The Astilbe plant produces many flowers


Do you need to color your patio, garden, ... maybe your life? Come inside and fall in love with Astilbe, a plant that produces spectacular flowers every summer.

Ophrys fusca

Black Bee Orchid (Ophrys fusca)

Meet the Ophrys fusca, an orchid that, unlike the vast majority, is not found in tropical forests, but in Mediterranean meadows.

Pink flower of Anemone coronaria

Anemone (Anemone coronaria)

Do you want flowers in your garden or patio during the spring? Meet the Anemone coronaria, a perennial herbaceous very, very easy to care for;)

Colorful zinnia


Learn how to grow zinnia in your garden with our rabbits. You can enrich your garden with this precious plant and its beautiful flowers.

Asphodelus fistulosus

Asphodelus fistulosus

Enter here to know the characteristics, the habitat and how to cultivate the Asphodelus fistulosus. Take advantage of its ornamental value for decoration.

Vinca major flowers

vinca major

Enter here to know the Vinca major planting guidelines and the care it needs. Add these flowers to the shady part of your garden.

Yellow cove

What are the water flowers?

Do you like water flowers? If you want to have some in your pond or pot without holes, do not hesitate to enter and discover the most beautiful ones.

White daffodil flowers fully open

Daffodil (Narcissus)

Do you want to know the characteristics, care, cultivation and pests of Narcissus to be able to place it in your garden? Come in and find out.

Decoration with Dendrobium nobile

Dendrobium nobile

Enter here to know all the characteristics and care that Dendrobium nobile needs, a type of precious orchid for decoration.

Aconite toxicity


Enter here to learn all about aconite, one of the most poisonous plants that exist. Learn about its symptoms and how to treat them.

Pink Tigridia flowers

Day Flower (Tigridia)

The one-day flower is a beautiful plant that is easy to grow, but if you want it to produce a large number of flowers, you cannot miss our advice.

Achillea millefolium

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is an excellent perennial plant to use in different parts of the garden. Learn all about her here.

Forget-me-not flowers are very pretty

Forget-me-not (Myosotis)

Enter to learn all about forget-me-nots, small but highly ornamental plants that look great in gardens and pots.

Genus Crocus


Enter here and learn about the characteristics, uses and care that plants of the genus Crocus need both in autumn and spring.

Garden decoration with nazarenes

Nazarene (Muscari neglectum)

We explain the care that Nazarenes (Muscari neglectum) need in detail as well as giving you tips for decoration. Come in now!

Viola tricolor

What is the Viola flower like?

Discover what the Viola flower looks like, a precious thing produced by a low-rise herbaceous plant ideal for growing in a pot.

Genus Protea


Enter here and know all the characteristics and care of the plants of the Protea genus, shrubs capable of resisting fires.

an orchid with pink petals that looks like a bee

Iberian orchid (Ophrys speculum)

Do you want to know the characteristics, care, cultivation, pests and diseases of Iberian Orchid to be able to place it in your garden? Come in and find out.

Asters are very decorative herbs


Discover how to take care of Asters, beautiful plants capable of living in pots or in your garden without much maintenance.

yellow daisies with large petals

Cape daisy (Arctotheca calendula)

Do you want to know the characteristics, care and cultivation of the Arctotheca calendula to be able to place it in your Garden? Come in and find out.

Begonia Dragon Wing, white flowers

Begonia Dragon Wing

Discover Begonia Dragon Wing, a very interesting cultivar for gardens and balconies, which is not as difficult to care for as it seems. Enters ;)

View of the Helianthemum nummularium

Retriever (Helianthemum nummularium)

Are you looking for a plant that is decorative and is not complicated to care for? Enter and discover the Helianthemum nummularium, a magnificent garden grass.

Geranium purpureum flower is pink

Rook leg (Geranium purpureum)

Do you like geraniums? If so, come in and meet Geranium purpureum, a Canarian plant with beautiful flowers and easy to grow.

