Scallion flower

How is the shallot cultivated?

The shallot is a very interesting bulbous plant: it is easy to grow and is very productive. Learn how to grow it and enjoy some delicious dishes.

Persea americana

Avocado (Persea americana)

We tell you all about avocado: characteristics, care, properties, and much more so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Tomato garden

How to plant tomatoes

Would you like to start growing a plant that is suitable for beginners? If so, come in and we will explain step by step how to plant tomatoes.

Fruit tree pruning

Pruning the young apple tree

Know how, when and all the tricks that exist when pruning apple trees, since a good production depends on a correct pruning.

Universal peat

Can the substrate be reused?

Substrate is often thought not to be reusable, but did you know that it actually has multiple uses? Enter and discover how you can use it.


Why and how to cultivate okra?

The okra is a plant that has earned its place in the garden. Not only is it easy to grow but it also produces exquisite fruits. Discover it.

Cacyreus marshalli adult stage

How to eliminate the geranium worm

The geranium worm is one of the most harmful pests that affects this plant. Learn to identify it and eliminate it so that it can grow up healthy.

Pruning shears

Pruning shears maintenance

How to extend the life of your pruning shears? If you want to be able to use them for many years, come in and follow our advice.

Cherry tomatoes

Learn how to grow cherry tomatoes

The cherry tomato is a small but delicious fruit, ideal to give a better flavor to toasts or salads. Come in and learn how to grow it.

How to dress olives

We will tell you how to dress olives step by step, using ingredients that are very easy to find. Learn how to make them taste delicious.

Tricks for novice gardeners

We offer you a series of tips and tricks for novice gardeners that will be very useful to start off on the right foot in the world of plants.

How to repel spiders

Spiders are insects that are not usually well received in gardens, so we explain how you can repel them naturally.

Kale cultivation

Kale is an easy-to-grow plant that you can have both in the garden and in a pot. Discover how to have an excellent harvest.

Arugula cultivation

Arugula is a very easy to grow vegetable that has interesting medicinal properties. Improve your health with this extraordinary plant.

Cactus in nursery

Where to buy plants?

Are you new to the world of gardening and wondering where to buy plants? If so, enter and we will answer your question.

How to make painted pots

Tired of seeing the typical brown or black color of the pots? If so, give them a coat of paint! Enter and we will teach you how to make painted pots.

What are Provencal herbs?

Provencal herbs are the perfect mix of plants that grow in the Mediterranean region that is used to season dishes of all kinds.

Why do plants die

If you would like to know why plants die, come in and we will tell you what the main causes of death are and how to avoid them.

When and how are potatoes planted?

Would you like to have an excellent potato harvest? If so, enter and we will explain everything you need to know about planting this exquisite vegetable.

Green anti-weed mesh

What is the anti-weed mesh?

We tell you everything you need to know about the anti-weed mesh: what it is, how it is placed, its advantages and disadvantages, and much more.

Dill seeds

Plant reproduction

How to obtain new copies without having to complicate a lot? We will tell you. Enter and we will tell you what the reproduction of plants is like.

How to repel moths?

Moths can cause damage to plants so it is important to keep them away. How? Come in and we'll tell you about it.

Metal watering can watering an orange tree

When to water in winter

During the colder months of the year, plants need less water than the rest of the year, but when to water in winter? Come in and find out.

What to plant in a planter

Not sure what to plant in a planter? Do not worry. Enter and we will give you many ideas so that you have your patio or home well decorated.

What is sap?

Sap is by far the most important liquid for plants. Thanks to him, they can feed and grow without problems.

Myristica, the nutmeg tree

Have you heard of nutmeg? This is the fruit of a tropical tree of the genus Myristica. Do you want to know how it is grown? Enters.


How to keep scolopendras away

Scolopendras are animals whose bite can be fatal if they have anaphylactic shock. To avoid this we will tell you how you can repel them. Enters.


Cabbage cultivation

Cabbage is a very easy to grow vegetable that can be had both in the garden and in a pot that has interesting medicinal properties.

Fig tree cutting

When to plant cuttings

Would you like to get new copies without spending money on them? If so, come in and we'll tell you how and when to plant cuttings.

Ferocactus gracilis

How to avoid pests on plants

We offer you a series of tips so that your garden or patio remains as beautiful as ever. Enter and discover how to avoid pests on plants.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato: how to grow it

The sweet potato is a vegetable from tropical America that has come to stay. It is very easy to grow and prepare, and it is also delicious.

