How to buy barbecue accessories

barbecue accessories

Imagine you have prepared a barbecue for the weekend. You have the meat, those beautiful black puddings, and a surprise for your guests that you didn't want to reveal at home. But what about barbecue accessories? Do you have it all too?

If you just realized that you are missing the most important elements, those with which you don't destroy the food and serve it like a professional, then we are going to brighten your day because we are going to talk about them.

Top 1. The best barbecue accessories


  • Accessories made of stainless steel.
  • I have 3 pieces, gloves and cloth.
  • Refund for 30 days.


  • The cloth is not flame retardant and can fan flames.
  • You only have 3 pieces.

Selection of barbecue accessories

Has it not convinced you or is it not worth it? Don't worry, here we have other options that can serve you much better, how about you take a look at them?

Love begans Barbecue Utensils Kit, 20 Pieces

Made of Food-grade stainless steel, BPA and toxicity free. They are resistant, do not generate odor and do not deform either. Everything arrives in a compact size bag with an interior full of elastic bands for you to hold the tools in this way.

GolWof Barbecue Utensils 25 Pieces

Presented in a case, this pack of 25 pieces is made of thick, quality stainless steel.

Among them you have: fork, shovel, tweezers, brush, corn needle, thermometer...

AISITIN – 25 piece barbecue kit

A set of 25 pieces of stainless steel, resistant to heat and cracks, and very easy to clean. All this is collected in a briefcase so you can keep the pieces together and not lose any.

Between them? A spatula, tongs, barbecue mat, long fork, meat thermometer, barbecue skewers...

Duerer BBQ Utensils

Made of high quality stainless steel, the set consists of 32 pieces. Most of them have a ergonomic and heat-resistant handle. Among them you will have: long-handled spatula, fork, tongs, meat thermometer, meat injector, grill mat, silicone basting brush, grill brush, brush head...


It is a set made up of 35 pieces of stainless steel and silicone. Includes: a 3-in-1 spatula, grill tongs, 8 skewers, barbecue fork, anti-scald gloves, 2 meat claws, meat injector, barbecue mat, 8 corn holders, 2 oil brush, cleaning brush, thermometer for meat, 2 knives and forks for meat, pepper shakers and salt shakers, cloth bag.

BBQ Accessories Buying Guide

Buying barbecue accessories is not easy. It is not enough that they are aesthetically beautiful; also they must be functional and really serve their purpose, which is to help you prepare an unforgettable barbecue.

But, what should you look for to buy them? We recommend that you do the following:

barbecue type

As you can see, we are not talking about the type of accessory, but about the barbecue. Why? Well, because a very common mistake in many is buy accessories that, on that first use, melt, break or are impossible to use because they get hot and burn.

Depending on whether your barbecue is gas, wood, charcoal, etc. You will have to choose a type of barbecue accessories that are really useful. And although this seems silly, many times the wrong utensils are chosen to guide us only by aesthetics or price.


Another factor to take into account is the functionality of the accessories. What's the use of having 20 different accessories if you don't really use more than two or three? You'd be better off having those two or three great ones than spending your money on others you're not really going to use. So, how about you first think about what you are going to need?

For us, the essentials would be:

  • Some protective gloves.
  • Some tongs and spatulas.
  • A scraper brush (ideal for cleaning the barbecue grill).
  • Trays.
  • Besugueras (for fish).
  • a wok

And that's it. But depending on what you use the barbecue for, you might want more or less.

Price range

This would be the last determining factor to buy barbecue accessories. And depending on the ones you have chosen as essential (remember the trick that, for each accessory, you must say at least 3 different uses that you are going to give it; if you are not capable, you do not need it), the price will be higher or minor.

For example, there some accessory packs that can be nice if you use all of them. And their prices are not high since, from 15-20 euros, you find them If you want to buy the parts separately, they may cost more. But they will also be of better quality.

What to put under a barbecue?

How do you put the barbecue? Did you know that there is a security "protocol" that almost no one follows? And yet, it can save you from a big problem like a fire or burns to your body.

One of the recommendations given when buying a barbecue is that, when using it, You should put a fire retardant rug or blanket under it. In this way you will not only protect the floor from sparks (grass, tiles...) but you will also avoid undesirable accidents.

What's more, it is better to have two fire blankets, one using it at the bottom and one nearby when working with the barbecue. Why? If there is an outbreak of fire, these blankets serve to put out the flames without burning you and effectively.

Where to buy?

buy barbecue accessories

If everything is already clear to you, the last step you must take is none other than to start looking for the barbecue accessories you want in stores. And since we don't want to leave you in that part alone, here are some of the ones we have searched for accessories.

The Amazon

Amazon is where you will find more variety, because its catalog does not rival others. So you should take a good look based on the accessories you want to buy and the budget you have. Of course, in these cases, prioritize quality over quantity (or price).


At Bauhaus they do have barbecue accessories, from grills, frying pans, skimmers, charcoal baskets... The only thing that everything separately, they do not have packs, but they do look of quality.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you also have many products to choose from, some original (which you will not see in other stores) and others more similar to the usual ones.

But the good thing is that you will find some other set of accessories, and at prices that are not crazy. So you can take a look at it.


In Lidl they usually bring temporary offers of barbecues, but also of accessories. They have good quality and are very popular. But the problem is that they are not always for sale; most of the time you have to wait a while to take them to physical stores.

You can try and see if they have them to buy online (you already know that many temporary products are now online).

Now, do you know where to buy barbecue accessories?

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