Shrubs with purple flowers: varieties that you can have in your garden

Shrubs with purple flower

According to the meaning of the colors, purple flowers symbolize tranquility, harmony and peace. That is why many want to have bushes with purple flowers in their garden, or in pots.

If this is your case and you want to get away from the usual plants, here we talk about several that can meet this characteristic. Take a look at them all. Shall we start?



We know that saffron is a very expensive spice and highly sought after by many.. But perhaps what you didn't know is that you could have the saffron plant in your garden. And even, if you learn, you could extract the spice to use in your cooking.

Of course, you should know that you need 500.000 flowers to get a kilo of spice. So if you only have a few flowers you will get very little.

But leaving aside the usefulness of flowers, the truth is that, in The plant is one of the most beautiful that exists. And if you have never seen it before, it is purple, but with white veins and different shades of purple.

The ideal is to plant it in autumn so that, in spring, it begins to flower. Of course, make sure to give it a location with direct light or semi-shade (it will depend on the climate and temperature you have).

Rose of sharon

This is the common name by which Hibiscus syriacus is known, a shrub capable of growing up to three meters in height.

As for the flowers, we cannot tell you that they all have the same shade, because there are some plants that will have white flowers, others pink and yes, many others purple.

They all have five petals and some stamens in the center.


Yes, we recognize it. Hydrangeas are not plants that usually have purple flowers. But the truth is that they can be achieved.

To do this, just You should provide it with acidic soil, which has a pH of 5,5. This will make the flowers turn either blue or purple. Playing a little with that change will be entertaining and will also give you some control over the plant.


We continue with bushes with purple flowers to bring you this one. Its height does not usually exceed forty centimeters and it is used mainly as a covering.

But The most beautiful thing about the plant is its flowers, large and similar to daisies, only instead of white petals, these are purple.

It is quite easy to care for and its growth is rapid, so you will see the changes and its evolution in a matter of weeks or months.


Syringa vulgaris is another of the most well-known shrubs with purple flowers (and it will be easy to find in stores). It is made up of stems with large green leaves and, through panicles, you can have abundant flowers.

Now, it has a small problem and that is, Although you can buy it already in bloom, or have it do so at some point in your home, that does not mean that you can enjoy it all year round.

It is very inconsistent in its flowering, which means that you must maintain very exact care to ensure that it blooms properly (and regularly).



It is true that bougainvillea can have flowers of many colors. But among them is also purple, which is why we include it in this list.

In addition, it is one of the climbing plants that can be used to cover fences or to create a more intimate atmosphere in your garden.

As for flowers, did you know that they are not such? They are actually leaves. These are called bracts because the plant modifies them so that they have that color and appearance.

But, with the passage of time, they are lost.


There is no doubt that one of the best-known purple flowering shrubs is lavender.. And, obviously, it had to be on this list.

As a shrub it will not grow more than one and a half meters, but it will give you many spikes with purple flowers, especially in spring and summer.

It is easy to care for, although it needs moist soil and does not tolerate drought or drafts very well. In return It will give you a fresh and pleasant aroma, especially if you run your hands over its leaves.

Magnolia 'Ann'

In this case we focus specifically on a type of magnolia. It is a bush type and grows quite a bit. But the most striking thing about it are its flowers.

First, They are a very intense purple color. And, second, they are like those of a tulip. In fact, don't be surprised that the flower appears first and then the leaves, it is one of the curiosities of the plant.

In reality, it is a hybrid that was created in 1950.


A wild plant that you could introduce into your home is calluna. You will hardly have to worry about it since the only thing it needs is to be in full sun.

In addition, It usually blooms and stays during the fall, and part of winter, which makes it one of the most appreciated.

Of course, keep in mind that you can find calluna with flowers of different colors, not only purple, but red, white or pink.

Spirea of ​​Japan

A less known plant, but beautiful for its flowering, is the Japanese spirea. As a shrub it reaches two meters in height and has a rounded shape.

But the most beautiful thing are the flowers, very small, sometimes in clusters, which almost completely cover the plant (it blooms so much that it makes it look full).



Lastly, you have the Liatris spicata, also called flaming star. And it is no wonder, if we take into account that its flowers stand out from the bushes in spikes from which the purple flowers grow.

As a shrub, it is capable of growing up to one and a half meters in height and is one of the most resistant you will find in the plant kingdom.

As you see, There are many shrubs with purple flowers that can be found in the plant kingdom. Now you just have to choose the ones you like the most to create a corner in your garden where you can enjoy that color with the flowers.

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