The Digitalis purpurea plant can be grown in a pot

Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea)

Digitalis purpurea is a plant that, although it only lives for two years, produces magnificent flowers. Would you like to know how to enjoy it in your garden?

Alyssum is a magnificent garden plant

Alder (Alyssum)

Alyssum are herbaceous or shrubby plants that produce magnificent flowers. Its maintenance is very simple. So now you know, come in and meet them :)

Dianthus flowers are very cheerful

Carnation (Dianthus)

The carnation is one of the most popular plants, perhaps the most popular. Do you want to know how it takes care of itself and the pests that affect it the most? Enters.

Pentas lanceolata in flower, red in color

Pentas (Pentas lanceolata)

Enter and meet Pentas lanceolata, a plant with beautiful flowers that attract insects just as great: butterflies.

Paeonia lactiflora

Paeonia lactiflora

Are you looking for a flower that resists cold and frost? Come in and let me introduce you to the Paeonia lactiflora, probably the one that can endure those conditions the most.

Primula obconica flowers

Primula obconica

Did you know that Primula obconica is one of the best flowering plants to have indoors? Enter and we will tell you how to take care of it.

View of the flower of the Vinca difformis

Vinca difformis

Vinca difformis is a magnificent cover plant that produces flowers that will look especially pretty in winter and spring. Do not hesitate to meet her.

View of the Hedychium gardnerianum

Hedychium gardnerianum

The Hedychium gardnerianum plant is a very beautiful plant, but it is also very harmful to the environment. Enter and we will tell you how you can identify it.

english rosebuds close up

English Roses or David Austin

If you want to know the history of how the so-called English Roses or David Austin originated and who was the artist of the flowers, take a look.

Ornithogalum dubium produces orange flowers

Ornithogalum (Ornithogalum)

Do you consider yourself a lover of bulbous plants? Then the Ornithogalum are likely to blow you away. Enter and discover how to have them perfect.

Strelitzia reginae is a very pretty plant

Strelitzia reginae

The Strelitzia reginae or bird of paradise is a magnificent plant, which produces very beautiful flowers and that. in addition, it is easy to care for. Come in and get to know it.

Rugosa agastache


The Agastache are perennial herbs that, in addition to being precious, are medicinal and resistant. Come in and get to know them.

Laelia tenebrosa with the typical purple orchid flower

Dark Laelia (Laelia spp)

Do you want to know the characteristics, cultivation, diseases and pests of Laelia tenebrosa to be able to place this plant in your Garden? Come in and find out.

Anthemis tinctoria

Anthemis tinctoria

The Anthemis tinctoria is a magnificent plant that you can have both in a pot and in the garden. So, what are you waiting to meet her? Enters ;)

Aquilegia vulgaris is easy to care for

Aquilegia vulgaris

Would you love to have a plant with beautiful blue or white flowers in your garden? Well, do not hesitate! Enter and meet the Aquilegia vulgaris.

Coryanthes speciosa

Coryanthes speciosa

Do you like curious orchids? Come inside and meet Coryanthes speciosa, a fabulous plant that produces flowers with a pleasant mint smell.

Bouvardia ternifolia

Bouvardia ternifolia

Bouvardia ternifolia is a shrub with scarlet red flowers that increases ornamental value wherever it is planted. Learn all about her here.

Martagon in bloom

Martagon (Lilium martagon)

The martagon is a beautiful bulbous plant very easy to care for that you can have in corners where it does not have much light. Come in and get to know it.

silene vulgaris

Wild Collejas (Silene vulgaris)

If you don't have much experience caring for plants and you want one that produces very original flowers, go in and meet the wild collejas. ;)

Adonis vernalis plant

Partridge eye (Adonis vernalis)

Adonis vernalis is one of those herbs that, if used well, is interesting. But it is very important to know it so that there are no problems. Get to know it.

