Wisteria Tunnel

The beauty of wisteria

Wisteria is a very attractive ornamental plant with vibrantly colored hanging flowers, but it is a toxic plant.


Plants for tall hedges

Hedges are very necessary plants in the garden as they fulfill several functions, they serve to protect and delimit the garden. What hedge plants do you know?

Hybrid of Aloe perfoliata

Guide to making your own hybrids

Hybrids come from the cross between two different species. They can be more resistant or showy than their parents. Do you want to have your own?


Tulip mania, the tulip business

A few centuries ago, tulips became very popular in the Netherlands and thus Tulipomania was born, a period in which the sale of tulips skyrocketed and tulips were sold at exorbitant prices.


Cold symptoms on plants

Plants can feel cold too, and they actually show it in a number of different ways. Do you want to know which ones? Take a look at this article.

Pots with recycled furniture

Original pots with disused objects

There are times when you need a great technique to achieve good results, but at other times magic only happens when you have a little ingenuity and creativity. Have you looked around to see what you find? I bet you that somewhere in the house you have stored something that you do not use but it would look great in the garden, without you having noticed it you can make original pots with recycled objects.


Chime plants: what does it mean?

Replicating plants consists of separating the seedlings and transplanting them into individual pots so that they can continue to grow normally.


Bonsai care throughout the year

If you want to know the care of bonsai during all seasons of the year, take a look. We tell you everything you will need in each season.

Protected seedbeds

Seedbeds in winter

You can grow in winter in sheltered or warm bed seedlings. We tell you how to do it.


The best bonsai on earth

If you want to delight your eyes with the best bonsai you can find on earth, take a look at these specimens that you will surely love.

Acer palmatum

How do you make a Bonsai?

Every time we see a bonsai we think that it is very difficult to make one, and it is true, but with these tips it will surely be much easier for you.

Vegetable garden at home

The orchard in January

You can take into account this January crop calendar in order to plant the optimal vegetables and fruits for the season in your garden.


Irrigation in winter

Watering in winter is one of the most complicated tasks of the gardener or of those who have plants in their care. Take note of these tips!

Seedling transplant

Transplantation of seedlings

For the transplantation of seedlings, some precautions must be taken as it is a process that can damage the plant.

Lighten plants

Plant thinning

For plants to grow well, thinning is important, a process through which the weakest shoots are removed.

Adenium obesum

The exotic caudiciform plants

Caudiciform plants are those that thicken their trunk because that is where they keep their water reserves. Do you want to know them?

Damage of the sooty mold fungus on leaf

Bold on plants

Bold is a fungus that causes a dark dust on the plant and there are ways to eradicate it.

Asplenium nidus

The best ferns for indoors

Ferns are very ornamental plants, many of which can be indoors. We tell you which are the best three to decorate your home.


Types of pruning

There are several types of pruning that involve different trimming according to the needs and stage of the plant.


It's acorn season!

The acorns begin to ripen and it is time to collect them. If you don't know how to plant them or what material to use, don't worry, it's very easy.


Tricks to recover a sick plant

When faced with a diseased plant, sometimes we do not know what to do to make it improve. Here you will find tips and tricks to recover that plant that has lost health.


Bonsai care in winter

Bonsai in winter need care that amateurs love to provide: wiring, pruning, transplanting ... We will tell you more here.


Why aren't my plants growing?

Sometimes the plants stop growing and we don't know why. It might actually need transplanting, compost, and watered more often.


Curiosities about general gardening

In the world of gardening there are questions that are asked very frequently. We give you answers to several of them to improve the care of your plants.


Protect your plants from animals

If you live with a domestic animal and you do not know how or with what to protect your garden or pot plants, we will give you some tips to protect them.


All about fertilizers

Fertilizers are essential for the proper development of our plants. In this article we explain what they are, and when to use them.

Japanese garden

Garden care in summer

In summer the garden needs specific care to avoid opportunistic pests. Plants are growing and we must protect them.