Blue Nitrofoska is the best fertilizer for Echeveria agavoides

Fertilize in winter: yes or no?

With cold, plants slow down their growth in order to better withstand low temperatures. But is it a good idea to fertilize in winter?

Lavender plants, beautiful and resistant

11 plants for pest control

Did you know that your plants can have allies to deal with the most annoying insects? Enter and meet 11 plants for pest control.

Yucca in the snow

Hibernation of plants

Have you ever wondered what the hibernation of plants looks like? If so, enter and we will also explain why it is important that they hibernate.


What are climacteric fruits?

There are certain fruits that continue to ripen even after being harvested, they are the so-called climacteric fruits. Find out what they are.

Broad bean seeds on the table

Broad beans: grow guide

Broad beans are herbaceous plants that are very easy to grow and maintain, ideal for planting both in pots and in the garden.

Healthy root ball

Plant physiological disorders

We explain what are the physiological disorders of plants so that it is easier for you to identify them in your pots or garden.

PH strips

How to correct soil pH

Do you need to raise or lower the pH of the soil in your garden? If so, come in and we will tell you how to correct the pH of the soil quickly and effectively.

Ripe almond

Main varieties of almond trees

Find out which are the most used varieties of almond trees and what are their characteristics so that it is easier for you to decide on one.

Garden in autumn

Autumn and garden care

During the fall you have to take care of the garden by doing some tasks that will help the plants, trees and shrubs to withstand the cold weather that is coming.

Use vinegar to take care of your garden

Uses of vinegar in the garden

We use it to make recipes, but did you know that it can also be used to take care of plants? Enter and discover the uses of vinegar in the garden.

Plant with red spider

Knowing and fighting the spider mite

One of the most common pests of plants is the spider mite, a mite that occurs in groups and forms a web on the underside of leaves. It is a very popular pest and there are several ways to combat it.


Classification of plants

How is the classification of plants? How many plant kingdoms are there? We talk about all this and more here. Enter and discover the world of plants.

Yolk graft

How to do a bud graft

A quick and efficient way to multiply fruit trees is by bud grafting them. Enter and we will tell you how to do it.

Watermelon in the orchard

Watermelon cultivation

If you want to grow a different plant in the garden, you can try watermelon, a different plant to have at home.

Chlorosis or lack of iron

Lack of nutrients in plants

The lack of nutrients in plants is one of the most serious problems they have to face. But they have a solution. Come in and we'll tell you about it :).

Follow these tips to enjoy gardening

Gardening Tips for Beginners

Would you like to get off to a good start in this fascinating world? Follow our gardening tips for beginners, and you are sure to enjoy;).

Fruit of Annona muricata

Soursop, what tree produces it?

Soursop is a tropical fruit that has an exquisite sour taste, but do you know which tree produces it? Enter to find out and find out how to take care of it.


How to grow endive?

Endive is a very interesting horticultural: it can be had both in the garden and in a pot! In addition, it is very easy to grow. You do not believe me? Enters!


Tropical trees: the mangosteen

Looking for tropical fruit trees that provide great shade? If so, you've come to the right place. Enter and meet the mangosteen.

Bonsai in garden

Types of fertilizer for bonsai

There are different types of bonsai compost, from organic to chemical. There are liquid, slow release or granules. The composition also varies by species.

Pomegranate fruits

The secrets of the pomegranate tree

The pomegranate is a very interesting tree to have in the garden: it withstands drought and also produces exquisite fruits. Discover its secrets.

Ants and aphids

How to get rid of ants on plants

Would you like to know how to eliminate ants on plants? If so, you have come to the right place. Come in and discover how to keep them at bay.

Plants in children's toys

Original recycled pots

Do you want your plants to look more beautiful and special? Put them in original recycled pots, and I assure you that they will look very different;).

Ill domestica young

How to germinate apple seeds

Go ahead and grow your own healthy and organic apple tree. We teach you. Come in and we will tell you how to germinate apple seeds.

Cut oranges

Origin of the orange

Have you ever wondered what the origin of the orange is? Enter and learn the story of one of the best-selling fruits in the world.


How to make a miniature garden

We tell you how to make a miniature garden so that you can beautify your balcony or terrace even more with your little paradise.

Watering cuttings

Multiplication of woody cuttings

Within what is the reproduction of plants, today we are dedicated to knowing the multiplication of woody cuttings, a type of cutting that is characterized by having calluses at the ends.

