5 plants that perfume the garden

There is nothing like reaching your favorite corner of the home and enjoying a heady aroma, right? Enter and discover 5 plants that perfume your garden.

Japanese cherry

PHOTOS: The cherry trees of Japan

Each spring, Japan's cherry trees beautify gardens across the country. An event that has become a cultural phenomenon worthy of admiration.

brahea armata

4 resistant palm trees for your garden

Do you want to decorate your garden with resistant palm trees? Find out which are the 4 most recommended and why. Thus, it will surely be easy for you to choose one. Enters.

Cercis siliquastrum

16 edible plants for your garden

There are a wide variety of edible plants that you can have in your garden. Don't know what they are? Enter and discover the best herbs to grow.


Guzmania care

Do you like bromeliads? If so, you will love Guzmania. It is one of the most popular indoor plants. You want to know why? Enters.

Hoya carnosa flower

The beautiful and delicate porcelain flower

The Porcelain Flower is a very beautiful plant due to its flowers, which have a waxy appearance and appear to be made of porcelain. Here we tell you more about this plant so that you know it and know how to take care of it.  

Quercus palustris

The mighty Swamp Oak

Lover of large trees? Then you will love the Swamp Oak. It grows neither more nor less than up to 30 meters. Find out.

Acer tataricum ssp ginnala

Do you know the Maple of Love?

It is one of the most beautiful and resistant trees there is. We discovered the Maple of Love, a plant that will surely give you great satisfaction.


Tips for choosing a tree

Do you want to start designing your garden? If so, write down these tips for choosing a tree and you will see how you can enjoy it without worrying.

How to prune a vine

It is one of the most popular climbing shrubs. If you want to get a great harvest year after year, know how to easily prune a vine.

Pink-flowered rhododendron

The rhododendron, a magical flower bush

Would you like to be able to enjoy an amazing show of color in your garden? Plant a Rhododendron or several and you will not regret it. Learn how to take care of it.

Zamia furfuracea

Zamia, a slightly different cycad

Zamia is a very interesting cycad: easy to care for, resistant to pests and diseases ... It is ideal for your garden. Do you want to meet her?


How to care for plumbago

The Plumbago is a very decorative climbing shrub with blue or white flowers, ideal for beautifying the garden. Do you want to know how to take care of it?

Robust Washingtonia

How to care for palm trees

They are very resistant plants and, above all, very decorative. Learn how to care for palm trees and you will enjoy their beauty in your garden.


How long does a tree live

When making a garden, it is interesting to know how long a tree lives. But how can you find out? Find out how to identify the age of these plants.

Germinated seeds

How plants absorb nutrients

Discover how plants absorb nutrients, beings that, although they do not have hands or mouths, only need one thing to live: water.

Echeveria 'Curly Locks', a very easy to grow plant.

Symptoms of cold in succulent plants

One day you see that your plants are not the same as yesterday. What has happened to them? Find out what are the symptoms of cold in succulent plants and how to recover them.

Shadow of the weeping willow

The Weeping Willow

The Weeping Willow or Salix babylonica is a tree native to Asia that is very easy to care for. In addition, it has multiple medicinal properties. Do you want to know it?

Seeds sown in tupperware

How to stratify seeds step by step

When you live in a mild climate, you will have no choice but to put your future plants in the fridge. Enter and learn how to stratify seeds step by step.

Sedum rubrotinctum

How to care for succulent plants

They are some of the cheapest and easiest plants to grow that exist. Lovers of the sun and little watering, discover how succulent plants are cared for.


Can you have trees indoors?

Trees are very decorative plants. Go ahead and have a piece of nature in your home: go ahead and have some trees indoors.

osmunda regalis

How to care for ferns?

Ferns are one of the first plants to appear on the face of the Earth. In fact, they lived with dinosaurs. Find out how they are cared for.

Juniperus x pfitzeriana

Plants for sloping gardens

When we have a terrain with slopes, it can be difficult for us to find the best plants for gardens with a slope. Come in and we will help you.

Melaleuca nesophila

Melaleuca, great garden plants

Melaleuca are extraordinary plants: resistant to drought, with spectacular flowering ... What more could you ask for? Come in and get to know them.


Plants for a rockery garden

Do you have a very stony or steep terrain? Do not worry. Enter and you will discover which are the best plants for a rockery garden.

