Plants to beautify the balcony

If you want to beautify the balcony of your home, take note of these tips and suggestions. We tell you which plants are the most suitable and their care.

Pine wood for the garden

Pine wood for the garden

There are many ways to decorate the garden with pine wood, from furniture to decorative pieces, flower pots and sculptures.

Aquatic plants

Types of aquatic plants

Today we will know the different types of aquatic plants in order to know which one to buy according to the pond we have at home.

Nelumbo nucifera

Planting lotuses in pots

In this article we tell you the step by step of how to have lotuses in pots. If you don't have a pond, don't worry: they can be in buckets without problems.

Sophora japonica

Design a Mediterranean garden

To have a Mediterranean garden, you have to choose plants that resist drought, but are also very ornamental. We tell you some here.

Blue lotus

The beauty of the blue lotus

The blue lotus, whose scientific name is Nymphaea caerulea, is an aquatic plant native to the Nile River (in Egypt) ideal to have in ponds.


Weeds in the grass

Weeds are in the grass, but you can remove them with a variety of techniques and methods.

Strelitzia reginae, a very curious flowering plant

Plants for gardens near the sea

We make a selection of numerous plants so that you can design your garden facing the sea. All of them will grow without problems in your garden.

Flower hedge

Uses of hedges

Hedges have always been part of the life of humans and other living beings. They are a very important figure in the garden as they protect us.


Have a meadow in the garden

Having a well-groomed lawn is not within the reach of all pockets, which is why every time meadows are being planted in the gardens.


Decorate an interior patio

More and more architects are betting on building a modern interior patio in houses. These patios can bring us a piece of nature into the home.


Writing with plants

Just as large letters have become very fashionable in interior design and decoration, writing with plants is also something that gives a lot of play.

Desert garden

Create a desert garden

If you have little time to garden, you can have a desert garden that requires weekly watering.

Terrace decoration

Easy tips to decorate the terrace

If you do not feel like a creative person, you can take a pencil and paper to pay attention to these tips that will help you when decorating the terrace.

sedum palmeri

Succulent plants

Sedum Palmeri, Suaveonlens, Aenium Arboreum, Tradescantia Navicularis and Sedum Praealtum are ideal succulent plants for gardens and for pots.


Grass substitutes

Lawn requires care that is not available to everyone. Therefore, there are substitutes for this herb.


Plants to grow in pots

Pots are great allies when it comes to planting flowers, plants and shrubs as they allow us to transform a space into a green corner even if we do not have a large surface area. You just have to know which plants grow best in them.


Trees for small gardens I

In small gardens, space is very limited and trees are needed to match. Passionflower, Hibiscus and Camellia are ideal for these gardens.


Succulents in the garden

Succulents are perfect for people with little time to spend on plants. They are also ideal for gardens, vertical or horizontal.

Flowers picked by rocks

Small garden design

When we have little space for our garden we must be careful not to load it too much. There are ideal plants, such as aromatic ones.

Nasturtium flowers

Edible plants: Nasturtium

The nasturtium is a plant that is eaten both the flowers and the leaves and seeds. They are annual plants and with some properties.

How to grow potatoes

The potato is a plant that comes from South America where it has been cultivated for centuries and its fruits, called tubers (thickened roots), are rich in starch. They are grown in temperate climates and on fertile soils with a lot of organic matter and require frequent and abundant watering.


How to plant garden shrubs

Now that you have your bush, it is important to know how to plant it, especially if there are several, it should have an ideal distance so that the roots do not mix with each other. Let's see here the points to keep in mind.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants at home

Making a hanging garden is not difficult and brings color and green to the house. It can be assembled both in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. Keys to achieve it successfully.

The history of gardening

In this article we explain the passage of gardening through history, for each of the civilizations that have enjoyed it and have been improving it.


Potted lamb's lettuce: winter lettuce

Canons (Valerianella locusta). It is known as the winter lettuce. And it is a fantastic crop for this season, very easy and very grateful. We can grow canons in pots following some basic recommendations.

Errors in the vegetable garden

When starting out with a planter, we usually make a few basic mistakes. The choice of container, seed or species can lead us in the wrong direction to the success of the harvest. Knowing these errors will help us not to fall into them.

table cultivation associations

Crop associations

Table of associations of crops of the most common vegetables for the planter, useful for not sowing in the same container two incompatible species that are harmed during their development and trying to associate species that mutually benefit.

Celery seedling

Potted celery cultivation

Celery is one of the vegetables that can be grown during the cold autumn season in our flowerpot or urban garden. The cultivation of celery in a pot is simple, it is not very demanding and it is very appreciated. Only the irrigation will have to be monitored, since the humidity of the substrate must be maintained.

icy leaf

Cold hardy vegetables

Among the species that we grow in our flowerpot, there are some vegetables that are more resistant to cold than others. Do you want to know which plants suffer the most from the effects of low temperatures?

Potted mulch

Plant protection against cold

When temperatures drop below 6º, certain precautions must be taken to avoid or minimize damage to our plants. The roots of a potted plant are more sensitive to cold. Given the risk of frost, we will not sow or transplant, but what do we do with the small plants that we have just transplanted or that are growing?

household vermicomposters

Household vermicomposting: creating our worm castings

Vermicomposting is an alternative to home composting. If we do not have enough space to locate a composter or we do not generate enough waste for it, we can opt for domestic vermicomposting, with which, by depositing our daily organic waste, we will create worm castings, a high quality compost.

From when carrots were purple

Did you know that carrots weren't always oranges? They were actually purple. They were turned into oranges by the Dutch in the XNUMXth century in order to achieve the color of the Dutch royal house of Orange. And they succeeded, the result was a smoother and sweeter variety that spread throughout Europe. But before, they were purple. In Spain there are towns that have been growing purple carrots for centuries. Today this oriental variety is being retaken, which is actually the original, along with others of different colors. And all can be grown in pots.

Round pod peas

Potted pea cultivation

All the keys to growing peas in a pot, planter or cultivation table. The sowing, irrigation, care and harvesting of this legume in the pot or urban garden.

garden by bus

An orchard on the roof of a bus

The New York municipal bus fleet has implemented Marco Antonio Cosio's Bus Roots project. It is a mobile garden or vegetable garden, planted on the roofs of buses, which carry their environmental benefits throughout the city.

flower salad

Edible flowers: from the garden to the kitchen

There are more than 200 species of edible flowers that have been identified around the world. The use of flowers in the kitchen is a very old gastronomic trend. Today, haute cuisine recovers it and we can find ourselves habitual of our bouquets on our plates. But not all are suitable for consumption, there are toxic species, and edible ones must have been grown free of chemicals.

hydro-pot in plastic bottle

Homemade self-watering pot

We can manufacture our own self-watering pot or hydrofoil in a simple and economical way: a plastic bottle, scissors and ropes are enough.

plant in pot

Substrate types

As we grow in pots, we must enrich its soil, since it is scarce and soon our plants absorb its nutrients. We can fill our pots with two basic mixtures: 50% substrate and 50% compost or 70% substrate and 30% worm castings. But what types of substrate are there on the market and which is the most suitable for our pots?

potting soil

Seize the land

Taking advantage of the soil from old pots for new crops is possible and simple if you follow some basic recommendations.

cultivating table

The cultivation tables

The cultivation tables are one of the options to house our vegetables in the urban garden. Among its advantages, the comfort of its height, the ease of handling and the aeration of the substrate.