Juniperus horizontalis 'Mother Lode' specimen

What is creeping juniper like?

Creeping juniper is a much loved and very easy to care for evergreen conifer that is used to cover soil. But do you know how it is? No? Well come in. :)

walnut care

Walnut (Juglans regia)

In this post we will discuss the characteristics of walnut and its fruits, medicinal uses and care. Do you want to know more about this tree?

Acacia saligna specimen

How to make a tree grow fast

How to make a tree grow fast? If you have just bought one and you would like to accelerate its growth, do not hesitate, enter and we will tell you how to do it. ;)

Hydrangea flower to decorate a table

How to make hydrangea cuttings

We tell you how to make hydrangea cuttings easily. Learn everything you need to know to obtain new specimens identical to your plants.

prune a mulberry tree

How to prune a mulberry tree?

Do you have a mulberry tree in your garden and want to know when to prune it? Enter and take note of the advice we offer you.

Fir is an outdoor plant

How to save a Christmas fir tree

Do you celebrate the Christmas holidays by having a conifer at home? Come in and we will tell you how to save a fir tree and what you must do so that it is well cared for.


Holly, the Christmas plant

Every year at Christmas they give you a Holly plant, but it ends up dying? Pay close attention to these tips.

Garcinia is a shrub with bright green leaves

What is Garcinia?

Have you heard of Garcinia or Tamarind but still don't know what it is? Do you want to know its characteristics and uses? Come in and find out.

Young Liquidambar plant in pot

Can you have a Liquidambar in a pot?

You do not have a garden but would like to have a Liquidambar in a pot? If you thought it was impossible, enter and discover that it can come true. ;)

Leaves of Acer japonicum 'Vitifolium'

Japan maple, a rustic beauty

The japonica maple is an incredibly beautiful tree, but it is also very rustic. If you want to have a jewel in your garden, come in and get to know it more thoroughly.

Specimens of Pseudotsuga menziesii

Are conifers trees?

Have you ever wondered if conifers are trees? If you have this question, do not hesitate to enter to find the answer.

Acer palmatum 'Koto no Ito' specimen

How to care for a potted Japanese maple?

It is beautiful and very decorative. If you dare to buy one, do not hesitate to enter to know how to take care of a potted Japanese maple and be able, thus, to show it off.


Why do conifers turn brown?

Do you have a hedge and it is drying out? Find out why conifers turn brown and what you can do to prevent and fix it.

Sequoiadendron giganteum plant

How to grow a giant sequoia

Do you want to have an incredible experience with the largest tree in the world? Find out how to grow a giant sequoia step by step.

Azalea plant in bloom

When is the azalea planted

Find out how and when the azalea is planted, a beautiful shrubby plant that produces incredible flowers in the spring.

Moringa oleifera seeds

How to grow moringa at home

We tell you how to grow moringa at home so you can have a beautiful tree in your garden. Enter and find out how you can get one.

olive tree fertilizer

The subscriber of the olive trees

Olive trees require nutritional needs for elements that they consume throughout their vegetative cycle. Do you want to know more about it?

Baobab adult specimen

How to grow baobab?

We tell you how to grow baobab, one of the most impressive trees in the tropical world. Discover how to have one in your home or garden.

Flamboyan tree


The Flamboyan is a very ornamental tree. Discover its characteristics and what care it needs to develop properly.

Acer Palmatum Tree

The importance of trees

Trees and plants are vital to maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. You know why? Find out why we depend on trees to exist.

discover conifers


All about conifers, their characteristics and some of the most important species of these plants with seeds of a type called cone. Discover them!

Flowers of the Loropetalum chinense var rubrum

Loropetalum, a lovely garden tree

The Loropetalum is an evergreen plant with a high ornamental value. Its leaves, its flowers, and its elegance will make your garden an incredible place. Enters.

Acer palmatum Emperor

Japanese maple

Tips for growing and caring for Japanese maple. Recommendations for its optimal development, and thus be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

recover dry bonsai

How to recover a dry tree?