Mint leaves

Plants to repel ants at home

With the arrival of good weather, some well-known insects also return: ants. But it is not a problem: there are three plants that can repel them.

Mimosa pudica

Botany Glossary for Beginners

On the plant cards we sometimes find words that we do not understand. That is why we have created this small botany glossary.

Genovese basil

Grow Genovese basil

Genovese basil is the most popular of the basils and an ideal fresh ingredient to have around the house.

Straw bale

Growing methods that really work

Who said you need to buy things in nurseries to have an ideal garden? Here we present several methods made with recycled products.


How are chili peppers grown?

Chili peppers are ideal plants to have a pot. Their spicy taste has made people attracted to them. Here you have everything about its cultivation.


History of the Kokedamas

The history of the Kokedamas. Its origin is in Japan, about 500 years ago. Descendants of bonsai, they are very decorative plants.

Mint tea

How to grow and make your own tea

Would you like to make your own tea in a simple way? We explain several ways so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of tea, and at a very low cost.


The 7 best plants to repel insects

With spring, the presence of insects is increasingly noticeable. That is why we introduce you to a series of natural remedies to combat them.


Persimmon, a delicious fruit

Persimmon is a tree of oriental origin that produces a fruit with a very sweet taste. In addition, it is very ornamental which makes it look spectacular.


Create your own terrarium

Create your own terrarium easily with the plants that you like the most. Here we give you some tips so you can get it.


What plants can I put under the trees?

Being able to have plants under the shade of the trees is something fabulous. They are generally shade or semi-shade plants that do well in these conditions.


Sowing horticultural plants in winter

There are some horticultural plants that can be planted from January to March without any problem. Parsley, celery, garlic ... are just a few examples.


Hugelkultur, growing in cold areas

In cold areas the cultivation of certain plants is very complicated. Therefore, the farmers developed the hugelkultur, which helps them in this task.

Flower pot

Decorating the pots for Christmas

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and there are those who do not know how to decorate their pots. Three designs are presented in this article.


Recovery of a plant

When we return from our vacation it may happen that we find a plant that is sick or in bad condition.


How the ringing is done

Picking is a gardening technique which consists of separating the plants once they have reached a desired height and size.


Homemade planters for plants

Would you like to decorate your home or garden with homemade planters? In this article we will talk about those materials that, apparently lifeless, can be used again.


Grow vegetables indoors

There are many vegetables that can be grown indoors as they do not need to be exposed directly to the sun.


Nettle cultivation

Nettle is an herb that repels pests and diseases and that is why it is worth growing.

Lemon Tree

Have a lemon tree at home

The lemon tree is a beautiful tree to have in the garden for its aroma and beauty. In addition, it gives us delicious lemons during the season.


Curiosities and records of plants

Guiness Records and curiosities of some plants, such as the Sequoia, the Spruce, and the tiny flower of the Wolffia. Plants always surprise us.


Suiseki, the art of stone

Information on the art of stone observation, called suiseki. An art originating in Japan that has managed to attract a large following.


Trees and shrubs for terrace

If we do not have a garden and we want to have shrubs or a tree and we only have a patio, balcony or terrace, there are many species that we can choose from.


Recognized sizes of Bonsai

Information on the different recognized sizes of Bonsai, recognized by veteran masters of this ancient art.

The importance of soil drainage

For the plants to grow in good conditions, it is necessary to have a soil with certain characteristics that we list here.


What is a Bonsai and what is not?

What is a Bonsai? Not everything that is planted in a pot is. In this article we will see the main differences between a Bonsai and a non-Bonsai.


Plant a hazelnut tree

Hazel is a very nice and colorful tree that you can have in your garden. It does not require great care although it is important to know some secrets when planting it.

Acer bonsai

Bonsai styles

Description of some of the most used styles in the ancient art of bonsai, which imitate nature.


