What is anti-frost fabric for plants?

anti-frost fabric

Anti-frost fabric It is the best ally of a gardener, horticulturist or collector. It is a kind of coat that protects plants from low temperatures, thus allowing them to survive winter without almost any problem. Economical and lightweight, this fabric is ideal for all those who have recently planted some plants in the ground, or who are not sure that their species will withstand the cold and / or frost.

In this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about anti-frost fabric, how it is used and what its advantages are.

What is anti-frost fabric?

frost blankets

Anti-frost fabric, also known as anti-frost mesh or thermal plant blanket, It is a veil that protects crops from adverse weather conditions, such as cold, frost, ice and snow. It is a porous material, which means that it allows air and water to pass through, and also creates a somewhat warmer microclimate since it retains the heat of the soil.

There are three different formats:

  • rolls: for both small and large-scale use.
  • Folded: to protect few plants, such as those we can have on a balcony or terrace.
  • Tubular: to protect for example trees, shrubs or palm trees.

Advantages of anti-frost fabric

frost proof fabric for the garden

The advantages of anti-frost fabric are many and varied. Apart from what we have already said, it is a thermal fabric or blanket that protects crops from pests and dehydration. If treated with care, can be used more than once, as it supports solar radiation.

Being light in weight, it can be attached quickly and easily, with almost no effort. For this reason, also it is very interesting to put it as a greenhouse double roof.

How to apply the anti-frost fabric

protect crops from the cold

Placing it is very simple. For example, if what we have to do is protect tall plants, such as trees, we can wrap them as if they were a gift, holding the mesh to the trunk with a rope. On the contrary, if we want to protect garden crops, the ideal thing will be to nail several stakes to the ground, and then put the mesh.

Easy right? With this product you will no longer have to worry about frost.

The best anti-frost fabrics

Once we know the anti-frost fabric and how it works, we will see which are the best that exist on the market.

Verdemax 6882 - Non Woven Fabric Cloak

This model serves to protect large plants and flowers from the low temperatures of winter. It is shaped like a cloak and has a cord at the base that guarantees a quick and easy closure. The advantage it has over other fabrics is that it is permeable to air and water. It is quite easy to use. You just have to turn the plant and tighten the cable of the base. In this way, the plant will be completely protected. During the coldest periods of the year and depending on the area where we live, it is advisable to use superimposed warm mantles.

Get it here.

JYCRA Antifreeze Plant Cloth, Non-woven Fabric, Reusable

This model has a high quality and the resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The fabric is soft and has a breathable fabric that won't smother plants or block too much sunlight. Being a breathable fabric, the fabric allows the entry of air and ultraviolet light from the sun. Rainwater may reach the plants. The advantage of this fabric is that it is not necessary to remove every morning and replace every night. It has a protection function and is that protects them from dying prematurely due to bad weather. It also protects them from many types of pests including insects, birds, and animals.

It is a widely usable anti-frost fabric. Helps protect vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, and flowers. It also protects newly sown grass.

Do you want it? Buy it from here.

PAMPOLS Thermal Mesh Anti Frost Blanket. Cold Protection for Fruit Trees and Outdoor Plants. Crops or Orchard

This variant specializes in the protection of fruit plants and some outdoor plants planted in orchards. It is quite large in size, so it helps protect crops and fruit trees from frost, wind, hail, and insect pests. You can easily trim to fit the size of the plants. This is because it is a breathable and lightweight fabric. Thanks to this type of fabric you can water your crops and treat them directly without having to remove the fabric. What's more, dries easily and won't get waterlogged.

Favor the microclimate effect. This means that under the blanket the temperature can rise about 4 degrees above room temperature. This is ideal for outdoor crops that need extra heat in the winter season. With this type of anti-frost fabric you will achieve greater climatic comfort and the plants will achieve a better rate of photosynthesis both duration and intensity. It is very easy to place and install during the day. It is advisable to place it in the direction of the wind and not to strain it too much. The ends are covered with soil and can be secured with nails or stakes.

It is reusable since it is ultra resistant and will not only last a season. It can be removed when the temperatures begin to rise and it is advisable to reserve it for the next cold seasons. It can also be used temporarily or permanently. Everything will depend on the area where we live and the prevailing climate.

Vilmorin - Cold protection blanket for plants

Lastly, this variety is made with polypropylene and has a cord for easy installation. It is ideal for shrubs and plants that are located in gardens and are more fragile species. It has dimensions of 2 × 5 meters. It has high quality, durable and resistant. It can be used as an umbrella protector to block the sun. Helps effectively keep trees away from mosquitoes, insects and rain to provide a better living environment.

Do not be without it.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the anti-frost fabric.

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