If for some reason the tree that we have at home has begun to dry out, whatever the case, you should follow these simple tips.

Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca' in garden

Cedar, the most ornamental conifer

Cedar is a conifer that will look great in your garden. Easy to grow and care for, it provides excellent shade and provides amazing elegance. Enters.

Pink flower lanta

How to grow lantana

We explain in detail how to grow lantana, a beautiful shrub that produces brightly colored flowers during spring and summer. Enters.

Trees in a park in Germany

All about the trees

Trees are amazing: they provide oxygen, shade and fruit, as well as producing beautiful flowers. Do you want to know everything about them? Enters.

Flowers of Prunus cerasifera 'Atropurpurea'

Prunus, magnificent flowering trees

Prunus are trees that have such beautiful flowers that it is impossible not to reserve a place for them in the garden. Enter and discover everything about them.

It is a plant that can measure from two to five meters

How to grow hibiscus?

The hibiscus can be grown in gardens, since it is used in the streets, but in case you want to grow them at home, it is also possible.

Bombax ceiba flower

When do trees bloom?

Seeing these plants bloom is a wonderful experience, but do you know when trees bloom? Not? We will tell you. Enters. ;)

Jacaranda mimosifolia

What is an evergreen tree?

We explain what an evergreen tree is so that you know its main characteristics and you can have the garden you always wanted.

Blue hydrangea flowers

What is the care of hydrangeas?

We will tell you about the care of hydrangeas, some bushes with beautiful inflorescences with which you can decorate your patio or garden.

how to dry figs

How to dry figs?

They are ideal for your desserts, to add them to a delicious dinner or lunch or simply as sandwiches and so you can meet that goal.

Euonymus europaeus in flower

Why have a bonnet in the garden?

The bonnet is a very interesting shrub plant for low maintenance gardens: it resists high temperatures, cold and pests. Get to know it.

Fruits of the Sorbus domestica

Sorbus domestica, the common rowan

Sorbus domestica is a beautiful, rustic tree that is very easy to grow and is ideal for low-maintenance gardens, such as yours. Enters. ;)

Calluna in flower

Calluna, the happiest bush

Looking for a plant that produces a large number of flowers and is easy to care for? If so, get a calluna and take care of it by following our advice.

Gardenia brighamii in bloom

What are the gardenia care?

If you want to decorate your patio or garden with a shrub that gives beautiful and fragrant flowers, enter and discover what are the gardenia care.

Specimen of Acer palmatum 'Ornatum'

10 types of Japanese maple

It's a plant that gets so pretty in the fall, it's easy to fall in love with it. Take a look at these 10 types of Japanese maple, and enjoy.

climbing plant

Bignonias or choir of trumpets

The bignonia is a climbing plant and next we are going to give you some types of Bignonias, so pay attention, because it is a great plant.

pruning woody plants

When to prune woody plants?

Nothing better than pruning when its foliage is in full swing, in fact, doing it at that time allows the woody plant to be given the desired shape.

jade with flower

Growing and caring for a jade plant

The jade plant is characterized by having quite thick leaves, that is because of the water accumulated in them. It is also called the Money Plant.

grow avocado

How to plant avocados in a pot?

In this article we are going to explain to you, step by step, how to properly plant avocados in a pot at home or in your garden.

Trees in a park

The importance of planting trees

They are very necessary plants for life by releasing the precious oxygen, but what is the importance of planting trees in gardens?

disease that has a fungal origin

Cankers or Chancros in gardening

Canker or Chancros disease is a disease that occurs in trees, either in the trunk or in their leaves, being very important to care for them.

figs and fig trees

Fig tree pests and diseases

The fig tree is also a tree prone to pests and diseases, so take note and learn how to easily combat these pests.

betulus carpinus

What care does hornbeam require?

If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain tree that gives you good shade, hornbeam may be the ideal plant. Enter and we will tell you what care you need.

