10 Basic Garden Tools for Beginners

basic garden tools for beginners

Gardening is considered one of the hobbies that can best help us get rid of stress.. When we are among our plants, we forget about the problems of everyday life, and this helps our mind to free itself from the burdens it accumulates. But, to achieve good results when taking care of your plants, you need to count the basic garden tools as the main ones.

Some equipment that is totally necessary to be able to start gardening in the best possible way. Take good note and get them if there are still any that you are missing.


Without a doubt, between basic garden tools For beginners, a shovel cannot be missing. Because it is a basic tool when making holes and covering them again with earth.

It has a metal head that It has a sharp edge that makes it easier to penetrate the ground. The handle must be strong enough to facilitate grip and manipulation.

Depending on the size of your garden and the work you are going to do, You will need a more or less large shovel.


Scissors, shovels and other essential garden tools.

If you have a garden, the rake becomes essential to be able to carry out its maintenance more quickly and easily. Because It is very useful when cleaning the floor and collecting leaves that may have fallen on it. But you can also use it to spread substrate or mulch.

The rake is made up of a series of metal teeth that are connected to a handle. Something like a broom, but in a metal version.

Pruning shears, essential in the basic garden tools for beginners

Even if you don't have a garden and you just want to put some plants on your balcony, or inside your house, you will need some good pruning shears or hand shears. That They are designed to prune small stems, carry out light pruning and eliminate wilted flowers.

This tool has sharp blades that allow for very precise cutting, so It is important to store it in a place where children do not have access to it.

Branch Pruner

If you have a garden with bushes and trees, then you need to supplement your tools with a branch pruner or anvil pruning shears. A tool that makes pruning thick branches easier.

Thanks to its design, you can use more leverage. This way, you can cut large branches without having to make a lot of effort.

Gardening gloves

Everything you need for your garden

When it comes to basic garden tools for beginners, A good pair of gardening gloves can never be missing. They are essential to protect hands against dirt, the thorns of some plants, and even against possible irritating substances.

Choose gloves that adapt well to the size of your hand and, at the same time, allow you to handle plants and tools with the greatest possible comfort.

Watering can

In a size that can be more or less large depending on the irrigation needs you have, The watering can turns out to be essential to provide water to your plants in pots and smaller areas in a precise way.

It is possible to find watering cans with special rosettes that facilitate softer and more uniform watering. Choose the version that best suits your needs.

Garden hose

In case you have to water large areas of land, The hose is among the basic garden tools for beginners. They are available in different lengths and materials, so it will not be difficult for you to find the most appropriate one for your specific case.

In fact, There are varieties with different properties in terms of flexibility and resistance to torsion. Something that makes handling and storage much easier.

Gardening knife

This tool is an all-in-one, because it turns out to be especially versatile. Similar to a cutter, you can use it to open substrate bags, cut gardening wire, cut roots and some small stems.

Pay attention to the quality of its blade, because this is what will most influence the durability of this tool. AND Don't forget to always handle it with the greatest possible care. to avoid cuts.

hand cultivator

This tool is very versatile and you will end up using it a lot, especially if you have plants in pots or planted in small areas.

It is made up of small teeth that penetrate the soil and move it, helping to aerate it. As soon as you start using it you will appreciate the change that occurs in your plants cWhen they receive more oxygen in their roots.


When you have to work with large areas of land, the hoe becomes a fundamental tool. It is always present in orchards, and should not be missing in large gardens.

It consists of a flat and wide head that makes the task of turning and leveling the soil much easier. It turns out very practice when breaking up clods of earth, loosen the soil and remove weeds.

Care tips for your garden tools

Tips to care for your basic garden tools for beginners

It is not enough to have the most essential tools, It is also important that you take care of them properly so that they last as long as possible. To do this, do not hesitate to apply the following care tips:

  • Clean tools after each use. Use a dry cloth to remove any remaining dirt. If necessary, moisten it slightly to get the surface very clean, but make sure the tool is dry before storing it.
  • Disinfect the leaves. In the case of cutting tools such as pruning shears and gardening knives, after cleaning, disinfect the leaves to avoid contagion between plants. You can achieve this by wiping a cotton ball soaked with a little alcohol on the cutting surface.
  • Lubricate the tools. When the items are clean and disinfected, apply a protective layer of oil to prevent rust.
  • Store in a safe place. Store tools in a place that children and pets cannot access to avoid accidents. Make sure it is a space free of humidity.

You already know the basic garden tools for beginners. Do you have all of them at home? If not, the time has come to complement your gardening equipment.

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