Preserved eucalyptus, a beautiful and aromatic plant to decorate your house

Preserved eucalyptus

You have heard about eucalyptus cinerea as an aromatic plant with interesting medicinal uses, but rarely as a decorative element. From now on, however, you will begin to see it decorating many homes, because decorating spaces with preserved plants and, among the varieties that are most chosen, is the preserved eucalyptus

In this article we are going to tell you everything about it, so that you know how preserved eucalyptus is made and also to give you ideas so that you can decorate your house with this beautiful aromatic plant.

Eucalyptus to decorate

It is a trend to decorate using natural elements, among which flowers and plants stand out especially. They add that touch of color, aroma and life that fills a home with warmth. Green is especially appreciated because it is also a color that combines well with almost any element, texture, color and style. In this sense, eucalyptus adds many points in its favor, because it brings together all the qualities that we look for when we are giving a room personality.

To its aesthetic virtues, we must add its aromatic characteristics, because it is a plant with an intense and penetrating smell that fills the home with positive energy and it makes spending time in that place an almost therapeutic experience. 

Preserved eucalyptus

Preserved eucalyptus

But decorating with plants has its drawbacks, as you are probably thinking, because freshly picked flowers or plants are spectacularly beautiful but, when they lose their freshness, their glamor also disappears. Will you have to be changing your eucalyptus leaves every now and then? It is not necessary, because what we do to make our decoration with plants last longer is to resort to preservation. This way, they last much longer, because they look as if they were mummified and will continue to look beautiful even as the months go by. 

Several methods to preserve plants, although the most common is to soak with water and glycerin. If you don't have glycerin on hand, you can add salt to water and then soak the eucalyptus. The latter will be a more rudimentary method to dry the plant, but it can also be useful. And don't forget to take into account the care for preserved plants

If you settle for less, you can try to extend the life and good appearance of your eucalyptus branches for decoration by soaking the plant overnight and then letting it dry well. Later, place it where the sun hits it and it will be ready to be used in decoration.

Why decorate with eucalyptus

It is no coincidence that eucalyptus has become so fashionable in decoration. Whenever a trend is born or reborn, if it was popular some time ago, we like to investigate the symbolism of the object in question and what it represents. In this case, we are looking at a plant that symbolizes serenity and freshness. 

Having eucalyptus decorating our house or our office, if we choose it for this purpose, will be like being immersed in a private forest, with the showiness of its leaves, the vigor and delicacy of its branches and the perfume that, to a greater or lesser extent, It surely remains or, at least, its vision evokes it in us.

We must add one more advantage of decorating with eucalyptus and that is that it is a very economical plant that you can pick up on a walk through the forest, so you won't have to spend money either. 

You can decorate any corner of your home with eucalyptus, including the bathroom, where it will also provide a feeling of cleanliness and purification very suggestive. Below, we share with you some ideas so that you don't have to worry too much about how to decorate. 

Decoration ideas with eucalyptus for your home

Preserved eucalyptus

You can bet on simple vases regular size or large amphorae to fill with eucalyptus and place them in the corners you want to highlight. You can place these vases on tables and shelves, while the amphorae sit perfectly on the floor, for example, to fill the corners of a hallway or room with charm. 

Do you want more ideas? Create your own still life using eucalyptus and other plants, flowers or elements that you like. And you can even create garlands of eucalyptus leaves, with their branches that are decorative and hang them wherever you want. 

We do not forget another option, which is to ride centerpieces and place eucalyptus trees, either as a star object or as a complement to other main items. 

There are a thousand ways and a thousand uses that you can give to eucalyptus to decorate your house

Decorating mirrors and doors

You can border your mirrors and/or doors using eucalyptus garlands. It is a way to give that wild and special touch that fills your rooms with life and emotion, whatever they may be, because it will allow you to decorate both the front door and other doors that you want to beautify. 

In the case of mirrors, it will look beautiful on the bathroom mirror, although you are free to place it in the living room, bedroom or that special room where you spend hours relaxing. 

It is a style that goes very well to decorate a rural house. 

Decorate your celebration table with eucalyptus

If you are preparing an event, you can take advantage of eucalyptus to decorate your guest table. Place eucalyptus branches or leaves on the plate, as a centerpiece or on the napkin. 

Paintings with eucalyptus

The simplicity and intense but discreet green color of this plant are ideal for framing in a painting and decorating a corner of the house that, at first glance, seems boring. Preferably choose a wooden frame and better if it is natural, unpainted, because the contrast of tones will be fantastic.

Decorating curtains and hanging elements

Hanging elements are also trendy. Simple curtains made following the handmade line or garlands to hang special photos that we can decorate with eucalyptus. Same as hanging pots if you have any lying around. 

Ambient and scented balcony

And what about the balcony, where you can create an impressive boho space by placing a comfortable armchair or puff and filling the space with green with an aromatic touch that you find inspiring. 

These are some ideas for using the preserved eucalyptus to decorate your house. Which of our proposals do you prefer?

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