Syzigium luehmanii

7 plants for fences

We show you a series of plants for fences so that you can have an exquisitely decorated garden which you can enjoy a lot. ;)

Acer palmatum

Varieties of Japanese maples

We show you the most interesting varieties of Japanese maples, and we also tell you how to take care of them so that they can grow well without problems.

Secuoia Trunk

Giant trees

With a height of around 100 meters and a hope of more than 1000 years, the giant trees are a real wonder. Come in and check them out.

acer davidii

How do you care for Snakeskin Maple?

The snakeskin maple is very decorative, ideal to have in large gardens, since it also provides very good shade and resists frost without problems.

American oak

American oak (Quercus rubra)

The American Oak, whose scientific name is Quercus rubra, is a spectacular deciduous tree: it gives very good shade and becomes beautiful in autumn. Get to know it.

Acer saccharum, a types of maple

How to care for maples

They are one of the most spectacular trees, but do you know how to care for maples? Enter and follow our tips to be able to show off plants.

Ficus benjamina in the garden

How to choose fast growing trees

Have you just moved into a house with land and would you like to bring it to life? If so, come in and we'll tell you how to choose fast-growing trees.

Macadamia nut

What is macadamia?

Have you heard of macadamia? This is a word that refers to some Australian trees whose fruits, walnuts, are exquisite. Discover them.

Tamariz, an all-terrain tree

The tamarisk is a tree that you can have even if you live a few steps from the sea. Withstands salinity, frost, pests ... everything! Find out.

Japanese cherry

The most beautiful trees on Earth

Discover the most beautiful trees on Earth. We live on a planet where millions of plant species live, not all of them can be the most beautiful

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Tree photos

We show you some wonderful photos of trees, incredible plants that beautify any corner, providing shade and food.

Brugmansia arborea

Floripondio care guide

The floripondio is a very ornamental shrub, but also very toxic. It is a plant that can look good in gardens, if we know how to take care of it. Enters.

Sequoiadendron giganteum

Curiosities of the Giant Sequoia

It is the highest living being that exists on Earth. It can grow up to 115 meters in height and live for more than 3 years. Discover more of the Giant Sequoia.


Hackberry, the tree of the streets

Surely more than once you have seen one or more specimens of hackberry in your city, right? But did you know that it has interesting medicinal uses? Enters.

Hazelnut corylus

Hazelnut care guide

Look at the care guide for hazelnut, an extraordinary plant that, in addition to producing fruits with an exquisite flavor, dresses up in autumn

Garden with hedges

How to choose plants for hedges?

How to have the corners of the garden divided in an elegant and decorative way? With these hedge plants that we have selected for you. Enters ;) .

Jara Flowers

Rockrose, a very resistant and low maintenance shrub

The Rockrose or Cistu salviifolius is one of the most resistant shrubs that you can find as it adapts to all types of climates and soils, even the poorest. It is resistant to frost, drought and almost any condition thanks to its double root system.

Oleander, poisonous plant

Pruning the Oleander

The pruning of the Oleander occurs at two times of the year as there is a cleaning pruning and a flowering pruning. Both help the good development of the plant and achieve a better flowering.

Flowers Davidia implicata

The wonderful Tree of Handkerchiefs

The Tree of the Handkerchiefs is one of the most beautiful ornamental trees in the world, with its large white flowers that fall and resemble handkerchiefs or white doves.


How to prune Hibiscus

Are you thinking of acquiring one or more Hibiscus seedlings? Enter and we will explain in detail how to prune Hibiscus so that they produce many flowers.

Blue hydrangea

Hydrangea Problems

We tell you what are the main problems of hydrangeas and how you can solve them as quickly as possible so that they look great again.

Fagus sylvatica seedlings

How to reproduce the beech tree

Discover how to have several specimens of beech tree. Enter and we will explain in detail how to reproduce this magnificent plant.

Platanus hispanica

Shade plane, an imposing tree

If you are looking for a rustic, decorative tree that gives good shade, the Shade plantain is one of the best options. Enter and we will tell you how to take care of it.


