8 Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

In the rainbow of colors, each of us has our favorite, but without a doubt one of the most appreciated is the color lilac. This tone makes us feel good, as it transmits calm and makes us feel calm, in addition to being a color associated with creativity and wisdom, even with mysticism. If we go to the level of decoration and aesthetics, lilac is a very sophisticated color. Because for all this and more we love it, we wanted to search bushes with lilac flowers for your garden

If you have a garden, you will want to get the most beautiful colors for it and, without a doubt, lilac is it. So pay close attention to the selection we have made of bushes with lilac flowers which, of course, you can combine with plants of other colors, such as blue and, if you prefer the contrast of tones, with yellow. 

Do you want to know what these options are to dress your garden with color and turn it into a relaxing paradise that invites you to let your imagination fly? Get ready, we are ready!

The rhododendron

Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

You can find rhododendrons of different colors, although if you are determined to find lilac flowers, look for the variety of Rhododendron impeditum. The truth is that it is a rather small species, but you can always place several of them or take advantage of the rhododendron to cover a small gap in the garden.

Additionally, there is a variety that is a hybrid and is a little older. Its about Lees Dark Purple. Its size can reach 250 centimeters high and wide. It's not too big, but its beauty will more than make up for its lack of size. 

You will have to take very good care of your rhododendron, whatever variant you choose, so that it grows splendor in your garden. And it is a demanding shrub, since it requires acidic soil and you must ensure that the soil remains slightly moist, although without exaggerating. 

As for the where to place your rhododendron, do it in an area of ​​the garden that is partially shaded. 

Finally, enrich the soil with hummus to provide it with more nutrients and help it develop strong and beautiful.


Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

Beautiful, large, funnel-shaped flowers that leave no one indifferent. This is the hibiscus and, specifically, its flowers, striking and cheerful. Hibiscus is also known as pink marshmallow and, in addition to lilac, you can find it in blue, white, red and pink. 

Like the previous species, it also needs rich soil to grow. In addition, it needs a lot of direct light, so find a sunny place, but where it is not too hot, because its ideal temperature is between 13 and 21 degrees.

Water every three or four days, so that the soil always maintains a certain humidity.


Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

In addition to generating an unprecedented visual spectacle, plant lavender in your garden It will provide you with an aromatic space and will provide you with an excellent plant to always have on hand, given the properties it provides. 

Place your lavender in a very sunny location. It barely needs watering, as it withstands drought without problems and will also attract pollinators, filling your garden with butterflies. 

butterfly bush

Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

Speaking of butterflies, there is a “butterfly bush", forgive the redundancy. You can also find it as “buddleja”. It is very beautiful because it presents different shades of violet, purple, in light, dark, almost black and also bluish tones. If you combine several of them, imagine the visual game you will have before your eyes.

You have the advantage that this bush with lilac flowers It is not demanding when it comes to soil, so you will not have to worry about this issue. What it will need is a lot of space, because it will grow and grow, and can reach up to 3 meters. 

It releases nectar that attracts pollinators, so you will have a double game, with a beautiful garden full of life. 

It needs a lot of light and relative humidity, without flooding its roots to avoid rot. 

Wisteria, an invasive that you will welcome in your garden

Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

Beautiful like few others, Wisteria is an exotic plant that comes from the East. This shrub is a climber, so you will achieve a very exotic and attractive color scenario if you plant it in your garden, thanks to its hanging flowers in lilac tones, although you can also combine them in their mauve, white and blue variants.

It needs deep soil and plenty of sun, as well as regular watering but good drainage to avoid accumulating water. And a support to hook onto, given its climbing nature.

Of course, be careful with children and pets! Wisteria is poisonous if ingested and its smell is quite appetizing.

The blue rue

La blue rue It reminds us of lavender. It can reach up to one meter in height and has very striking gray foliage. The flowers are a stunning violet-blue shade. It requires a lot of sun and little watering, because it is a species that prefers heat and drought. What he can't stand is the cold.

The flowers of the beard

Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

This curious name is given to a subshrub with purple flowers that will also fill your garden with life. It is small, barely reaching a meter in height. They have the good thing that they tolerate drought, so you won't have to worry about watering. 

The flowers have a curious shape, because they have inflated fruiting heads. An original appearance that earns it the nickname “beard flowers”. It also attracts bees and butterflies.

The common heather

Shrubs with lilac flowers for your garden

Common heather blooms in autumn, so if you don't want your garden to be left bare at the end of summer, planting this species can be a good solution. It is a plant that is not afraid of the cold. 

What it does need is an acidic soil and a substrate that allows it to maintain humidity, without becoming waterlogged, as is logical. 

Its flowers are in clusters and bell-shaped, accompanied by small leaves, while the bush will reach about 50 centimeters.

We hope that these 8 bushes with lilac flowers for your garden you liked them as much as we did. What is your favorite? Have you ever grown them?

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