Royal poppy flower

Royal poppy (Papaver somniferum)

The royal poppy is a very decorative and easy-to-care herb that you can have in your yard or garden. Enter and find out how you can get it.

The dimorfoteca is a very decorative plant


Dimorphoteca is a very interesting herbaceous plant: decorative, easy to care for, and also able to withstand mild frosts. Come in and get to know it.

The lilac flower of the Impatiens is very decorative

Balsam (Impatiens walleriana)

Impatiens walleriana is a very beautiful and easy-to-care plant that you can have in a pot or in the garden. Would you like to know everything about her? Enters!

Cambria in bloom

Cambria Orchid

Cambria orchids, although they are the result of crosses of different genres, are wonderful. Enter and discover how to take care of them.

Fritillaria imperialis Rubra

Fall bulbous plant care

Do you want to know what is the care of autumn bulbous plants? Do not hesitate: come in and we will tell you how you can have beautiful flowers in spring.

Babiana stricta


The Babiana is a genus of bulbous plants that produce very pretty flowers. Come in and get to know them to be able to enjoy them in your garden.

pelargonium zonale

How to grow geranium indoors

We explain how to grow geraniums indoors so you can have a home full of color and joy with these beautiful plants.

The rough rose is a spectacular flower

Rough rose

The Rosa rugosa is beautiful, resistant, easy to care for ... What are you waiting for to get a specimen? Come in and find out everything about her

Orchid diseases

Orchid care after flowering

We all know perfectly well the care that an orchid has to have, but do you know the care that an orchid needs after flowering?

Massif of plants

How to have healthy flower beds

Would you like to know how to have healthy flower beds? If so, come in and follow our advice to be able to show off your garden.

Orchids are the plants most attacked by mealybugs

How to eliminate mealybugs on orchids?

The orchid is a plant that produces very beautiful, tropical flowers that fill any garden with color, however, that beauty does not help them. Do you love orchids but are you tired of having to fight against mealybugs? Enter and discover these tips.

Coleus blumei

Cretonne (Coleu Blumei)

Cretonne (Coleu Blumei) is a plant widely used for interiors. Learn what requirements and care you need here.

characteristics of Rosa banksia

Pink banksia (Rosa banksiae Lutea)

Not only palaces deserve to have the Rosa Banksia (Rosa banksiae Lutea) in their gardens, you should also have it at home for its lush foliage and Discover and enjoy the characteristics and care of this type of rose called Rosa banksia. You will be impressed!

In the pine forests, forests and wet meadows of the United States, this beautiful and rare large orchid grows

Yellow striped orchid (Palanthera ciliaris)

In the pine forests, forests and wet meadows of the United States, this precious and rare large orchid grows, which has been threatened and in Do you know the Palanthera ciliaris? This is an orchid with yellow stripes that you will love. Take a look at its features.

types of bulbs and differences

Types of bulbs and their differences

When talking about bulbs or bulbous plants, beautiful plants such as tulips, gladioli, irises, dahlias, caladiums, etc. come to mind. Some are bulbs. If you want to know the different types of bulbs that exist today and their differences, enter our article and find out.

the best flowers to give on a birthday

What flowers to give on a birthday?

On many occasions and when the birthday of a friend or relative is approaching, there is uncertainty of what will be the ideal gift to give. They are Do you have any doubts about which flowers to give to a person? Enter and discover which is the best flower to give according to the month of the birthday boy.

Celandine majus

Celandine (Chelidonium majus)

Celandine is a very decorative and medicinal herbaceous plant that is very easily cultivated. Enter and discover all its secrets.

The tuberose is a bulbous white-flowered

Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)

The tuberose is a beautiful tuberous plant that you can have both in a pot and in the garden, even as a cut flower. Come in and get to know it.

Scadoxus multiflorus


Scadoxus are very decorative and easy-care bulbous plants with which you can easily decorate your patio or garden. Discover them.