Parasol mushroom

Eating mushrooms: the Parasol

The parasol is an edible mushroom that is easy to identify but can be confused with another poisonous one. We tell you the differences between both classes

Senecio snake

Do you know the Senecio?

Senecio are a very extensive and varied botanical genus. We introduce you to succulent plants, very decorative and easy to care for. Get to know them.


The colors of Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is an ideal climbing shrub for all types of gardens, as it is resistant and very decorative. Take a look at its other colors.

Acer palmatum or Japanese maple in autumn

Varieties of Japanese Maple

They are one of the most beautiful and decorative trees. Find out which are the main varieties of Japanese maple to choose the best one for your garden.

Araucaria heterophylla leaf detail

Araucaria, the storied pine

The Araucaria, better known as the floor pine, is a slow-growing and very rustic conifer that will decorate your garden in a very elegant way.

Flying lontaroides

Latania, a very beautiful palm tree

Latania is a palm native to the Mascarene Islands, perfect to have in mild climates. It is very decorative, and also very easy to care for. Enters.

Specimen of Sanseviera suffruticosa

Sanseviera, perfect for beginners

Sanseviera is a perfect plant for beginners. It is very easy to grow, resistant to pests, and as if that were not enough, it is very decorative.

Bombax Flower

Bombax, silk cotton tree

The Bombax is a tropical tree ideal for large gardens. With very showy red flowers, it is perfect for shading. Do you want to know it?


How to prune hydrangeas

They are deciduous shrubs and very beautiful flowers. But they are also very resistant. Learn how to prune hydrangeas to make them look perfect.

Akebia quinata

Akebia, the vanilla-scented climber

Akebia is an evergreen climbing shrub with highly decorative aromatic flowers. It is also medicinal and very rustic. What more could you want?

Pinguicula 'Sethos' specimen

How to care for a Penguin

Within the family of carnivorous plants we find a very peculiar genus: they look like flowers! Do you want to know how to take care of a Pinguicula? Enters.


How to plant a Korean pear tree

This is one of those trees that usually attracts the most attention. Learn how to plant a Korean pear tree and enjoy it in your garden.

Stevia rebaudiana stem

How to dry Stevia leaves

Enter to know how to dry Stevia leaves and thus be able to take advantage of its multiple medicinal properties, and without leaving home!

Hibiscus Andersonii

Flowering shrubs for garden

Looking for garden flowering shrubs? They are a true marvel, and it is very difficult to choose just one. Login to see our selection.

Howea belmoreana

Kentia, garden palm

The Kentia is a very resistant palm that can be both indoors and in the garden. Find out how to take care of it outside.

Aloe vera leaves cut

How to cut aloe vera leaves

Surely you have ever wondered how to cut aloe vera leaves, right? Don't wait any longer to take advantage of its magnificent properties. Enters.

Stevia rebaudiana

How to take care of stevia

It is the sweetener plant of the moment. Its leaves have a very pleasant sweet taste, and it is also easy to maintain. Find out how to take care of stevia.

Cercis siliquastrum

List of small trees for garden

Do you have little space to plant? Do not worry. Take a look at our list of small trees that you can have in the garden ... or in a pot.


How to grow bromeliads

Would you like to decorate your home with some great and beautiful tropical plants? If the answer is yes, go in and you will learn how to grow bromeliads.

Jasminum polyanthum

How to care for a jasmine plant

It is one of the most used climbing plants for gardens. Its scented white flowers are also precious. Find out how to care for a jasmine plant.

Fern frond

How to grow ferns

They are very beautiful plants that are used for decoration indoors, or in shady gardens. Enter to know how to grow ferns.

Salvia splendens

How to plant sage

It is one of the most cultivated herbaceous plants, due to the extraordinary beauty of its flowers and its easy maintenance. Learn how to plant sage.

Lapageria flowers

How to grow copihue at home

It is an evergreen climbing plant with very beautiful flowers that captivates millions of people around the world. Discover how to grow copihue at home.

Young coriander plants

How to sow coriander

It is a plant that is widely used in the kitchen to flavor dishes. Come in and I will explain to you how coriander is planted in a simple way.


Ideal substrate for seedbeds

What is the ideal substrate for seedlings? Not all plants will germinate in the same way in one type of substrate. Do not hesitate to enter and find out.

mentha spicata

How to sow peppermint

It is widely used to flavor well-known dishes, such as rice soup. But it is also an excellent garden plant. Find out how to plant peppermint.