Collect flower seeds

To continue enjoying the seasonal plants every year we must collect the seeds. This article talks about collecting some seeds.


How to Grow Chard

Chard is a biennial plant that does not form an edible root or fruit. The leaves make up the edible part and can be wavy or wrinkled, depending on the crop.

Carnivorous plant

Carnivorous plants, a demanding species

Carnivorous Plants are a different group within the plant kingdom. Their strange shapes, their insect-based diet, and their strategies for capturing them are simply fascinating.


Walnuts of the Walnut

Walnut is of great importance among the trees because all of it is usable. Nuts, leaves and wood are widely used.

Dried laurel

Aromatic plants drying

Description of the techniques for drying medicinal or aromatic plants for use in infusions or in food.


Wild plants

There are different wild plants, we highlight four: Peony, Primrose, Lavender and Yarrow. Two with beautiful blooms and two for their properties.


Bonsai care

The origin of Bonsai dates back to China, a time in which the most advanced techniques were developed to educate the branches, trunks and roots.

Green Chinese Lantern or Physalis Alkekengi

Chinese lantern, source of vitamin C

The Chinese Farolillo is a different variety of tomato, with the covered fruit and many properties, in addition to the large amount of Vitamin C it has.

How to grow potatoes

The potato is a plant that comes from South America where it has been cultivated for centuries and its fruits, called tubers (thickened roots), are rich in starch. They are grown in temperate climates and on fertile soils with a lot of organic matter and require frequent and abundant watering.


Tips when buying trees

When buying trees, it is good to take into account some aspects that will help the specimens to grow healthy and strong.

Leaves II

How to care for plant leaves II

For the leaves to look healthy and strong it is important that they take certain care. We tell you how to detect the most frequent problems, among which are withered and / or dry leaves and their color change.

Clean sheets

How to care for plant leaves

The leaves of plants can turn yellow or lose color easily, so it is important to know how to detect what problems can affect them to prevent them and treat them in time, ensuring that the leaves are always shiny and healthy.


10 tips for spraying

It is very important to keep plants free of pests and diseases, so you have to know all the secrets to be able to spray correctly.

Transplant indoor plants

How to transplant indoor plants

Indoor plants should be transplanted when the pot or container they are in is too small. Everything you have to know to figure out when to make the change and in what way.


How to care for begonias

Begonia is a very beautiful type of plant that has beautiful flowers. In order to always keep it in bloom and well cared for, we teach you how to care for begonias.


Plants to repel pests

Although it is not a hundred percent effective remedy, using aromatic plants and other types of plants to repel pests in the garden is a highly effective tool. We tell you which are the most appropriate varieties for each type of pest.


Geranium diseases

Geranium is a very popular perennial plant that does not require great care. But you have to control that you do not get sick and for that we provide you with all the necessary advice.

10 spring plants

10 spring plants

Spring is the season where all plants bloom and the goal is to have a well-flowered garden. For this we give you a list of 10 recommended plants that reach their maximum flowering splendor in spring.


Perennial and perennial plants

Perennials and perennials last from one season to the next and can live for at least two years, but while perennials disappear in winter and are reborn, perennials maintain their foliage during the cold months.

Dogs and plants

Dangerous plants for pets

All plants are decorative, but some of them can be harmful to pets, whether ingested or by touch. You have to know them to prevent poisoning.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants at home

Making a hanging garden is not difficult and brings color and green to the house. It can be assembled both in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. Keys to achieve it successfully.

The history of gardening

In this article we explain the passage of gardening through history, for each of the civilizations that have enjoyed it and have been improving it.

Potted garlic

Potted garlic

Requirements and needs for the sowing and cultivation of garlic in pots

stock of peppers

January Crop Calendar

Sowing, transplanting and harvesting calendar for potted vegetables corresponding to the month of January.


Potted lamb's lettuce: winter lettuce

Canons (Valerianella locusta). It is known as the winter lettuce. And it is a fantastic crop for this season, very easy and very grateful. We can grow canons in pots following some basic recommendations.

