How to lay artificial grass on the balcony?

Is it possible to have artificial grass on the balcony

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Is it possible to have artificial grass on a balcony? We usually associate this green carpet with sports fields and gardens, but the truth is that in a space that is usually small, such as a balcony, it also looks very nice.

In addition, it has several advantages over natural grass, since it does not need water -only when it is to be cleaned-, nor does it need to be cut, unless you want to trim it. Therefore, we are going to explain how to lay artificial grass on the balcony and how to maintain it.

How should artificial grass be placed on the balcony?

Artificial grass is a good alternative to natural grass.

Artificial grass is wonderful. It allows you to cover a floor quickly and easily, with little effort. In addition, depending on its thickness, it can be extremely comfortable, something that invites you to sit on its surface, and that also allows children to play without having direct contact with the ground.

So how is it placed on the balcony? For it you have to follow this step by step:

  1. Measure the surface on which you will put the artificial grass: this is the basics, the most important. With this information, you will know how many square meters you will need.
  2. Choose what type of artificial grass you want: thicker, finer; with more or less stitches. If you have children and/or intend to sit on it, the ideal is to choose one that is thick and with at least 15 thousand stitches per 30 centimeters of length, since that will mean that it has a lot of "hair". Learn More.
  3. Unroll the grass from one side: this will make it much easier for you to place it correctly.
  4. stick it to the ground: once you have it unrolled, stretch it well so that there are no "mountains" and proceed to glue the sides of your green carpet to the ground with a special glue for artificial grass such as this.

How to maintain artificial grass?

Laying the artificial grass is one thing, but maintaining it is another. If we want it to last a long time, we have to do some maintenance from time to time. What are those tasks? What we tell you next:

Remove dry leaves and pruning debris

It doesn't matter if it looks dirty, first because it wouldn't look pretty, and second because these remains of organic matter could attract fungi and pests. To avoid this, every time you prune your plants, remove the dry leaves or eliminate the herbs that germinate in the pots, you have to throw them in a container or make compost with them.

Clean it with soap and water

Especially if you have dogs and/or cats that relieve themselves in it, you will have to clean it so that it does not spoil, since for example cat urine is very acidic, and can make it look burned. So, to avoid it, there is nothing better than putting on rubber gloves, and cleaning it with soap and water; then pour plain water on it to remove the foam. Of course, do it at sunset, when it is not exposed to direct sun, otherwise it would burn.

Put saucers under the pots of your plants

Artificial grass is waterproof, but if you are going to have potted plants on it, the ideal is to put a plate under them so that they do not stain or accumulate water between the pot and the lawn. But you have to keep in mind that many plants do not tolerate excess water in their roots, so you have to drain the plate after each watering; if not, they will rot.

How to decorate the balcony with artificial grass?

When you have a balcony where you can go out to get some air and relax, it is interesting to put artificial grass. But, would you know how to decorate it with plants and/or furniture? If you have doubts, we are going to tell you the best ideas so you can have a beautiful balcony:

A balcony to relax

Artificial grass looks great on a balcony

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A long and not very wide planter, with a lattice leaning against the wall. Not very large climbers, perhaps jasmine so that the balcony smells good, or perhaps climbing roses, to give color. Then, a two or three-seater sofa, with comfortable cushions in case one day we feel like taking a nap. And, of course, some chairs or hammocks for the guests. How about? It is a simple and very practical idea..

A piece of artificial grass on a minimalist balcony with a floor that imitates wood

You can put artificial grass only on one side

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It may be the case that you really like the floor you have on the balcony and you want it to be seen. Well, no problem: buy fewer meters of artificial grass and that's it. As you can see in the image above, there is nothing wrong with it either. What's more, This way you will have a comfortable corner that you can use to read a book or play with your children.

Artificial grass for large balconies

You can put artificial grass on a large balcony

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If you use or plan to use your balcony for parties or family meals for example, you will be interested in having artificial grass and very little furniture: just enough so that the guests can sit if they wish, maybe a couple of tables, a barbecue and a little more. And if you also have small children, dogs and/or cats, they will surely enjoy it a lot.

So, do not hesitate to put artificial grass on the balcony.

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