Tagetes patula is a kind of Chinese carnation

Chinese carnation (Tagetes)

The Chinese carnation is a beautiful plant with which you can have a beautiful garden or balcony. Enter and know all its secrets.

View of the Alstroemeria aurantiaca plant

Astromelia (Alstroemeria)

Looking for a flower plant that is easy to care for? Get an alstromelia. Surely with our tips you can boast of it for years.

Campanula carpathica

Campanula carpathica (bluebells)

The campanula carpathica is a plant of great beauty that blooms in spring. Do you want to know how to take care of it to enjoy it in your garden?

Heliotropum arborescens

Heliotrope (Heliotropium)

Heliotrope is a wonderful plant: not only is it easy to care for, but you can also see how it moves in the sun! Come in and get to know it.

Anemone (Anemone)

The anemone is a very beautiful plant and widely used for its ornamental power. Learn how to cultivate it and take care of it correctly in this article.

Campanula carpathica

Bluebells (Campanula carpatica)

Campanula carpathica, known as bluebell, is a beautiful perennial plant that looks great in any corner ... and if you give it the care we indicate, even more so. Enters. ;)

Chamomile or chamomile

Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

Learn about the characteristics and medicinal uses for which chamomile or chamomile are so famous. Do you want to learn how to grow them? This is your post.

Orange gerbera

How are orange gerberas cared for?

Orange gerberas are wonderful flowers: as they are only about 30 inches tall, they are ideal to have in a pot or in the garden. Enter and discover how they take care of themselves.

Bergenia cordifolia

Bergenia, a beautiful flowering plant

Bergenia is a wonderful plant: it produces beautiful flowers in winter and spring, and it is also very easy to care for as it resists the cold without problems. Discover it.

Pitimini roses produce flowers of various colors

Pitimini rose, a small shrub with precious flowers

If you like rose bushes but you don't have much space for them, go in and meet the pitimini rose bush. It can be grown throughout its life in a pot, and does not require much maintenance. Come in and find out.

Yellow hibiscus flower

What is the hibiscus flower like?

We explain what the hibiscus flower is like and when you can enjoy its beauty throughout the year. In addition, you will know what properties it has. Enters.

Vallota flowers

Vallota, a beautiful garden plant

If you are looking for a bulbous plant that produces large flowers of a beautiful red color, do not hesitate: enter and meet the vallota.

The ideal fertilizer for orchids

The ideal fertilizer for orchids

Do you have orchids planted in a pot or in your garden and want to give it the necessary care? Enter and discover the best fertilizer for orchids.

type of orchids

How to choose the pots for orchids?

How to choose the pots for orchids? If you have to transplant some and you don't know what container to put them in, come in and we will help you.

red carnations to decorate your home

What is the carnation flower like?

Do you love carnations and do you want to have these precious and fragrant flowers in your garden or at home? Pay attention to the article.

Begonia elatior specimen

Begonia, the most popular indoor plants

Begonia are wonderful plants that can be grown without problems in pots throughout their life and also have wonderful leaves and / or flowers. Delve into their world to get to know them better.

Coreopsis verticillata

The best garden flowers

We show you some of the best garden flowers that you can find in nurseries: those that for several seasons will bring out the best of themselves. Discover them.


Selection of beautiful spring flowers

We show you a selection of beautiful spring flowers that cannot be missing in any patio or garden that wants to enjoy the most colorful season of the year.

The Dragon's Mouth is a very grateful flower

Antirrhinum or Snapdragon, some flowers to enjoy

The Antirrhinum is a plant that, although its life cycle is two years, produces such a quantity of flowers that it is very easy to have a very cheerful balcony or garden. So if you want to have an excuse to be happy, come in and find out more about him.

Odontoglossum bictoniense claret

Odontoglossum, a very grateful orchid

Odontoglossum is a very interesting epiphytic orchid, not only because of its fantastic flowers but also because of how easy it is to care for. Get to know it.