Errors in the vegetable garden

When starting out with a planter, we usually make a few basic mistakes. The choice of container, seed or species can lead us in the wrong direction to the success of the harvest. Knowing these errors will help us not to fall into them.


Poinsettia: pests and diseases

And we continue with the Poisentia, Poinsettia or Christmas Plant. Our goal: its survival and development to enjoy it again next year. After Poinsettia: how to survive Christmas and Poinsettia: care after Christmas, today we bring you the latest installment of this miniseries, with the symptoms of pests and diseases that can affect our red-leaved plant.

table cultivation associations

Crop associations

Table of associations of crops of the most common vegetables for the planter, useful for not sowing in the same container two incompatible species that are harmed during their development and trying to associate species that mutually benefit.


Measurements of the pots according to the crop

Guidance table of requirements for each vegetable for flowerpots or urban gardens. Indicates the volume and measurements of the pots according to the crop, the need or not for tutoring, the distance of sowing or transplanting and the type of root of each species

Plants for the bathroom

Plants for the bathroom

Not all species are not suitable for the bathroom. We need plants that can withstand humidity and heat well. And depending on whether or not you have natural light, you will need a certain species. We show you some of the most suitable species of plants for the bathroom.

Celery seedling

Potted celery cultivation

Celery is one of the vegetables that can be grown during the cold autumn season in our flowerpot or urban garden. The cultivation of celery in a pot is simple, it is not very demanding and it is very appreciated. Only the irrigation will have to be monitored, since the humidity of the substrate must be maintained.

roses made with orange peel

Roses with orange peel

Flowers and roses made with orange peel, an excellent decoration idea and a source of creativity in handmade jewelery. Doing them is very easy.

icy leaf

Cold hardy vegetables

Among the species that we grow in our flowerpot, there are some vegetables that are more resistant to cold than others. Do you want to know which plants suffer the most from the effects of low temperatures?

Potted mulch

Plant protection against cold

When temperatures drop below 6º, certain precautions must be taken to avoid or minimize damage to our plants. The roots of a potted plant are more sensitive to cold. Given the risk of frost, we will not sow or transplant, but what do we do with the small plants that we have just transplanted or that are growing?

celery and radishes

November Crop Calendar

Calendar of crops, sowing and harvesting of vegetables in amceta corresponding to the month of November and the Mediterranean area.

household vermicomposters

Household vermicomposting: creating our worm castings

Vermicomposting is an alternative to home composting. If we do not have enough space to locate a composter or we do not generate enough waste for it, we can opt for domestic vermicomposting, with which, by depositing our daily organic waste, we will create worm castings, a high quality compost.

Aromatic plants in pots

Aromatic in October

What aromatics can you plant in October? What kind of pot do you need to plant them at home? When will they have grown up? How do you have to take care of them? This short crop calendar gives you the quick answer.



Thrips are small 1-2 millimeter insects, like miniature earwigs. They cause damage to a multitude of garden plants, fruit trees and our vegetables. Although the damage is not serious, it is important to eliminate them, as they are also transmitters of viruses.

Jiffys: Pressed Peat Seedlings

Jiffys: Pressed Peat Seedlings

Jiffys are small, high-quality compacted peat discs, lined with a mesh. The advantage is that you do not need to transplant, you introduce them directly, once the seed has germinated in the final pot, because they themselves constitute the substrate.

Growing broad bean plant

Potted beans

In autumn it is time to sow beans. We can grow them in pots and enjoy them in our flowerpot.


Plants against pests: ecological remedies

Among the ecological remedies against pests, there are very effective cultivation associations or home remedies made with other plants. What occurs spontaneously in Nature, we can recreate in our garden or flowerpot.

