Purple acacia, a gorgeous garden tree

Do you have a small garden and you don't know which tree to put up? Purple Acacia is an ideal choice. Its purple leaves will make you fall in love, without a doubt.


Holly: a very Christmas tree

Christmas is already very close, and that is why we begin to see Christmas plants, such as holly. We explain its cultivation and care in this article.

Chestnut with seven legs

Exotic trees of Spain

Some trees in Spain attract attention because they are rare and original. This is the case of the chestnut tree with seven legs.


The carob tree in the garden

The carob is a tree native to the Mediterranean. It is very grateful, resistant to drought, and it can become very ornamental.


A strawberry tree in the garden

The strawberry tree is an easy-care shrub that is worth having in the garden due to its intense foliage and its beautiful flowers and fruits.


Giant sequoia - a majestic conifer

Information on the majestic Giant Sequoia, native to Northern California. With an approximate height of 100 meters, it leaves no one indifferent.

Lemon Tree

Have a lemon tree at home

The lemon tree is a beautiful tree to have in the garden for its aroma and beauty. In addition, it gives us delicious lemons during the season.


Trees and shrubs for terrace

If we do not have a garden and we want to have shrubs or a tree and we only have a patio, balcony or terrace, there are many species that we can choose from.

Anigozanthos manglesii

Meeting the flower Kangaroo Paws

Information about the genus Anigozanthos, better known as Kangaroo Paws for its curious flowers. Advice on its cultivation and maintenance.


How do climbers hold?

Climbers grow on walls and pergolas from different grip systems that are important to know.


How can trees reproduce?

Explanation of the different methods of tree reproduction that exist today. Information on the method of always, cuttings and grafts.


Plant a hazelnut tree

Hazel is a very nice and colorful tree that you can have in your garden. It does not require great care although it is important to know some secrets when planting it.


Trees for small gardens I

In small gardens, space is very limited and trees are needed to match. Passionflower, Hibiscus and Camellia are ideal for these gardens.


Walnuts of the Walnut

Walnut is of great importance among the trees because all of it is usable. Nuts, leaves and wood are widely used.


Decorate your garden with palm trees

Palm trees are very special plants since they provide an exotic environment where we use them: gardens, patios, terraces or interiors. Learn about its shapes, the great variety in species and places of origin as well as its many uses when decorating your garden.


How to plant garden shrubs

Now that you have your bush, it is important to know how to plant it, especially if there are several, it should have an ideal distance so that the roots do not mix with each other. Let's see here the points to keep in mind.


What are ornamental shrubs?

If you want to add green to your urban garden, you can think about placing ornamental shrubs, species that have great advantages.


Tips when buying trees

When buying trees, it is good to take into account some aspects that will help the specimens to grow healthy and strong.


Perennial and perennial plants

Perennials and perennials last from one season to the next and can live for at least two years, but while perennials disappear in winter and are reborn, perennials maintain their foliage during the cold months.

Araucaria Excelsa

Christmas tree. Natural or artificial?

What is the most ecological option for the Christmas tree? Natural or artificial? We analyze the survival possibilities of natural trees, the most suitable species and their basic care.