Urtica dioica, the scientific name for nettle, a medicinal plant

What are the properties of nettle?

She is hated by many, but the truth is that she can be one of our best allies. Learn about the properties of nettle and how you can consume it.

Specimen of Platycerium superbum, the elkhorn fern

Discover the Elkhorn Fern

We tell you all about one of the most beautiful ferns: known as elk horns, it is so decorative that it will be difficult for you to think that it is real.

Young Pachira aquatica, a plant widely used indoors

How are indoor trees cared for?

Did you just get some indoor trees? If you have doubts about how to take care of them, surely these tips will be very useful. Enters.

Juniperus horizontalis 'Mother Lode' specimen

What is creeping juniper like?

Creeping juniper is a much loved and very easy to care for evergreen conifer that is used to cover soil. But do you know how it is? No? Well come in. :)

The Spahgnum are those mosses that are what cause the appearance of peat

What is Spahgnum Moss?

Would you like to know the characteristics and morphology of the Moss Spahgnum? Easy, come in and find out.

Salvia officinalis, a sun-loving plant

Salvia officinalis, common sage

Enter and learn all about Salvia officinalis, the common sage in gardens, terraces, patios and balconies. Find out why it is so interesting.

walnut care

Walnut (Juglans regia)

In this post we will discuss the characteristics of walnut and its fruits, medicinal uses and care. Do you want to know more about this tree?

The Tillandsia is a plant that lives on air

How to grow tillandsias

How to grow tillandsias successfully? Discover how you can have these beautiful and curious epiphytic plants decorating your home.

Acacia saligna specimen

How to make a tree grow fast

How to make a tree grow fast? If you have just bought one and you would like to accelerate its growth, do not hesitate, enter and we will tell you how to do it. ;)

Specimens of Roystonea regia

Palm growing tips

We offer you a series of palm tree growing tips, so you can enjoy these plants from day one.

Hydrangea flower to decorate a table

How to make hydrangea cuttings

We tell you how to make hydrangea cuttings easily. Learn everything you need to know to obtain new specimens identical to your plants.

Planting plants with children

Planting plants with children

Do you have small children at home and do you want them to grow up knowing nature? Enter and discover why they should plant plants and flowers.

prune a mulberry tree

How to prune a mulberry tree?

Do you have a mulberry tree in your garden and want to know when to prune it? Enter and take note of the advice we offer you.

Potted plants

How long can our plants live?

Do you want to know how long our plants can live? Or maybe you want to know what types of plants there are and how long they last? Come in and find out.

Protect your pothos from direct sun so they don't burn their leaves

Gardening tips for the home

Just bought some houseplants and would like some home gardening advice? Enter and take note of the ones we offer you.

use hydrogel on plants

How to use hydrogel on plants

Have you heard of hydrogel but don't really know what it is and how it is used? If so, pay close attention to our article.

Fir is an outdoor plant

How to save a Christmas fir tree

Do you celebrate the Christmas holidays by having a conifer at home? Come in and we will tell you how to save a fir tree and what you must do so that it is well cared for.

Transplant your wax flower every 3 years so that it grows correctly

Wax flower, the most beautiful plant

Did you know that the Wax Flower is the most beautiful plant in the world? Well, or one of the most. ;) Find out why and how you can enjoy it to the fullest.


Holly, the Christmas plant

Every year at Christmas they give you a Holly plant, but it ends up dying? Pay close attention to these tips.

Curiosities of the Crossandra

Curiosities of the Crossandra

Have you been given a Crossandra but you don't know anything about its care? Take a look and discover all the curiosities of this incredible plant.

Stevia rebaudiana stem

How to make stevia cuttings

Do you want to multiply your plant? Find out how to make stevia cuttings and get them to root in no time. Do not miss it.

Strawberry plant

How to plant strawberries at home

How to plant strawberries at home? If you would like to be able to enjoy their flavor without having to go buy them, come in and we will tell you how to take care of them.

Garcinia is a shrub with bright green leaves

What is Garcinia?

Have you heard of Garcinia or Tamarind but still don't know what it is? Do you want to know its characteristics and uses? Come in and find out.

Cactus Rebutia senilis in flower

Cactus characteristics

What are the characteristics of cacti and their care? What is the cactus flower like? Find out all about these plants that do not require care

medicinal plants with health benefits

Toxic plants for dogs

Do you like plants and flowers but are you scared that some are poisonous to your dog? Enter and discover which are the most poisonous.

Young Liquidambar plant in pot

Can you have a Liquidambar in a pot?

You do not have a garden but would like to have a Liquidambar in a pot? If you thought it was impossible, enter and discover that it can come true. ;)

Water stick

Caring for the Water Stick

We help you with tips to take care of a Water Stick. Discover the characteristics of this very decorative plant. Do you know how to take care of it correctly?

Leaves of Hedera helix 'Buttercup'

Caring for ivy

Do you have this beautiful plant in your garden and you need to know how to care for ivy? Get this perfect with the advice we offer you.