From when carrots were purple

Did you know that carrots weren't always oranges? They were actually purple. They were turned into oranges by the Dutch in the XNUMXth century in order to achieve the color of the Dutch royal house of Orange. And they succeeded, the result was a smoother and sweeter variety that spread throughout Europe. But before, they were purple. In Spain there are towns that have been growing purple carrots for centuries. Today this oriental variety is being retaken, which is actually the original, along with others of different colors. And all can be grown in pots.

cultivation table Areté

Grow table for people with reduced mobility

The CET Areté is a Special Work Center, specialized in the manufacture of reclaimed wood products for ecological horticulture and gardening. are pioneers in the manufacture of their products adapted to people with reduced mobility. The main objective of the CET is to promote the labor insertion of people with mental illness.

Round pod peas

Potted pea cultivation

All the keys to growing peas in a pot, planter or cultivation table. The sowing, irrigation, care and harvesting of this legume in the pot or urban garden.

garden by bus

An orchard on the roof of a bus

The New York municipal bus fleet has implemented Marco Antonio Cosio's Bus Roots project. It is a mobile garden or vegetable garden, planted on the roofs of buses, which carry their environmental benefits throughout the city.

pea crop

October Crop Calendar

Planting and harvesting calendar for potted vegetables corresponding to the month of October. Indicative data for the Mediterranean area.

Selfish & Devote Watering Can

Do you water or pour water? Irrigation, key questions and recommendations

Irrigation is the sustenance of our plants, different depending on the species or the time of year, and there are some recommendations that we should follow to do it correctly. In the case of the flowerpot, its importance is vital, because with the scarce soil available to our crops, its water retention and storage capacity is also limited.



The aphid is one of those pests that is a nightmare when it lands in our flowerpot. Those little sticky insects seem to invade everything. Above, next to them, the ants come that take care of them as if they were their flock, because they take advantage of the molasses that the aphids secrete. It is difficult to combat them without resorting to systemic insecticides. But it can. There are ecological solutions that can be applied as a preventive or as a treatment.

Coffee as an ecological fertilizer

List of organic fertilizers

The use of organic fertilizers is one of the keys to organic farming. Ecological fertilizers improve soil conditions, provide the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development of plants and protect against erosion, as well as benefit the environment and fauna.

Pre-pressure water sprayer

Pre-pressure water sprayer

The pre-pressure water spray is a very useful tool for our planter. It sprays the liquid continuously without the need to intermittently squeeze a trigger. It is the most comfortable and effective way to apply pesticides and fungicides on the leaves of your plants. It is also very useful in the delicate irrigation of seedbeds so as not to flood or remove the small seeds that we have deposited a few millimeters deep.


Potassium soap: natural insecticide

Potassium soap is a natural insecticide made from vegetable oils, effective for pest control, harmless for people and animals and respectful of the environment. It is especially effective in combating insect pests such as aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, mites, and soft-cuticle insects.

hydro-pot in plastic bottle

Homemade self-watering pot

We can manufacture our own self-watering pot or hydrofoil in a simple and economical way: a plastic bottle, scissors and ropes are enough.

plant in pot

Substrate types

As we grow in pots, we must enrich its soil, since it is scarce and soon our plants absorb its nutrients. We can fill our pots with two basic mixtures: 50% substrate and 50% compost or 70% substrate and 30% worm castings. But what types of substrate are there on the market and which is the most suitable for our pots?

potting soil

Seize the land

Taking advantage of the soil from old pots for new crops is possible and simple if you follow some basic recommendations.


Potted carrots

Growing carrots at home is easy if you know their requirements. The sowing of this vegetable should avoid cold temperatures and will yield a harvest throughout the year.

Seedlings in yogurt cups

Let's sow! Tools and accessories

From sowing to harvesting, during the different phases our crops go through, we will need specific accessories and tools. In a small garden, such as at home, these tools are different from those used in soil gardens.