Watermelon chunks

Origin of watermelon

Discover the origin of watermelon, one of the most cultivated fruits in orchards around the world for its exquisite flavor and texture.

Watercress plants

Watercress cultivation

We tell you everything you need to know about growing watercress: when they are sown, how they are cared for, when they are harvested, and much, much more.


What is an emergency transplant?

Do you have a plant that has suffered excess watering and you don't know how to recover it? Give him an emergency transplant and he's sure to get better. Find out how to do it.

Adult Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage cultivation

Would you like to try a different salad? Get Chinese cabbage seeds and discover how to care for them in the best way to have an excellent harvest.

Hazelnut corylus

Hazelnut care guide

Look at the care guide for hazelnut, an extraordinary plant that, in addition to producing fruits with an exquisite flavor, dresses up in autumn

Soil drainage system

Systems to improve soil drainage

A possible solution to improve the drainage of the garden soil is to install an underground drainage structure, that is, buried that takes care of evacuating the excess water.

Rhizome with bud

What are rhizomes?

Would you like to know what rhizomes are? Well, do not wait any longer and enter. We will also tell you how you can get new copies. Do not miss it.

Prunus domestica

4 curious facts about the plum tree

The plum is one of the most cultivated fruit trees in temperate gardens: it is small, it supports pruning well, it is easy to care for ... and it is very curious.

Feng Shui Plants

Plants to have in a home Feng Shui

If you want to renovate the home and want energy to flow in the different environments of the house, you can pay attention to these Feng Shui house plants, an ancient system of Chinese origin that seeks the conscious and harmonious occupation of space.

Citrus aurantium

Orange tree care guide

Orange trees are incredible trees: besides being very decorative, their fruits are delicious. Learn how to have a great harvest.

Sandy ground

Plants for sandy and clay soils

According to the type of soil, you can grow different types of plants. Today we rethink which can be the best plants for sandy and clay soils.

Chestnut seeds

How to reproduce chestnut

We explain how to reproduce the chestnut tree by seeds. Dare to see one of the most beloved fruit trees grow to have in the orchard or garden.

Spiral garden plants

How to make a spiral garden at home

We help you design your own spiral garden at home in order to learn more about gardening and know the best plants to plant in this type of garden.


How to transplant in summer

During the warmer months we usually take the opportunity to buy plants, but how to change them from pot? Come in and we'll tell you how to transplant in summer.

Cottony mealybug, a pest that elm can have

How to fight the cottony mealybug

The cottony mealybug is an insect that can seriously harm our plants, but with these tips, they won't do it anymore. Enter and discover them.

Chambeyronia macrocarpa

10 Collection palms

Looking for collectible palm trees that are truly decorative and can withstand the cold a bit? Enter and discover 10 of them that you will love.

Japanese pine bonsai

Bonsai best kept secret

We live in a world that is going very fast. Why not relax by caring for a tree? In doing so, we will discover the best kept secret of Bonsai.

Cattail or Typha latifolia

Aquatic plants: Cattail

The Bulrush is a showy aquatic plant, ideal for ponds or large water spaces since it is a plant that expands easily.

Purslane, creeping plant

Growing purslane in the garden

Although it is a simple creeping plant, the eyes have settled on purslane, a leafy vegetable that you can include in your garden crops

Olive forest

Olive Bonsai Care

Would you like to get off to a good start in the world of Bonsai? Acquire an ideal one for beginners: the olive bonsai. Here you have their cares.

Mango fruit

How to sow a mango seed

Would you like to know how to plant a mango seed? Enter and we will explain to you, step by step, what you have to do to obtain this beautiful tree.


How to reproduce asparagus

Do you like asparagus? If so, go ahead and grow your own asparagus. It reproduces very easily and quickly: in just 2 weeks! Enters.


The jujube or Jinjolero

The jujube or jinjolero is a very resistant fast growing tree. Do you want to know how to take care of it? Come in and don't miss our special.

Bonsai Cuphea

What care does Cuphea bonsai require?

We teach you how to take care of Cuphea Bonsai, a plant with very decorative small purple flowers that will look great in your garden, or even at home.

Acer negundo 'Aureomarginatum'

Pests and diseases of Acer negundo

We tell you what they are and how they treat the pests and diseases of Acer negundo, a very interesting and resistant tree to have in temperate gardens.