Wallflower, a flower very easy to care for

Wallflower, the flower that brightens spring

The wallflower is a very grateful herbaceous plant: with a little care you can get a very cheerful garden or balcony. You do not believe me? Follow my advice and see for yourself. ;)

Plant your bulbs three months before flowering

How to plant bulbs in pots

We tell you how to plant bulbs in pots so you can enjoy a patio, balcony or terrace full of flowers. Enters.


What to do to care for flowers

Do you need to know what to do to take care of the flowers? If so, don't hesitate: come in and I assure you that you will learn to take care of them even if you are not an expert. ;)

hollyhock or royal mallow as it is also known

Hollyhock care

Do you know the hollyhock or royal mallow? This extraordinary and decorative plant fills with flowers during the summer and we are going to show you how to grow it.

Saintpaulia ionantha plant

How to water the flowers in winter?

How to water the flowers in winter? If you want to enjoy your plants during the coldest time of the year, come in and we will tell you how to water them.

Flower of the bulbous plant Dahlia

How to fertilize dahlias

How to fertilize dahlias? If you want to have perfectly healthy plants and enjoy their wonderful flowering, come in and we will tell you what fertilizers to use to achieve it.

canna indica

When to plant cane of Indians

Do you love summer flowers? Come in and discover when to plant cane of the Indies, a spectacular plant both without and with flowers. ;)

Cymbidium Kirby Lesh

When to water the orchid?

We explain when to water the orchid, both epiphytic and semi-terrestrial and terrestrial. Discover how is the watering of this beautiful plant.

Group of geraniums in bloom

Curiosities of geraniums

We tell you some of the curiosities of the most interesting geraniums. Find out more about these wonderful flowering plants.


How to care for hydrangea in winter?

Are you thinking of decorating your garden in winter with beautiful flowers? Enter and you will learn how to take care of hydrangeas in these cold months.

Plant the tulip bulbs together

Tips for planting tulips

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of these bulbous plants? Follow our tips for planting tulips and I assure you that you will succeed. ;)

Rooting jasmine cuttings

Jasmine cuttings

Jasmine is a fairly hardy, long-lasting plant with a delicious aroma that can grow quite quickly. Do you want to know how to root it?

Yellow-flowered daffodil, a low-light plant

8 bulbous plants that need little light

Do you have a corner where the direct sun hits? Well, cheer him up with these bulbous plants that need little light. In addition, we tell you how to take care of them. Enters. ;)

Enjoy your petunias by planting them in hanging pots


Do you want to be able to enjoy flowers all year round? Get a petunia and provide it with the care that we explain to you. Sure you will not regret. ;)

Hacquetia apipactis flower

Do green flowers exist?

Green is not normally seen in the petals, but if you want to have a different garden, do not hesitate to enter to see the green flowers that we recommend.

Inflorescence of a herbaceous plant

What are inflorescences?

We explain what inflorescences are and the different types there are so that you can learn more about the plants that you have in your garden or terrace.

Protect your Cymbidium from the cold

How to care for orchids in winter?

Is the cold coming and are you worried about your precious plants? Enter and discover how to take care of orchids in winter so that they arrive healthy in spring.


What is the care of chrysanthemums?

Have you just acquired these beautiful and wonderful plants? Discover how to have them perfect by providing them with the best chrysanthemum care.

Phalaneopsis Orchid Keiki

How to reproduce orchids?

Would you like to know how to reproduce orchids? Do not hesitate to enter to get new specimens of your precious plants.

Flower of the rose 'Secret'

The most fragrant roses

If you like flowers that give off an incredibly wonderful aroma, do not hesitate to enter to find out which are the most fragrant roses.

zucchini flower

The zucchini flower

The zucchini flower looks quite elegant and is used in many kitchens around the world. Do you want to know its characteristics and uses?