Red bougainvillea

How to care for a bougainvillea

This amazing climbing shrub is very popular in warm climate gardens around the world. Enter and you will discover how to care for a bougainvillea.

Cycas revoluta in pot

When to water the Cycas?

They are considered living fossils, they already lived with the dinosaurs and still persist today. But do you know how often you have to water the Cycas?

Pink hydrangea

How to care for hydrangeas

Are you thinking of decorating your garden with beautiful flowers? Enter and you will learn how to care for hydrangeas. Some bushes that you will love.

Dracaena draco specimen

Do you know the Drago de Canarias?

The Drago de Canarias is one of the endemic plants that you can find in the Canary archipelago. Learn everything about how to have it perfect in your garden.

Massif of plants

Choosing your garden plants

To choose the plants in the garden you have to think about the whole space and select different types of plants.


How to do the germination test on seeds

There is nothing like watching your plants germinate. In order to enjoy this experience, it is convenient to know how to do the germination test on the seeds.

Camellia sinensis, a suitable pot plant

How to grow the red tea plant

Who doesn't like to have tea in the morning? And who wouldn't want to know how to grow the red tea plant? Enter and discover how.

Orchid phototropism

What is phototropism

If your plants are growing in an exaggerated way towards some very bright light, that behavior is called phototropism. But what is it?

Sarracenia leucophylla

How to order the plants

Would you like to know how to order the plants? If you are a gardening lover, you end up with a lot of plants. Do you want to know how to have them?


Palm trees for bright rooms

Are you looking for palm trees for bright rooms? Enter and take note of our recommendations. They are easy to care for and very beautiful.


How to care for parsley

Looking for tips on how to care for parsley? Did you just buy or have just been given one and don't know what to do with it? Enter and discover their cares.


Curiosities about trees

They are plants that have been admired, we have protected ourselves from the sun under the shade of their leaves ... Do you want to know the curiosities about trees?


How to plant lavender

If you've come this far to learn how to plant lavender, you've come to the right place. You will learn how to do it without complications.


Croton, a very popular plant

We will tell you what the croton is like and how to take care of this plant because it is a very sensitive species that you have to spend time on.

Jasminum multiflorum

Jasmine care

Our protagonist today is a very popular climber thanks to the pleasant aroma that her flowers exhale. Do you want to know the care of jasmine?

Potted trees

Trees to plant in pots

Due to their size and development, there are trees that can be planted in pots. Which ones are the best?

Calathea zebrina

The leaves of the Calathea

Calathea is a shrub-like perennial herbaceous plant widely cultivated for the beauty of its flowers, and its ease and maintenance.

Magnolia sieboldii

Magnolia, a tree of singular beauty

The Magnolia tree is a tree whose flowers have extraordinary beauty. It is a very ornamental and grateful plant ideal to decorate your garden.

Camellia japonica

Camellia care

Camellia is a shrub or small evergreen tree whose flowers are highly ornamental. Ideal to have in a pot, we teach you how to take care of it.

Cactus garden

Curiosities of succulents

Succulent plants attract the attention of millions of people around the world. Discover its most amazing secrets and curiosities.

Sundew ordensis

How are sundew cared for?

Sundew are a genus of carnivorous plants that attract the attention of millions of people around the world. We teach you how to take care of them.

Salvia splendens

Aromatic plants for the home

If you are looking for aromatic plants to have indoors, take a look at the selection of species that we have made for you.


Garden allies to ward off insects

Spring is just around the corner, and the pesky pests will be back too. Fortunately, there are plants that will help you scare off insects.

Ficus benghalensis in habitat

The immense strangler fig

The strangler fig is a huge tree that covers several hectares. There are many who make social life under its shadow. We tell you more here.

Bromelia humiis, a very beautiful plant to have outside

The unique beauty of bromeliads

Bromeliads are very interesting plants of tropical origin to have indoors or in warm gardens. Learn how to take care of them and have them beautiful.


Is it bad to sleep with plants?

It has long been said that it is bad to sleep with plants, as they absorb oxygen at night. But the truth is that they don't need as much as we do.


Key points for plant survival

In cultivation there are several factors that influence and determine their survival, and it is necessary to take them into account to give them the necessary care.


Sun resistant plants

We recommend some plants that are resistant to the sun so that then you can show them off even in summer.

Obese euphorbia

The exciting world of Euphorbia

Euphorbia are a very broad genus of plants, distributed throughout the world. Its cultivation and care is suitable for anyone who starts.

