How to buy the best birthday flowers for women

birthday flowers for women

Giving a flower to a woman does not have to be done only when it is her birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day. However, many times we tend to wait for those events. So, this time, how about we help you choose some birthday flowers for women?

Believe it or not, With the choice of the flower and also the color you can be telling it more things than just with words. If he is a plant lover, surely if he sees you with that bouquet, he will soon interpret your intentions (or look for them). Why not surprise her twice?

Top 1. The best birthday flowers for women


  • Eternal roses necklace and jewelry box set.
  • It has 11 roses.
  • They can be kept for 3 years.


  • The necklace gets ugly.
  • It may arrive broken.

Selection of birthday flowers for women

Discover other birthday flowers that can serve as a nice detail for that special person.

LumenTY Artificial Silk Rose Bouquet

each pack It has 7 branches and in total there are 21 artificial flowers made of silk. (although later it puts plastic).

Each flower is about 4 cm in diameter and many color combinations can be created.

SNAILGARDEN 12pcs Artificial Flowers

They are a pack of chrysanthemums of different colors, enough to be able to make a bouquet with them. There are four colors: white, pink, champagne and purple.

In addition, they are easy to care for and clean, and can last for many years.

REGALAUNAFLOR-Bouquet of mixed flowers

If you want birthday flowers for natural women, then You have this bouquet of assorted flowers that can be delivered from Monday to Saturday. They arrive in a special box that protects them and they are ventilated and hydrated. In addition, you can put a dedication totally free.

Gold Plated Rose Flower Bouquet

This time you have a bouquet of golden flowers, handmade. Each bouquet has 6 roses with golden foliage and red flowers. It is immortal, that is, it will never die on you. According to the comments, it is beautiful but the quality and finish may not be what is expected.

Bouquet of natural flowers at home

In this bouquet of fresh mixed flowers of good quality. It is delivered from Monday to Saturday and can be personalized with a dedication (included in the price). In addition, they include a preservative envelope to prolong the life of the flowers to enjoy them more.

Shopping guide to hit the right birthday flowers for women

If you have finally decided to give her some birthday flowers, the first thing should not be to choose the bouquet that you like the most, but rather the one that best expresses your feelings. Sometimes we tend to get carried away by beauty or price to buy one bouquet or another, and We forget other details such as the ones we will discuss below.

Number of flowers

The larger the birthday flower bouquets for women are, the more it will cost us. Even combining several flowers, the price goes up because many times it is not because of the design itself, but because of the number of flowers used.

Type of flowers

The roses, the orchids... There are some flowers that are more expensive than others, either because they are in fashion, because they are typical and what is most in demand, or for other factors. On the other hand, others are cheaper, and it does not have to mean that they are worse, it is simply that they sell less or people do not want them as much.

bouquet type

A basic bouquet is not the same as a more elaborate one. Just as a bouquet is not the same as a floral arrangement. The preparation of the bouquet influences the price because not only the flowers that are requested are used, but it can also be decorated in different ways to make it more detailed.

Delivery time

If you want the flowers to arrive on time for the birthday, you have to make sure that you are going to buy them in a store that offers this service and gives you guarantees for it. This can sometimes lead to cost overruns, especially if you want to buy birthday flowers for women the day before or even the day of the birthday.


As for durability, you must take into account how long you want the flowers to last. There are some that are more durable than others. Some are even called "eternal" because they can last a lifetime. However, this will greatly influence the final price.


The price is one of the factors that most often affects when buying a bouquet or another. For this reason, many times the number of flowers, the type, as well as the design of the bouquet can influence the price. Even then, another factor that also affects the price is the date. If it is close to Valentine's Day or All Saints' Day (or some employer of the city) it is possible that prices go up a lot more because they are preparing for those strong days.

Where to buy?

buy birthday flowers for women

Finally, we want to talk to you about some places where you can buy birthday bouquets for women. And we have taken a look at the options we have online and this is what we have found.


You have many options if you opt for artificial bouquets, but in the case of natural bouquets the variety is drastically reduced. In addition, these are usually much more expensive than if you bought them on other sites (unless there are offers, of course).


You have them both online and in the city where you live. The prices will depend a little on whether an event such as Valentine's Day is near, but the rest of the year they can be cheap.

Both in one and in the other You could order personalized birthday bouquets for women, which makes them more original, but you must be careful because they are not usually cheap.


At Ikea you will not find natural branches, but yes artificial at quite affordable prices (although we don't really know how they will look). In these cases it is better to approach one and see them to know if they are beautiful or not.

Leroy Merlin

You may not know it, but yes, in Leroy Merlin yes you can find natural flowers in bouquets, with which it is a good option to review. Of course, the bouquets are basic and their prices are similar to those you find in florists (and here they are better designed).

Do you already know what birthday flowers for women you are going to buy?

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