The most common mushrooms in the urban garden

Powdery mildew, mildew, rust, gray rot ... They are the four most common fungi in the urban garden. Excess humidity, lack of aeration or excessive nitrogen can cause its appearance. Know its symptoms and characteristics.

Powdery mildew fungus

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is the fungus that covers the leaves with a powder similar to ash. It develops with warm temperatures and high humidity. The Mediterranean area in spring and autumn is especially prone. In spring it attacks melons, cucumbers, watermelons and zucchini; in summer, it is chard and cabbage. Outside the urban garden, vine and roses are other plants most prone. Know its symptoms, prevention and non-chemical treatments.


Potted chard

Chard is an easy crop for our urban garden. In pot or growing table, it reaches a considerable size and can supply our family consumption for several months. Large pots and warm temperatures are the only requirements for planting and transplanting.

Organic substrate

the substrate

Growing vegetables in a pot or growing medium requires the choice of a good substrate. The substrate will replace the soil and the success of our planter or urban garden will depend on its correct choice.


Stevia: the plant that sweetens

Stevia is the fashionable plant. Since this natural sweetener has landed in Europe, every day there are more products that incorporate Stevia as a sweetener. Its consumption does not affect the glycemic index or hypertension, and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are attributed to it. It has no calories, no saturated fat, no sugars, and no carbohydrates. It is diuretic and digestive. It does not produce cholesterol or ferment or react with other components of food. Its cultivation at home is very simple.

cultivating table

The cultivation tables

The cultivation tables are one of the options to house our vegetables in the urban garden. Among its advantages, the comfort of its height, the ease of handling and the aeration of the substrate.

banana, rich in potassium

Homemade organic fertilizer rich in potassium

Potassium is one of the essential nutrients for the flowering and fruiting of our crops. We can provide our plants with the potassium they need through banana tea, a homemade organic fertilizer rich in potassium, very easy to prepare.

bat guano

Bat guano, an ecological fertilizer

Bat guano is a natural, ecological and organic fertilizer, rich in phosphorus and calcium, which will help our potted plants to achieve proper development and fruiting.

Enzyme solution with birdseed

Make an enzyme solution at home

A homemade enzymatic solution based on birdseed is easy to prepare and will provide our potted plants with greater nutrition than that provided by their scarce soil, it will transform part of the insoluble nutrients into soluble ones and will contribute bacterial life to the substrate.

Lettuce varieties

There are different varieties of lettuce that can be grown in a pot. A tour of its essential properties and its basic characteristics for growing in a pot.

Tomatoes in tomato plant

The tomato: the apple of love

The history of the tomato is full of curiosities: from the aphrodisiac properties attributed to it by the French to the confusion about its toxicity.

White fly

The white fly

The whitefly is a small winged insect that attacks many of our plants and vegetables. Know the symptoms that this plague produces, as well as its prevention, control and elimination.

Dry leaves

Recover dried plants

Dry leaves, dry substrate, dry plants ... When we return from vacation we can find dryness problems in our plants. With minimal care, they can recover.

Aromatic potted plants

Aromatic plants

The cultivation of aromatic plants in pots is simple. These plants and herbs, cultivated since ancient times, offer many decorative, aromatic, culinary and medicinal possibilities.

Garlic cultivation

Garlic cultivation and irrigation

Garlic is an easy plant to grow in a pot, but many times it dies due to excess risk. Knowing the keys to risk is essential for the success of your crop.

aubergine leaf with yellowing

Mineral nutrients: benefits and deficiency symptoms

Each of the mineral nutrients that our plants need provides them with a certain benefit and their lack causes them a different symptom. Knowing the symptoms, you can identify and provide the plant with the mineral that is lacking.

romaine lettuce seedling

Potted lettuce

Growing potted lettuce is quick and easy. Advice on sowing, climate, irrigation and development to obtain lettuce in a pot garden.

garden in pots

The flowerpot

The flowerpot, or growing vegetables in pots and in your own home, is one of the latest trends in home gardening. But what does it take to create a planter?