Quercus robur, the horse oak

Quercus robur is an imposing tree that grows to 35 meters. It gives a great shade during the summer, and its fruits are edible. Get to know it.

Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star'

4 dwarf conifers for pot or garden

Enter and discover which are the 4 best dwarf conifers for pot or garden, and show off your plants without having to worry about anything.

Bauhinia variegata var. candidate

6 Ornamental trees for small gardens

Do you have a small garden and would you like to put ornamental trees? If so, you're in luck. Enter and discover our list with the most interesting.


Escallonia, hedge plant

For some it is a small tree, for others a simple bush. Halfway between one and the other the ...


How to reproduce baobab

Would you like to know how to reproduce baobab? Enter and we will tell you step by step what you have to do to get a few copies of this tree.

Ficus elastica

The Ficus elastica or Gomero

Do you want to decorate your home with a tree with leaves that are very decorative? If so, Ficus elastica is for you. Here is your file. Do not miss it.

Viburnum lucidum flower

Viburnum Lucidum

It is an evergreen shrub with beautiful, easy-to-grow white flowers that looks great in the garden. Find out !!!

Chamaecyparis obtusa

Chamaecyparis, the false cypress

The Chamaecyparis or false cypress is a very beautiful and elegant plant that is very easy to grow that will look very elegant in your garden. Discover all its secrets.

Laurus nobilis

How to plant a laurel

Would you like to know how to plant a laurel in the garden? Enter and we will advise you on the best way to do it. Beautify your green paradise with this tree.

Eleagnus umbellata

Eleagnus, a very practical plant

If you are looking for a plant that you can have as a tree or as a shrub, that is easy to care for and that has edible fruits, the Eleagnus is for you. Get to know it.

Acacia tortilis specimen

How to germinate Acacia africana seeds

Would you like to have an African Acacia in your garden? We teach you step by step how to reproduce it by seeds, an experience that you will not forget. Enters.

Alfàbia Gardens

How to plant hedges

Do you have a garden and would you like it to look neater and more elegant? Put some bushes and you will see how it changes. Come in and we will teach you how to plant hedges.

Adult carob tree in a park

Algarrobo, from nature to cooking

The Algarrobo is a natural tree from the south-western area of ​​Asia that gives away its famous legumes, which are of a characteristic dark chocolate color that later also stains the elaborated products.

Hyperion, tallest tree

Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world

In the same Californian national park lives a tree named Hyperion, which was discovered by a couple of hikers. Originally from that state, it is a Sequoia Sempervirens that has a height of 115,61 meters, thus becoming the tallest tree in the world.

Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae

What types of aroma are there?

What is a scent? And what types are there? These trees are very beautiful, with flowers that give off a very pleasant aroma. Get to know them.

Ligustrum ovalifolium

Uses of privet

Would you like to know the uses of privet? This decorative plant can be had in various forms such as the shrub, but also in others. Find out.

Juniperus communis


Juniper is the most popular dwarf conifer. Easy to grow, it is resistant and decorative. In addition, it has interesting medicinal properties. Find out.

Acer negundo 'Aureomarginatum'

Pests and diseases of Acer negundo

We tell you what they are and how they treat the pests and diseases of Acer negundo, a very interesting and resistant tree to have in temperate gardens.

Japanese cherry

PHOTOS: The cherry trees of Japan

Each spring, Japan's cherry trees beautify gardens across the country. An event that has become a cultural phenomenon worthy of admiration.

Quercus palustris

The mighty Swamp Oak

Lover of large trees? Then you will love the Swamp Oak. It grows neither more nor less than up to 30 meters. Find out.

Acer tataricum ssp ginnala

Do you know the Maple of Love?

It is one of the most beautiful and resistant trees there is. We discovered the Maple of Love, a plant that will surely give you great satisfaction.


Tips for choosing a tree

Do you want to start designing your garden? If so, write down these tips for choosing a tree and you will see how you can enjoy it without worrying.