Bonsai Eurya

Bonsai care in spring and summer

Do you want to know what are the bonsai care in spring and summer? Do not wait more. Find out how to enjoy the perfect bonsai in good weather.

Caryota urens, monocarpic palm

Fishtail Palm (Caryota)

Do you like palm trees and want to have a really spectacular one in your garden? Enter and learn about the care of the extraordinary fishtail palm tree.

Sprinkler made with plastic bottle

DIY: Make Your Own Homemade Sprinkler

Would you like to be able to refresh yourself while you water your garden with recycled materials? Come in and we will teach you how to make a homemade sprinkler.

Synergistic garden

What is synergistic agriculture?

Synergistic agriculture is an environmentally friendly farming system that will allow you to have excellent harvests. Enter to know more.

Water plants with hose

What are the symptoms of overwatering?

Watering the plants is not an easy task. Learning to identify the symptoms of excess watering is essential to take care of them. If you don't know what they are, go in.


7 different types of acidophilic plants

Do you want to decorate your garden or terrace with very special plants? Enter and discover 7 different types of acidophilic plants that will look great in your home.


How to plant a hazelnut

Hazelnut is a deciduous fruit tree whose fruit is truly exquisite. Do you dare to grow your own? Come in and we will teach you.

Walnut fruit

How is walnut cared for?

Would you like to enjoy some nuts freshly picked from the tree? Go ahead and get yourself a walnut. Then you just have to follow these tips. Enters.

Wooden planters are useful for growing plants

How to make a wooden planter

Do you want to enjoy a unique and personal garden? Enter to know how to make a wooden planter step by step, and enjoy a very special corner.

Pine bark

Uses and benefits of pine bark

Pine bark is a very interesting material: it prevents the growth of weeds, aerates the earth, and much, much more. Discover its many uses.

Tagetes flowers

DIY: Make your own flower tower

Would you like to decorate your garden in an original way? Make your own tower of flowers to get a spectacular corner. Find out how to do it.

Liquid milk to eliminate fungi

Uses of milk in plants

Milk is a very nutritious food, so much so that we could even think of giving it to our plants. But would it be a good idea? Find out.

Wood ash

Use of ash in plant cultivation

If you used to throw away the ashes, you won't have to do it anymore. They have interesting uses that will help you have perfect plants. Come in and find out.


Growing and caring for spinach

Do you dare to grow your own vegetables? If you don't have much experience, don't worry: we teach you how to grow spinach. Too easy. Come in and see.

Cherry blossoms

How to prune a cherry tree

It is a very decorative fruit tree, but to get an interesting amount of fruit you have to know how to prune a cherry tree. We teach it to you.

How to prune a vine

It is one of the most popular climbing shrubs. If you want to get a great harvest year after year, know how to easily prune a vine.


How to make nicotine insecticide

Plants, even if they are well cared for, can always be affected by pests. Learn how to make nicotine insecticide and you won't have to worry.


Fractals in plant nature

Have you ever wondered why plants follow the same growth pattern? Fractals are a real wonder. Come in and see.


The rarest fruits in the world

Would you like to eat something? How about tasting the rarest fruits in the world? Take a look at the selection of fruits that we have made for you.

Conifer bonsai

Bonsai cultivation calendar

Have you just bought a bonsai and don't know how to take care of it? If so, come in and we will tell you what the bonsai cultivation calendar is.


How to prune an olive tree

Pruning is a job that every gardener must do to take good care of their plants. Find out how to prune an orchard olive ... or bonsai.


Types of graft in a Bonsai

It is a technique that will allow us to advance the work of our tree, but what types of grafting on a Bonsai can be done? Come in and find out.

Cherries on the tree

When to prune a cherry tree

It is one of the most resistant and decorative trees. To take care of it, we must trim the branches from time to time. Enter and find out when to prune a cherry tree.


Fly repellent plants

They are undoubtedly one of the most annoying insects, but how to avoid them? Put on these fly repellent plants and say goodbye to them forever.


How to remove grass from the garden

It is not seen with good eyes since they are very harmful to plants. Thus, we explain how to remove the grass from the garden so that they do not reappear.


How to prevent fungi

They are microorganisms capable of killing plants in a matter of a few days. But don't worry: go in and you will know how to prevent fungus.


How to make a homemade greenhouse

With the arrival of low temperatures, it is time to start protecting our coldest plants. Do you want to know how to make a home greenhouse?

