Wild roses

Wild rose

The wild rose, apart from being precious, has multiple properties. To take advantage of these properties, it can be prepared in infusions or tonics.


Surfinia or Petunia?

Surfinias are hybrids of Petunias. This article knows the differences and similarities between the two.

Marigold flower

Calendula: The wonder of every month

The Calendula or Wonder is an annual plant with an abundant flowering. It has multiple uses, both culinary and medicinal. Its cultivation is very easy.


How to care for begonias

Begonia is a very beautiful type of plant that has beautiful flowers. In order to always keep it in bloom and well cared for, we teach you how to care for begonias.


Geranium diseases

Geranium is a very popular perennial plant that does not require great care. But you have to control that you do not get sick and for that we provide you with all the necessary advice.

10 spring plants

10 spring plants

Spring is the season where all plants bloom and the goal is to have a well-flowered garden. For this we give you a list of 10 recommended plants that reach their maximum flowering splendor in spring.

roses made with orange peel

Roses with orange peel

Flowers and roses made with orange peel, an excellent decoration idea and a source of creativity in handmade jewelery. Doing them is very easy.

flower salad

Edible flowers: from the garden to the kitchen

There are more than 200 species of edible flowers that have been identified around the world. The use of flowers in the kitchen is a very old gastronomic trend. Today, haute cuisine recovers it and we can find ourselves habitual of our bouquets on our plates. But not all are suitable for consumption, there are toxic species, and edible ones must have been grown free of chemicals.

Simian Dracula Orchid

Simian Dracula Orchid

Nature offers us surprising flowers such as the Simian Dracula, a peculiar orchid that grows to 2.000 m in height and has a monkey face in the center of its flower and long spurs on its sepals that have given it the name of the vampire.