9 star-shaped flowers

Look at these fascinating star-shaped flowers that nature gives us and that you can find around the world.

How can we recognize zephyranthes flavissima

Zephyranthes flavissima

We tell you how you can have a zephyranthes flavissima in your garden and take care of it so that it lasts for many years.

Mona Lisa Anemone

Mona Lisa Anemone

This is what the Mona Lisa anemone looks like, a true work of art to beautify and add color to your garden

papaver argemone mexican

Mexican papaver argemone

This is the beautiful Mexican papaver argemone, an invasive plant that can quickly colonize almost any region.


All about Physostegia

Everything about Physostegia so you can learn its weaknesses, its virtues and how to give it the best care

Flowers to eat

Flowers to eat

These flowers to eat have many nutritional properties and you can prepare them in multiple different ways.


Do you know the Malaga biznaga?

Have you ever heard of biznaga? It is a symbol of Malaga but what is it like? Where are you from? Find out everything about her.

What is the meaning of gladioli?

The meaning of gladioli

Do you know the meaning of gladioli? Discover their historical importance and what these flowers mean today

blue clivias with intensely colored flowers.

Blue clivias: fact or fiction?

Have you seen photos of blue clivias and doubted them? Today we will tell you the truth about this particular flower with an unnatural color.

Learn how to plant azaleas in pots

How to plant azaleas in a pot?

Learn everything you need to know about how to plant azaleas in a pot so you can have them inside your house to decorate the interior.

There are legends related to the Scottish thistle

What is Scottish thistle?

Do you want to know more about the Scottish thistle? Here we explain what it is and what is its meaning and importance in that country.

The Netherlands is the main producer and exporter of tulips.

Where are the tulips from?

Do you want to know where the tulips are from? Here we talk about their origin and how these beautiful bulbous flowers arrived in Europe.

Watering hydrangeas improperly can lead to negative consequences

How to water hydrangeas?

Do you want to know how to water hydrangeas? Here we explain it to you and discuss what can happen if we do it wrong.

Peony is a herbaceous plant

large white flowers

Would you like to know the name of the most beautiful plants that produce large white flowers? Then do not hesitate: enter here.

coprosma repens

Coprosma repens

We introduce you to the Coprosma repens plant in its entirety. Enter here to know its characteristics and care.

Alstroemeria aurantiaca is bulbous

Alstroemeria aurantiaca

Enter to learn everything about the Alstroemeria aurantiaca or Peruvian lily. Discover how it is grown, what uses it has, and much more.

red poppy care

How to grow red poppies?

We tell you all the characteristics and how to grow the red poppy so that you can learn to have it in your garden.

Pink carnations symbolize many things, such as love and affection.

How to care for pink carnations?

Do you want to know more about pink carnations? Here we tell you how to take care of them, what they mean and who to give them to.

The Iris lutescens is a bulbous

Wild lily (Iris lutescens)

Meet the Iris lutescens, popularly called wild lily, a species of Mediterranean plant that blooms in spring. Enters.

The rose bushes bloom most of the year.

When do rose bushes bloom?

Do you know when the rose bushes bloom? These plants can do this for several weeks at a time. Here we tell you when they start.

Pansy geranium is easy to care for

Geranium pansy: care

Discover here what are the care of the pansy geranium, a plant with beautiful flowers that will brighten up your garden and balcony.

tuberous begonia flower

Tuberous begonia

We tell you in detail everything you need to know about the tuberous Begonia and its characteristics. Learn more about it here.

flowers to decorate

What is flower design?

Do you want to learn what floral design is and what types there are? Here we tell you everything in detail so you can learn it.

Angeloia angustifolia is a plant that blooms in spring

Angelonia (Angelonia angustifolia)

Do you want to have a perennial herb that produces beautiful flowers in your garden or on the balcony? Enter and discover the Angelonia angustifolia.

Dahlias are bulbous plants

How to plant dahlias

Do you want to know how to plant dahlias? Here we explain when to carry out this task and how to do it step by step.

Snapdragon is a short-lived plant

Why is my snapdragon flower dying?

Is your snapdragon dry? If you want to avoid losing it, enter here and we will tell you why it is like this, and what you can do to recover it.

The parts of a sunflower are the roots, leaves, stem and head.

parts of a sunflower

Curious about the parts of a sunflower? Here we comment on them and talk about their main characteristics.

To dry a sunflower you have to wait until it has matured

How to dry a sunflower

Do you want to know how to dry a sunflower? The method depends on the use we want to give it. Here we explain it step by step.

The Amsterdam flower market sells Christmas trees in December

Amsterdam flower market

Do you want to know more about the Amsterdam flower market? Here we tell you what its name is and when you can visit it.

Begonias can be sun or shade

Are begonias sun or shade?

Would you like to know if begonias are sun or shade? Do you have doubts about where to put them? Then come in and we will solve them for you.