Dendrobium kinglanum

How to transplant an orchid

We will tell you how to transplant an orchid step by step, and we also offer you a few tips to take care of it after the transplant.


purple flowers

Decorate your garden or patio with these 6 plants with purple flowers that we suggest. They are very easy to care for and precious, do you know them all?

Flowers of Ageratum houstonianum 'Blue Mink'

Agerato, the most striking flower

Do you want to decorate your garden or patio with a particularly striking and pretty flower? Discover the agerato. It is easy to care for and very decorative. Enters.


The meaning of tulip colors

We analyze the color of tulips and its meaning. What do red tulips mean? Find out here along with other colors

Rose bushes endure frost and high temperatures

How to fertilize flowers

We explain how to fertilize flowers, so you can enjoy their wonderful petals every season. Enter and discover how easy it is. ;)

Plant your bulbs three months before flowering

How to store the bulbs?

Bulbous plants are wonderful, but what do we do when flowering is over? Keep them, of course. Come in and we'll tell you how to store the bulbs.

Blue Iris flower

How to grow the Iris flower?

Because of their appearance, they are usually confused with orchids, however they have small details that make them unique and special plants.

Leaves of the Ludisia discolor var. Sunrise

Meet the Ludisia discolor, an orchid gem

If you are looking for an original orchid that is equal to or more decorative than those found in nurseries, enter and discover the Ludisia discolor. You are sure to like it. ;)

Daisy flower

Daisy photos

We show you a series of beautiful photos of daisies while we tell you about their characteristics. Enter to learn more about these amazing plants.

Pink rose flower

How to have healthy rose bushes?

Would you like to be able to show off your roses? Follow our advice and you will know how to have healthy roses, as well as beautiful ones. Enters.

Red gerbera flower

What are the gerbera care?

If you want to bring joy and color to your home, do not hesitate to buy a flower plant. Click the link and find out what the care of the gerbera is.

Phalaenopsis orchid flowers

How to get orchids to bloom?

We tell you how to make orchids bloom. Enjoy the beauty of the flowers of your plants again with these tips and tricks.

Azalea plant with white flowers

Azaleas for shade gardens

Azaleas are leafy shrubs and their flowers tend to appear in the summer and spring, with multiple colors, such as red, pink and white.

Hyacinth flowers

What is the care of hyacinths?

Hyacinths are one of the most popular bulbous plants: their beautiful flowers grouped in inflorescences give off a very ...

garden dividers or green fences

Plants for green fences

Green fences are what we know as flower fences or simply natural fences, being able to decorate them with various plants.

Blooming roses

When to prune rose bushes

If you want to have plants full of beautiful roses, do not hesitate to enter to find out how and when the rose bushes are pruned.

navel of venus

Navel of Venus

Discover the characteristics of the Navel of Venus, as its possible medical uses, nowadays used by many ethnic groups and perhaps some naturalists.

Cymbidium hybrid

Cymbidium, a beginner-friendly orchid

If you are a beginner and want an orchid that is easy to care for, get a Cymbidium. Here you have everything you need to know about their care. Enters.

jade with flower

Growing and caring for a jade plant

The jade plant is characterized by having quite thick leaves, that is because of the water accumulated in them. It is also called the Money Plant.

Gerbera jamesonii flower

Flower photos

We show you a series of photos of flowers that you will surely love. Come in and check them out as you learn more about each of them.

Blooming tulip

How to care for the black tulip?

The black tulip is one of the most extraordinary bulbous that you can have at home or in the garden. Find out how to make it flourish.

Very pretty red rose

Red roses, the most beautiful

Red roses are the most popular. They are elegant and give off a pleasant aroma. Growing them is a pleasure to behold. Do you know its history? Enters.

yellow lily

Peace lily care

Know the care that the yellowish peace lily needs and the reason for that color so that you can have a beautiful flower inside the house.

Prune your rose bushes to bloom

When and how to prune rose bushes?