Potted plants

How to make a plant stand

An excellent way to make better use of space is to place the plants on supports. Come in and we'll tell you how to make a plant stand.


How to make a home garden

It is a very special corner of the home. There is no more enriching experience than growing your own food. We tell you how to make a home garden.

Bonsai Azalea

Bonsai seeds, do they exist?

It is common to find supposed bonsai seeds for sale, but ... do they exist? You will discover the whole truth about this topic here. Enters.

Olea europaea

How are the edges of the leaves

They are a fundamental part for plants, since thanks to them they can breathe and photosynthesize. Find out what the edges of the leaves look like.

Allium cepa

How to plant onions

It is one of the most used foods in the kitchen, but also in gardening. Discover how to plant onions and enjoy their flavor.


How to plant celery

Sowing is a very rewarding experience, especially when you know that you are going to get an excellent harvest. Learn how to grow celery.

Lemon Tree

Types of fruit trees for the garden

There is nothing that tastes better than the flavors of the Earth itself, don't you think? Enter and you will know what types of fruit trees for the garden you can find.

Olea europaea

Olive bonsai, perfect for beginners

One of the most resistant trees, and therefore suitable for beginners, is undoubtedly the olive tree. Enter and we will teach you how to care for an olive bonsai.


How to plant garlic at home

They are one of the most beneficial foods that we can find. Therefore, if you do not know how to plant young garlic at home, here we explain it to you.

Citrus aurantium

How to plant an orange tree

It is one of the most cultivated fruit trees in all regions with a temperate climate with very mild frosts. Not sure how to plant an orange tree? Enters.

Acer palmatum bonsai

Maple bonsai care

Maple trees are hardy, with a lovely fall coloring. They make many of us want one at home. Find out what the care of maple bonsai is.


How to plant a lemon tree

It is one of the most decorative fruit trees that we can find. Now, having it in the garden is very easy. Find out how to plant a lemon tree.


How to plant a cherry tree

It is one of the most ornamental deciduous fruit trees. Enter to learn how to plant a cherry tree, and be able to enjoy it throughout the year.

Elm Bonsai

How to care for an elm bonsai

Come in and discover with me how to care for an elm bonsai: a highly recommended plant for those who are entering this world for the first time.


How a plant grows up or down

Have you ever wondered how a plant grows up or down? While it is still unknown why exactly it occurs, there is already an accepted theory.

Fig tree

How to plant a fig tree

Ficus are trees of tropical or subtropical origin ideal for garden. Enter to learn how to plant a fig tree and thus harvest your own figs.


How to grow chard

These horticultural plants are some of the easiest to maintain, since they do not require much care. If you don't know how to grow chard, go in.


How to care for a kiwi tree

Enter to learn how to care for a kiwi tree. Find out what your plant needs to be great and get excellent harvests every season.

ficus rubiginosa

How to care for Ficus bonsai

It is one of the most suitable plants for beginners who want to have a miniature tree. Enter and you will discover how to care for Ficus bonsai.


How to grow currant

Do you want to know how to grow currant? They are berries rich in vitamin C, which are harvested now, in summer. In addition, it is very grateful. Discover it.


How to protect plants from the sun

During the summer period, and more during a heat wave, it is important to know how to protect plants from the sun. Take note of these tips.


How to make seaweed extract

Do you want to fertilize your plants with an excellent compost, thus guaranteeing their optimal development? Then enter to discover how to make seaweed extract.


What is allelopathy?

There are plants that negatively or positively influence other plants, preventing them from growing or, on the contrary, helping them. Find out what allelopathy is.

Bonsai mame

What are mini bonsai or mame?

Mini bonsai or mame are a very striking type of bonsai due to their small size. Although they are very demanding, they are ideal for areas with little space.


What water to use for watering?

Not sure which is the best water to irrigate? Distilled, osmosis, rain ... Which one to choose? Enter to solve these and other questions.


How to grow a Chinese orange tree

It is one of the most suitable fruit trees to have in a pot. Enter to learn how to grow a Chinese orange tree, and decorate your home with this beautiful plant.


Carnivorous plant pests

It is strange that these plants are victims of parasites. If there are errors in cultivation they are common. Find out what are the pests of carnivorous plants.

Echinocactus texensis

What are xerophytic plants?

Have you ever wondered what xerophytic plants are? These types of plant beings are masters when it comes to withstanding long periods of drought.