When do they bloom, how long do daylilies last and how to extend their life?

When do they bloom, how long do daylilies last and how to extend their life

La lily flower It is the favorite of many people and, of course, it does not surprise us. Because she is truly spectacular. If you have a plant of this type at home and it has bloomed, we are going to see some tricks to prolong the life of its flowers a little more.

Take good note, because we are going to help you get an even more beautiful plant and enjoy its flowers for a little longer.

Particularities of lily flowering

Particularities of lily flowering

La lily It is a plant with large, showy flowers that fill any corner of your garden with life, color and aroma.

Its flowering has some peculiarities that you should know:

  • Flowering time. Most species of daylily bloom between the spring and summer months.
  • Flowering duration. The flowers live between one and two weeks, and typically each stem is capable of producing several flowers that open successively throughout the entire flowering period.
  • Variety of colors and shapes. These flowers have a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes. The white lily flower is very popular, but we also find them in pink, yellow, orange, red and even purple tones. There are even varieties that have colored spots or stripes on their petals. As far as the shape is concerned, the most common is the trumpet shape, but there are also species that have beautiful curved petals.
  • Fragrance. One of the identifying features of these flowers is their fragrance, which is intense and sweet.

How to get a greater presence of the lily flower in your garden?

How to get a greater presence of the lily flower in your garden?

If you want your house to be filled with the beauty of these flowers, you must provide the plant with a series of specific care:

Selecting the right place

Daylilies do best in very sunny locations. They are plants that prefer direct sun exposure, with a minimum of six hours a day, because this stimulates flowering.

Regarding the planting medium, must have good drainage capacity, so that the bulb does not rot.

Soil preparation

Try to plant lily bulbs in soil with a pH between slightly acidic and neutral. Amend it with organic matter to improve its structure and add essential nutrients. This will make your plant well “fed” and its flowering will be greater.

Correct planting

To get more flowers, the bulbs have to be well planted. The ideal is to bury them at a depth of 15 to 20 centimeters, leaving a space of between 15 and 30 centimeters between each other. This facilitates root development and prevents competition for nutrients.

The ideal time to plant the bulbs is in autumn or early spring, depending on the climate of each region. In the Mediterranean climate it is advisable to plant during the fall, so that the plant sprouts in spring.

Adequate watering

It is advisable in these cases to keep the soil uniformly moist during the active growing season, but without ever becoming waterlogged.

In very dry and hot climates, to enjoy the lily flower It is essential that you water deeply once a week.


You can apply a balanced fertilizer at the time of planting the bulb. Then, during the active growing season, Fertilize every four to six weeks.

Pruning and maintenance

As the flowers die, trim them. This will prevent seeds from forming and redirect the plant's energy towards the bulb, encouraging the appearance of new flowers.

Leave the foliage intact until it turns yellow and dies naturally. This also increases the flow of energy to the bulb and allows it to prepare to sprout in the following season.

Tricks to make the lily flower live longer

Tricks to make the lily flower live longer

In addition to giving the plant the care it needs, you can make the lily flower live longer with tricks like these:

Homemade fertilizer

Use banana peels to make tea. Soak the peels in water for 24 to 48 hours, Filter and add to irrigation water. This will provide the plant with a large amount of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for flowering.

Milk for the soil

Mix one part milk with four parts water and water the plants with this mixture once a month. This provides calcium that helps strengthen the cell walls of plants. The result is a stronger lily with greater flowering capacity.

Drainage improvement

Place small stones or gravel at the bottom of the hole and then place the bulb on top. This improves drainage and prevents root rot. With healthy roots, the plant will produce more flowers and they will live longer.

Mulching eggshells

To add calcium to the soil and help maintain moisture, apply a layer of mulching made from crushed eggshells.

Preserving the lily flower in a vase

If you have decided to cut some lily flowers to display in a pretty vase at home, Here are some tips that will help you live a little longer:

Aspirin in water

A classic trick that works very well is to put crushed aspirin in water. This reduces the level of bacteria growth and helps the water stay fresher for longer. Even so, Don't forget to change it every two or three days.

Vodka for freshness

Add a few drops of vodka to the water in the vase. Alcohol prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps water clean for longer, which helps keep the flowers fresh.

sugar and vinegar

Another classic trick is to mix a teaspoon of sugar with a tablespoon of white vinegar in the water of the vase. The sugar provides nutrients to the flowers, while the vinegar ensures that bacteria do not proliferate too much.

Hair spray

Lightly spray the flowers with hairspray from about a foot away. This helps them stay firm and prolongs their freshness.

With these simple tricks that we have seen, you will get your plant to bloom more and keep the lily flower alive and beautiful for longer. Do you dare to try them?

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