Pink-flowered rhododendron

The rhododendron, a magical flower bush

Would you like to be able to enjoy an amazing show of color in your garden? Plant a Rhododendron or several and you will not regret it. Learn how to take care of it.


How long does a tree live

When making a garden, it is interesting to know how long a tree lives. But how can you find out? Find out how to identify the age of these plants.

Shadow of the weeping willow

The Weeping Willow

The Weeping Willow or Salix babylonica is a tree native to Asia that is very easy to care for. In addition, it has multiple medicinal properties. Do you want to know it?


Can you have trees indoors?

Trees are very decorative plants. Go ahead and have a piece of nature in your home: go ahead and have some trees indoors.

Melaleuca nesophila

Melaleuca, great garden plants

Melaleuca are extraordinary plants: resistant to drought, with spectacular flowering ... What more could you ask for? Come in and get to know them.

Acer palmatum or Japanese maple in autumn

Varieties of Japanese Maple

They are one of the most beautiful and decorative trees. Find out which are the main varieties of Japanese maple to choose the best one for your garden.

Araucaria heterophylla leaf detail

Araucaria, the storied pine

The Araucaria, better known as the floor pine, is a slow-growing and very rustic conifer that will decorate your garden in a very elegant way.

Bombax Flower

Bombax, silk cotton tree

The Bombax is a tropical tree ideal for large gardens. With very showy red flowers, it is perfect for shading. Do you want to know it?


How to prune hydrangeas

They are deciduous shrubs and very beautiful flowers. But they are also very resistant. Learn how to prune hydrangeas to make them look perfect.


How to plant a Korean pear tree

This is one of those trees that usually attracts the most attention. Learn how to plant a Korean pear tree and enjoy it in your garden.

Hibiscus Andersonii

Flowering shrubs for garden

Looking for garden flowering shrubs? They are a true marvel, and it is very difficult to choose just one. Login to see our selection.

Cercis siliquastrum

List of small trees for garden

Do you have little space to plant? Do not worry. Take a look at our list of small trees that you can have in the garden ... or in a pot.

Pink hydrangea

How to care for hydrangeas

Are you thinking of decorating your garden with beautiful flowers? Enter and you will learn how to care for hydrangeas. Some bushes that you will love.

Camellia sinensis, a suitable pot plant

How to grow the red tea plant

Who doesn't like to have tea in the morning? And who wouldn't want to know how to grow the red tea plant? Enter and discover how.


Curiosities about trees

They are plants that have been admired, we have protected ourselves from the sun under the shade of their leaves ... Do you want to know the curiosities about trees?


Croton, a very popular plant

We will tell you what the croton is like and how to take care of this plant because it is a very sensitive species that you have to spend time on.

Potted trees

Trees to plant in pots

Due to their size and development, there are trees that can be planted in pots. Which ones are the best?

Magnolia sieboldii

Magnolia, a tree of singular beauty

The Magnolia tree is a tree whose flowers have extraordinary beauty. It is a very ornamental and grateful plant ideal to decorate your garden.

Camellia japonica

Camellia care

Camellia is a shrub or small evergreen tree whose flowers are highly ornamental. Ideal to have in a pot, we teach you how to take care of it.

Ficus benghalensis in habitat

The immense strangler fig

The strangler fig is a huge tree that covers several hectares. There are many who make social life under its shadow. We tell you more here.


Shrubs for acid soils

There are many shrubs for acid soils. If you have a garden whose soil pH is between 4 and 6, and you don't know which ones to put, take a look.


It's acorn season!

The acorns begin to ripen and it is time to collect them. If you don't know how to plant them or what material to use, don't worry, it's very easy.

Sapium in autumn

Knowing the Tallow Tree

The Tallow Tree, whose scientific name is Sapium sebiferum, is one of the few trees that can fall reasonably well in somewhat warm climates.

Cercis siliquastrum

Deciduous trees for clay soils

Are you looking for a deciduous tree for your garden? There are many that can live well on clay and / or calcareous soils. Here we show you some.