If you live in a hot, dry climate, for example, you may need flower seeds that are drought-resistant.

You can search the internet for some examples of flowers that adapt well to your climate and with which you will have no problem seeing them grow and flourish.


The flowers have different blooming times. Therefore, you should buy flower seeds that have a planting season according to the season you are in.

now also you could get the seeds before that season.

In this case, in many envelopes you have the best time to plant them and when they should flower, so that can serve as a guide.


Consider the space you have available to plant your flowers. If you only have a small garden or pot, you may You may want to look for varieties that are more compact in flower or that do not develop as many roots.


If you are going to plant them in the ground, the type of soil you have will influence, and a lot, in the germination and good development of the plants. For example, if you choose flower seeds that need a very nutritious soil and yours is rather dry, no matter how much you want they will not succeed (and if they do they will run out very soon).

Skill level

Some seeds are easier to grow than others. If you are new to gardening, We recommend choosing the easiest to grow. You will have time to move forward and try your luck with other more complicated ones.

It is better to go step by step because keep in mind that what you will have in your hands will be a living being.

Seed quality

It is important that the seeds are of high quality from a reliable supplier. And, above all, that they are not expired.

Seeds may have different expiration dates. Some may only last one year, but others can be used even four years later.

flower type

There is no doubt that one of the keys to take into account when buying flower seeds is that you like them.

It is true that some flowers you may not know, and be pleasantly surprised. But if you have little space, it is better to play it safe than not to risk it and later not like it (for example, because it attracts insects).

Planting instructions

On most flower seed products there is a label with the usual instructions. If you want to be lucky and get all of them you have to follow what is written.


Finally we have the price. In this case, you should be guided not only by your budget, but more by the space you have available because seeds are quite cheap for basic or common flower seeds. Those that are more special may have higher prices, but require more knowledge and be more aware of them.

The best flower seeds

Here are some of the best flower seeds you can buy on the market.

Batlle Seeds – Varied semi-high double marigold

We start with an envelope of semi tall marigold seeds, ideal for sowing, either in autumn or spring (they can flower twice.

Mix Annual HIGH Flowers

This envelope of flower seeds is varied, for sow from April to June and flower from July to October.

Queen Marg. dwarf chrysanthemum flower

Do you want to have chrysanthemums in your garden? Here are the seeds of these flowers that They are planted in spring and will flower throughout the summer. until the cold of winter arrives.

Cornflower / Light Blue Flower (Centaurea cyanus) – approx. 200 seeds

If what you are looking for is to enjoy a typical field herb, which also they say it is endangered, you have to know the fateful. You have an envelope with about 200 seeds that you can easily plant. Does it come with instructions.

Sunflower Seed Kit

Here is a kit for growing sunflowers through seeds. In this case you will have the most beautiful varieties there are such as Sunspot, Teddy Bear, the beautiful Velvet Queen, Lemon Queen, Gelber Diskus and the multicolored Evening Sun.

BonPrime Mixed Annual Garden Flower Seeds

It is a bag with fast growing flower seeds. The package wild seed mix with over 30.000 seeds together, to plant in about 40 square meters of the garden. You'll have zinnias, blue sage, fairy bouquets, and a total of 31 different varieties.

These attract bees, songbirds, and butterflies.

Pack 25 Pots with Seeds for Gift

In this case, they are seeds, yes, but in reality They come in a pack of 25 biodegradable pots. Each pot holds five to eight petunia seeds and they will bloom in two different colors.

Where to buy

buy flower seeds

All that remains is to take the plunge and buy flower seeds. And this is quite easy since it is a product that you find in many places. But, of all of them, the ones that we recommend the most are:


Amazon to buy seeds is amazing. Have practically of all types and many come from other countries. Of course, germination is more complicated because from the comments we have read, sometimes they do not succeed.

As for prices, there is something for everyone, from the cheapest to some that are too expensive (especially compared to other stores outside of Amazon).

Online gardening stores

The next store where you can buy are garden stores, plants, flowers… In addition to having plants, many also have flower seeds And they are usually quite cheap.

Thrift shopping

Another option is through second-hand stores, or second-hand platforms. They are usually cheap and above all the plants from which the seeds come out are usually adapted to the climate. If you get them from the same city you can have a better chance of them germinating and flourishing healthily.

How many flower seeds are you going to get together this year?

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