What crops need the most water?

What crops need the most water?

Water is a scarce commodity that we have to take care of. It is the fundamental basis of life on the planet, since both animals and plants need it to be able to grow and develop. Hence, drought is such a worrying phenomenon, and on this occasion we have decided to investigate the crops that need more water.

Because these may be at risk in a large part of the planet if climate change continues to advance and drought seasons become more and more common and last longer.

California almonds, the leader in crops that need the most water

80% of the almonds consumed globally come from California. According to a study, for grow a single almond, An average of 12 liters of water is needed.

This implies that annual production of almonds from California It involves the consumption of no more and no less than two billion liters each year.


Nuts that need more water.

The fruit can be dry, but it is curious that a fairly high amount of water is required for its production.

Trees such as almond trees, walnut trees or hazelnut trees need regular watering during their first years of life, to ensure that their root system is well anchored to the soil. In this stage, the trees don't even produce fruit, but they already demand a large amount of water.

Once trees begin to be productive, the amount of water they need depends on the fruit. On average, produce a kilo of nuts requires consuming between 5.000 and 10.000 liters of water.

Walnuts and hazelnuts demand the least water, while almonds, cashews and pistachios require more humidity so that its production is abundant and of quality.


Among the crops that need the most water, rice always stands out. It is a staple food in much of the world and yet its production is threatened by droughts.

To produce a kilo of rice, between 2.500 and 4.000 liters of water are consumed, and it turns out that this is the third most common crop in the world, so accessing this food It costs us millions of liters of water every year.


Avocado consumes a lot of water

The popularity of avocado continues to grow worldwide. This fruit is highly appreciated for its delicious flavor and nutritional qualities, but There is an important controversy around it.

The increase in demand has led to an expansion of cultivation areas, causing many areas of South and Central America to deforestation has occurred to plant avocados.

To this must be added that Producing a kilo of avocado consumes about 2.000 liters of water. As plantations of a water-demanding crop increase, a shortage is being caused that affects local communities.


When it comes to crops that need the most water, cassava is a curious case. Because it turns out that this tuber is capable of surviving dry periods and, however, for get good production, you have to consume plenty of water.

It is estimated that one kilo of cassava requires the expenditure of about 900 liters of water. Furthermore, the cultivation of this tuber is growing worldwide, because It is not only used as a power source. It is also used to obtain biofuels, as a source of starch and to obtain bioplastics.

It is a staple food for more than one billion people worldwide, but in the future its cultivation It may be more linked to other industrial uses rather than food. Which will further increase the water consumption necessary to obtain large production volumes.


The banana is a fruit of tropical origin that It only grows well when the banana tree is subdued to very particular conditions that imply a tropical climate, about 1.500 hours of sunshine per year and, in addition, large doses of water.

To produce a kilo of bananas you have to consume approximately 800 liters of water, and the same goes for bananas.


Depending on water consumption, it makes a crop more profitable the fact of need little water to grow. Because this is an increasingly scarce good and that could increase its price in the future.

In the case of corn, its profitability is greater than that of other foods that we have seen, because to produce one kilo, 550 liters of water are needed. Good proof of this is that this is the most widespread crop worldwide.

The curious thing is that, of all the corn grown, only 15% is destined for human consumption. The rest goes to animal feed and its use as bioenergy.



Potatoes are an excellent source of nutrients and an environmentally sustainable crop, because for the production of one kilo of these tubers Only 300 liters of water are consumed.

It is true that it is a high amount, but It is much lower than that of other foods with lower weight in our diet., like nuts.

Pakistan sugar cane

Sugar cane is a controversial product, because to obtain a kilo of sugar, an average of 120 liters of water is consumed.

Water that, in the case of Pakistan, It comes from irrigation and groundwater reserves. Therefore, experts believe that this is not the best place to grow this food.


There are many reasons to eat apples, and one of the most important is that growing them does not require excessive water consumption. To enjoy a kilo of this fruit, Between 70 and 170 liters of water will be needed.

As a curious fact that you may not know, half of the apples consumed in the world have been grown in China.

Here you have them ordered from largest to smallest crops that need more water. Did you imagine that so many liters were needed so that we could enjoy some delicious almonds or a delicious avocado?

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