The 8 best bonsais to give as gifts

Best bonsais to give as gifts

For people who love plants and also for those who consider themselves spiritual, mystical and lovers of life and the beauty that Mother Earth offers us, bonsais are an excellent gift. So if you know a good person, whom you want to reward for being by your side, celebrating a special occasion with them or making them feel special, giving them a bonsai can be a great idea. Do you need help? In this article we are going to show you what they are the best bonsai to give as a gift

We assume that you are going to give them to a responsible person who will know how to value their meaning by giving them appropriate care. Because they are very demanding species that need attention and good vibes to permeate the space where they are located with their magic. If they are well cared for, bonsais are fantastic, as they are a visual spectacle, adding aesthetics and elegance to homes. 

Furthermore, having a bonsai at home allows us to connect with nature from wherever we are, for example, from our own living room. Its closeness helps us relax and forget stress and experts even say that it stimulates our creative side and improves self-esteem. 

Here is our list with the best bonsais to give to someone special. Write down their names to remember them.

Chinese elm

Best bonsais to give as gifts

If you are looking for a bonsai that is not too expensive and easy to care, a good option is the chinese elm. This is a specimen of fallen Leaf, but this is not a problem, because then the person will be able to observe the fall of the leaves, the nakedness of its branches during the fall and the resurgence in spring, as a reflection of life itself and its processes.

It stands out for its small leaves but its great branching capacity. A beauty of bonsai that you will be happy if you place it abroad, even if it is on a balcony, terrace or window where you get the sunlight. Is very resistant, so you won't have to worry about the cold or the heat, as it resists them well.

The olive

Best bonsais to give as gifts

A bonsai for Mediterranean lovers is the olive. It is easy care, although it must be full sun throughout the year, including winter and summer, although there will be no problem because it resists hot and cold temperatures. 

It will be having your small olive tree in your home and seeing how its olives grow, how its trunk and its characteristic oval leaves develop.

The ficus retusa

Best bonsais to give as gifts

Other perfect bonsai for beginners in the matter, because it barely requires attention, beyond basic care and admiring its beauty. The ficus retusa needs a warm climate, yes. It is preferable to keep it indoors, to avoid the cold and its consequences.

It stands out for its powerful greenery, which it retains throughout the year because, in addition, it grows very quickly.

The nire elm

Best bonsais to give as gifts

For those who like elms, another option, apart from the Chinese elm that we have seen before, is the nire elm. We like it because it looks like an old tree that is charming and it is because its trunk is corked. The bark peels off and the leaves fall, because it is a deciduous bonsai

As for care, it should be in full sun and resists cold and heat well. You'll barely have to worry about it, so enjoy it and admire its beauty.

japanese maple

Best bonsais to give as gifts

El Japanese maple is a bonsai to give as a gift ideal in terms of beauty, however, somewhat more complex in terms of care. Depending on the season, you will have different color tones. 

Must be located abroad, But without receiving direct sunlight, so as not to burn its leaves since, unlike other bonsai species, the maple has very fine and delicate leaves. 

Give the japanese maple Only if you are sure that the person enjoys taking care of their plants and will value the gift, because they will require being aware of their watering, giving them good water and taking care of them from excessive heat. It is not an example for novices, nor for people who are careless or who have never had a responsibility of this scope. 

An apple bonsai tree

Best bonsais to give as gifts

Yes, there is a bonsai that produces apples, very striking mini-sized apples that give the tree that colorful and fun appearance that anyone will appreciate. And, of course, apples, although small, are edible, ideal for decorating dishes and desserts.

Not only fruits, but you will also have beautiful white flowers decorating your mini tree and giving it more charm if possible. 

Furthermore, it has the advantage that, despite its magnificent appearance, it is a bonsai that does not need special care and, in fact, it is very easy to care for. But be careful, because there are different varieties and each of them with their peculiarities, although the most attractive are the malus everest, nicromalus, halliana or the sieboldii. The reason? Because these produce the smallest apples and will look more natural in the size of the bonsai itself, in addition to not burdening it with so much weight.

The black pine bonsai

Best bonsais to give as gifts

El black pine bonsai It is demanding, because you will have to learn to pinch the pine trees so that it grows strong and beautiful. The perfect gift for those already initiated, who have knowledge and enjoy learning everything about bonsai, that is, for those who already have a certain level in the subject. 

It is a conifer, very resistant and should live outdoors, where it receives a lot of sun. It will not have problems with cold or heat, so, on this side, it requires little attention.

Acacia Bonsai 

Best bonsais to give as gifts

El Acacia or mimosa bonsaiIt is also very popular and easy to care for, but if the person wants it to look pretty, they will have to learn to model it, which is more complex. 

It will be worth taking care of it, because if you do, you will have a bonsai for a while, since its life expectancy is 30 years. 

These are the 8 best bonsai to give as a gift. Now it's your turn to decide which of all those on the list best suits the person. 

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