Aquatic plants

Types of aquatic plants

Today we will know the different types of aquatic plants in order to know which one to buy according to the pond we have at home.


Shrubs for acid soils

There are many shrubs for acid soils. If you have a garden whose soil pH is between 4 and 6, and you don't know which ones to put, take a look.

Aeonium Tabulare

Passion for succulents

Succulent plants have captivated millions of people around the world as they are inexpensive, highly ornamental, and easy to care for.


The best climbers for shady areas

There are some corners of the garden that we do not use. Fortunately, there are climbing plants for shady areas that are ideal for those areas.


It's acorn season!

The acorns begin to ripen and it is time to collect them. If you don't know how to plant them or what material to use, don't worry, it's very easy.


Plants to attract bees

Bees are very beneficial insects for the garden, that is why it is recommended to put plants that attract them, especially to the garden.

Jasminum polyanthum

Selection of climbers for the well

If you have a well and want to give it a new life or decorate it to make it look different, we have selected for you climbing plants that are ideal for this purpose.

Acer saccharum seed

What is seed stratification?

Seed stratification is a very useful sowing method for those of us who want to germinate seeds from trees in colder climates.

Parthenocissu quinquefolia

The magnificent virgin vine

The virgin vine is a climbing shrub native to Asia and North America. Its deciduous leaves turn an intense red color in autumn.

Rose of jericho

The exotic Rose of Jericho

The Rose of Jericho is an exotic plant that shrinks when it does not receive water and spreads in humid conditions.

Sapium in autumn

Knowing the Tallow Tree

The Tallow Tree, whose scientific name is Sapium sebiferum, is one of the few trees that can fall reasonably well in somewhat warm climates.

Cercis siliquastrum

Deciduous trees for clay soils

Are you looking for a deciduous tree for your garden? There are many that can live well on clay and / or calcareous soils. Here we show you some.

View of the Washingtonia filifera leaf

All about the Washingtonia

Washingtonia are very fast growing palms that adapt to all types of soils and climates. They are ideal for low maintenance gardens.

Polygala myrtifolia

Shrubs for dry climates

It is sometimes difficult to find ornamental shrubs for dry climates, but this is not always the case. We introduce you to three of them in this article.

Acer pseudoplatanus

The great False Banana

The False Banana is a huge tree that can reach a height of up to 30 meters. Ideal for large gardens, it is perfect as an isolated specimen.

Zen garden

Seed trees ... or purchased?

If you do not know whether to buy seeds or grown trees, we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both cases so that you can choose better.

Cyathea leaves

All about Cyathea

The genus Cyathea comprises some 460 species of bush ferns, of which only 2 can be found easily. We tell you everything here.

Phyllostachys nigra

Black bamboo

Black bamboo, a species from the Asian continent, is a beautiful plant with black stems which can be had in any corner of the garden.

Nelumbo nucifera

Planting lotuses in pots

In this article we tell you the step by step of how to have lotuses in pots. If you don't have a pond, don't worry: they can be in buckets without problems.

Sundew spatulata

Watering carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants attract the attention of adults and children. They are very common in homes, but ... how are they watered? We tell you about it here.

Erythrina caffra

All about the Coral Tree

The Coral Tree, whose scientific name is Erythrina caffra, is a tree native to southern Africa that has earned its place in our gardens.

Azalea red flower

How to care for azaleas

The azalea is a shrub native to Asia that has become very popular in temperate gardens around the world. We tell you how to take care of azaleas in this article.

sequoia sempervirens

Plants that recover on their own

A group of researchers discovered that some plants emit an acid very similar to aspirin, which helps them get through difficult times.


Planting trees in seedbeds

Today in this article we will tell you the step by step of planting trees in seedbeds, as well as some tricks for their correct future development.

Phoenix roubleni

What palm trees can be potted?

There are palm trees that are suitable to live in a pot, even to have inside the home. Here we introduce you to three of them ideal to have.

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

The Kalanchoe, that great unknown

Kalanchoe are well known and popular succulent plants in gardens and collections around the world. But not everyone knows about its medicinal properties.

Strelitzia reginae, a very curious flowering plant

Plants for gardens near the sea

We make a selection of numerous plants so that you can design your garden facing the sea. All of them will grow without problems in your garden.

Toona sinensis

The precious Cedar of China

The Chinese Cedar, whose scientific name is Cedrela sinensis, is a tree about eight meters high which turns red in autumn.