How to recover artificial grass from under the pool

How to recover artificial grass from under the pool

Are you thinking about putting a detachable pool in the garden this year? Are you worried about the investment you have made in artificial grass and the pool may now be a problem?

There is no doubt that placing a pool on top of artificial grass and filling it with water is equivalent to putting a lot of weight on this material. When it stays put nothing happens. But if you remove it in the fall, you can find a clear sign on the lawn. Fortunately, it can be removed in many cases and you would never think you had a pool there. But how?

Artificial grass and removable pools


If you have ended up putting artificial grass in your garden to benefit from the advantages it has, the last thing you want is for it to deteriorate after what you have spent on it.

However, heat is heat and when you have children a removable pool (if you don't have a fixed one) is almost always something that is appreciated. And a lot.

The problem is that the weight of the pool on the lawn is considerable. We are not saying that the fibers of the grass are going to break, usually this does not happen, but when removing the pool, you will see how the entire hole has been crushed and even in a different color from the one around it. .

Can it be recovered? Yes, in most cases. It all depends on the type of artificial grass you have laid.

How to recover artificial grass after a removable pool

flattened artificial grass

If this year you are thinking very seriously about whether to put a pool or not because you do not want to damage the artificial grass, perhaps you should know how to recover it in order to make a better decision.

En general, There are two ways to recover the flattened grass:

Brush the artificial grass

The first of the solutions is to use a brush and brush artificial grass always against the grain, to lift the fibers that have been crushed for several months.

Be careful, it will not be to pass the brush once and they will get up. Let's say you have to "tame" them back to their natural state.

Sometimes, when this is not easily achieved, you can resort to adding some silica sand. This helps to re-prime when brushing, achieving a better result, and above all that you get less tired.

Brushing the lawn with a machine

If the pool you have placed is quite large, doing everything manually may not be the best option to consider, because you will end up tired and it will most likely take time to see results.

Therefore, The other option doing the same job is to opt for an electric artificial grass comber.

They have an advantage over manual work (beyond the fact that you will get less tired), and that is that they can lift the lower fibers, in such a way that you will do more effective work with them.

Of course, when choosing a good hairstyle You have to take into account certain characteristics of this machine to get the best out of it.

The truth is that there are no other alternatives than those. Patience and brushing are the keys to recover it.

And how do you recover the color?

Over time, it is normal for a grass that has not been exposed to the sun to be one color compared to one that has spent time in the sun. This is something that can happen when you put in a removable pool and then remove it: it will show in the color.

The difference in color will depend on several factors., such as the type of artificial grass, the duration of exposure to the sun and the type of maintenance that you have followed. In some cases, the color difference will be barely noticeable, while in others, it may be more noticeable.

However, this is not something you should worry about too much, since you will only notice a difference if you always place the pool in the same place and, over time, that area will maintain its color on the one around it.

Common problems that can occur when installing a pool on artificial grass

Garden with artificial grass

Installing a pool on artificial grass is not a bad idea. But you have to be aware that this can bring problems. And some of the most common are the following:

Wrinkles and bumps in the grass

When wrinkles and lumps appear, not only on the grass, but on the pool surface as a result of that artificial grass, it may be due to a bad installation of the grass or an inadequate base for the pool.

To solve it you can try adding a layer of infill under the grass (to level it out), use a suitable base or even consider removing that part of the grass and laying it down later (without wrinkles or lumps).

turf subsidence

Another common problem that can occur. This may be due to an inadequate foundation for the pool or excess weight in a specific area.

The problem is that, if it sinks, that could lead to more serious problems like water pooling around the pool, drainage problems, lawn damage, mold, etc.

In most cases, when there is subsidence, it is best to remove the artificial grass to fill it in or even add additional supports to support that weight.

Accumulation of water under the pool

When the pool is full, it means an accumulation of water under it, and that can cause mold to appear or there are problems with oxygenation in that area, in such a way that the artificial grass can be spoiled.

If that happens, it is best to cut the affected part and replace it with another in good condition. In principle there should be no problem that the "patch" is noticeable.

The way to protect artificial grass under the pool

Finally, we want to give you a way to protect the artificial grass under the pool. It can't always be done, but it is something to consider if you are very concerned about the condition of the lawn (or if you have put one that is not of good quality or will not support the weight of the pool).

How to do it? Placing a wooden surface, or similar, on top. In this way, the pool is not placed directly on the ground of the lawn, but on a surface parallel to it that protects both.

Of course, you have to ensure that the pool has a smooth and solid surface (to prevent it from sinking in the center or somewhere), as well as supporting the weight of the pool.

Can you think of what other solutions can be given when you want an artificial grass pool?

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