We explain step by step how to prune rose bushes and what is the most appropriate tool for it. Enter and you will get to have some magnificent flowers;).

Grow a Phalaenopsis Orchid

Growing a Phalaenopsis orchid

Have you just bought a Phalaenopsis orchid and don't know what kind of care it needs? We tell you how to care for a Phalaenopsis orchid.

Plox arendsii in flower

Selection of spring plants

Decorate your garden or patio with spring plants and enjoy this season like never before. Know which are the flowers that will brighten up your home.

different bouquets of flowers


Learn what flower bouquets are, the different types of bouquets that exist, colors and their use in decorating a home, wedding, event, etc.

Young girl with flowers in her hair

Hair flowers

Wearing flowers for your hair is a delight, but did you know that each color has a meaning? Enter and we will tell you which one it is to celebrate your life with your color.

Ixia scillaris flowers

Ixia, the happiest bulbous

The Ixia bring color and joy with their wonderful flowers. Their easy cultivation and maintenance make them essential plants for the garden.

Pelargonium graveolens

Meet 4 varieties of Pelargonium

Pelargoniums produce cheerful flowers for several months of the year. They are very decorative, so much so that you can use them to decorate any corner. Enters.

Lilac pink

Rose images

We show you a series of images of roses while we tell you some curiosities about these wonderful plants. Enters.

Blue color rose

Does the blue rose exist?

The blue rose is one of the most desired flowers. It is very eye-catching and looks spectacularly good in any vase or vase. But how to get it?

Nelumbo nucifera

The beauty of the Lotus Flower

Information about the spectacular Lotus Flower. We show you all the secrets about its cultivation, development, care, origin and its use for humans.

White daisies

Curiosities about daisies

Daisies are one of the most popular flowers in the world. However, there are sure to be some things you don't know about them. Come in and find out.

jalapa mirabilis

6 common flower names to remember

We tell you the 6 common flower names that you should not forget. They are easy to grow plants so they are very interesting to decorate any corner.

Gerberas in glass

Tips for giving flowers to a friend

Would you like to give flowers to a friend but you don't know which ones to choose? Do not worry. Come in and follow our advice to make her a very special gift.

Calceolaria in flower

How to grow Little Shoes

Looking for a truly unique plant? If so, get a Calceolaria, known as Zapatitos, and you will have a very special corner. Find out how it takes care of itself.


Poppies: complete file

Do you think you know everything about poppies? Let us surprise you. Enter and get to know it more in depth: its uses, its cultivation, and more.

Lily of the valley

The magnificent Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is a plant with bell-shaped flowers of white or pink color that looks great in any corner protected from the sun. Get to know it.

Muscari in bloom

How to plant and care for Muscari?

The muscari is a bulbous one that produces a large number of aromatic flowers during spring. It is very easy to care for and very rustic. Find out.

Amaryllis flower

Amaryllis, the summer flower

Amaryllis is one of the bulbous flowers that bloom during the summer. But how do you take care of this interesting plant? Do not stay without knowing. Enters.

Sweet Pea

How to grow sweet peas

They are very beautiful plants that look great both in gardens and in pots. Enjoy its beauty by learning how to grow sweet peas.

alcea rosea

Moose or royal mallow

The royal mallow or elcea is a spectacular flowering plant that will look great in your garden or terrace. Come in and learn everything about her. You'll love it.


Summer flowers

Did you think that you could only have a colorful garden in spring? Let me give you news: there are summer flowers. The best await you here. Enters.


spring flowers

We show you the main spring flowers so you can enjoy a garden or patio full of color. We also teach you how to sow them. Do not miss it.

Geranium flowers

How to prune geraniums

We explain when and how to easily prune geraniums so that they grow healthy and produce a large number of flowers. Enters.

Cymbidium 'Clarisse Best Pink' in flower

5 types of orchids for your home

Have you been to a nursery and you don't know which flower to take home? Enter and know the 5 main types of orchids. You are sure to love them.