Errors and problems with artificial grass: avoid the most common ones

artificial grass errors and problems and how to solve them

Artificial grass has become a fairly common element in all types of gardens, because it is easy to maintain and gives very good aesthetic results, if a quality model is chosen. But there are a series of errors and problems with artificial grass which can cause the installation to not turn out as well as you intended.

We want to help you make your project as perfect as possible and, precisely for that reason, today we bring you a set of tricks that will prevent you from making common mistakes and will allow you to solve the defects that you have noticed in your installation.

Lack of drainage, one of the most common artificial grass errors and problems

You come home with the roll of grass and you can't wait to install it to see the final result. You spread your “carpet” and discover that your garden is now much prettier. Everything is going well, but problems are going to come as soon as the sky becomes cloudy and it starts to rain.

Because there is something very important that is often overlooked when installing artificial grass: drainage. If you have your lawn installed by professionals, rest assured that they will not forget this, but when the installation is done at home it is very common that we do not take into account that we are facing a synthetic product that does not have a natural drainage capacity. Therefore, if it rains, or if we wet it with the hose, it will become waterlogged and this could cause the material to deteriorate.

There are several ways to create a water evacuation system for this tapestry, but one of the simplest is make different holes in the ground (they don't have to be big) and fill them with gravel. This creates a water evacuation system that is quite effective. There are also drainage meshes that will help you keep the artificial grass dry.

Make a mistake with measurements

artificial grass problems

Another error and problem with artificial grass is not buying the necessary quantity and from the same lot, to ensure that the dyeing will be the same and the entire tapestry will be exactly the same. And this happens because errors are made when measuring the surface.

You buy a certain quantity and, when you get to work with the installation, you discover that you need more material. This is a risk, because the store may no longer have a variety of the model you purchased, or you may have to buy product from a different batch, whose color may not be completely the same.

What is recommended in these cases is measure the installation area a minimum of two times and from different angles, and do the calculations correctly to know how many square meters are needed. In fact, it is not a bad idea to buy a little more material than necessary to have spares.

Do not install a weed net

Natural grass is very beautiful, but it requires constant maintenance that includes weeding, because weeds and other types of plants can begin to appear among it. With artificial grass we solve this problem, but not completely.

After investing time and money in the installation, it turns out unpleasant to see that pores are opening on the surface of the tapestry and herbs are growing there, or notice that they are lifting the plant mat. This occurs because a weed control mesh has not been installed underneath.

It is often thought that the thickness of the artificial grass is more than enough to prevent any unwanted plant variety from growing on that land, but this is not the case. If you want a perfect installation, Be sure to put down weed blocking mesh before laying the sod.

Not working the surface, leading to the most serious errors and problems with artificial grass

You will never get the artificial green carpet to look as beautiful as in your imagination if you don't make the effort to work with the terrain first.

Just as at home you wouldn't put a rug on a floor that was full of holes or had tiles stacked on top of each other, in your garden you shouldn't do it either.

The key to a magazine garden with artificial grass is that the base ground is completely smooth. You have to eliminate all the weeds, remove stones and any objects that are in the way. In addition, you must try to make the surface as regular as possible.

Once this work is done, the anti-weed mesh is installed, and then you can lay the artificial grass and enjoy a beautiful garden.

Not buying quality grass

low quality artificial grass

When it comes to mistakes and problems with artificial grass, this is one of the most important ones to avoid. Because choosing a poor quality product means that you will not get the desired result, and that in the end you will have to make a new investment in an artificial tapestry that offers you the features you need.

In this case we can affirm that cheap is expensive. A poor quality artificial grass will not only have a much more plastic appearance than others with a higher price, but It will lose color quickly and wear out quickly. By the use. In a little less than a year or two you will have to change it.

incorrect fixation

artificial grass installation problems

Surely the last thing you want is for your layer of grass get up if there is a lot of wind, or if your pets or children do their thing and run and play around the edge area.

This is something that frequently happens because proper attention is not paid to the bindings. As important as working the surface is to make a good perimeter anchor. For this you can use pegs, nails or curbs every two or three meters.

Depending on the type of grass chosen and the installation terrain, one system or another will be better for you to fix it. Consult a specialist on this topic to ensure you do it right from the first moment.

Errors and problems with artificial grass can be common, but you have already seen that they can be easily avoided by planning the installation well and choosing quality products. How has your experience been with this product? We would like you to tell us through the comments.

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