View of a young Archontophoenix alexandrae

Tips for buying palm trees

Do you intend to acquire these plants? Enter and write down these tips to buy palm trees. So you will surely take the most suitable one. ;)

Leaves of Acer japonicum 'Vitifolium'

Japan maple, a rustic beauty

The japonica maple is an incredibly beautiful tree, but it is also very rustic. If you want to have a jewel in your garden, come in and get to know it more thoroughly.

seed that is extracted from the plant known as Salvia Hispanica

Chia and its many uses

Did you know that chia is a food with multiple properties? Do you want to know their multiple uses before purchasing them? Come in and find out.

Indoor Lucky Bamboo Plant

Caring for potted lucky bamboo

What is the care for potted lucky bamboo? We tell you everything here. Discover how to have your precious plant for many years.


How to grow potted asparagus

We teach you everything you need to know about how to grow potted asparagus. Find out what you need to be able to harvest them at home.

Rosemary branch

How to dry aromatic herbs

How to dry aromatic herbs successfully? If you intend to use them in the kitchen or to do some craft work, do not hesitate to enter.

Ginger benefits

How to grow ginger at home

Are you in love with the flavor of ginger in your kitchen dishes? Would you like to plant ginger in your house and you don't know how? Come in and find out.

Medicinal plants

How plants breathe

Did you know that plants also breathe? Do you want to know how they carry out this process? Come in and take good note.

plants for the balcony to decorate

When do plants bloom?

You cannot miss this article because we will teach you when plants bloom and how to make them bloom every year.

Adult specimen of Dioon spinulosum

Outdoor shade plants

Do you have an area in your garden that has been left empty? If you don't get a lot of light, bring it back to life with these shade plants. Discover them.

Specimens of Pseudotsuga menziesii

Are conifers trees?

Have you ever wondered if conifers are trees? If you have this question, do not hesitate to enter to find the answer.


Types of tubers

Discover the different types of tubers that exist and their main characteristics. Do not be left without knowing what they are used for. Enters.

Acer palmatum 'Koto no Ito' specimen

How to care for a potted Japanese maple?

It is beautiful and very decorative. If you dare to buy one, do not hesitate to enter to know how to take care of a potted Japanese maple and be able, thus, to show it off.

Ficus pumila leaves

What is the care for Ficus pumila?

Discover how to care for Ficus pumila or Climbing Ficus, an incredible and resistant plant that you can have both at home and in the garden.


Why do conifers turn brown?

Do you have a hedge and it is drying out? Find out why conifers turn brown and what you can do to prevent and fix it.

Fern Nephrolepsis

Potted ferns

We show you a series of easy-care pot ferns that you can have decorating the interior of your home. Discover them.

Sequoiadendron giganteum plant

How to grow a giant sequoia

Do you want to have an incredible experience with the largest tree in the world? Find out how to grow a giant sequoia step by step.

Marigold seeds

How to keep seeds at home

How to keep the seeds at home and make them last much longer? If you need to know, you have come to the right place. Enters. ;)

Potted basil

How to water the basil

Have you just bought a little plant and want it to always stay beautiful? Come in and we'll tell you when and how to water the basil.


How to plant sunflowers at home

Do you love sunflowers but don't have a vegetable garden or a small garden? Enter and discover how to plant sunflowers at home easily.

Lilac lilies in a garden

Myths and truths about growing plants

We tell you the myths and truths about growing the most popular plants and their explanation. Find out more about them and learn more about your hobby.

The Teresita is a plant that has a somewhat small stature

Teresita's care

Have you been given a Teresita plant but you don't know what to do with it? Not sure whether to plant your plant indoors or outdoors? Come in and find out.

Azalea plant in bloom

When is the azalea planted

Find out how and when the azalea is planted, a beautiful shrubby plant that produces incredible flowers in the spring.

carrot color

The black carrot

Have you ever heard of the black carrot or seen it? Find out everything about this strange carrot.

Specimen of Darlingtonia californica

7 types of carnivorous plants

We show you 7 types of carnivorous plants, so you can learn more about this magnificent plant world and, incidentally, increase your collection. ;)


Sedge, an invasive plant

Scientific name Cyperus rotundus is a perennial herb of the sedge family. This plant is invasive and wants to be eliminated from many places.

Moringa oleifera seeds

How to grow moringa at home

We tell you how to grow moringa at home so you can have a beautiful tree in your garden. Enter and find out how you can get one.

acalifa leaves


The Acalifa is native to the tropical areas of Southeast Asia and the islands of the Pacific. Do you want to know more about these plants?

olive tree fertilizer

The subscriber of the olive trees

Olive trees require nutritional needs for elements that they consume throughout their vegetative cycle. Do you want to know more about it?

Baobab adult specimen

How to grow baobab?

We tell you how to grow baobab, one of the most impressive trees in the tropical world. Discover how to have one in your home or garden.

Platycerium bifurcatum specimen

Deer horns, a very elegant fern

If you like ferns and want to decorate your home with one, enter and discover the ornamental Deer Horns. You are sure to love it.


purple flowers

Decorate your garden or patio with these 6 plants with purple flowers that we suggest. They are very easy to care for and precious, do you know them all?

Flamboyan tree


The Flamboyan is a very ornamental tree. Discover its characteristics and what care it needs to develop properly.

vines small plants that grow close to the ground


All about the vines. We tell you their characteristics, how they climb and the most important types of vines. Do you know these plants? Discover them!

Acer Palmatum Tree

The importance of trees

Trees and plants are vital to maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. You know why? Find out why we depend on trees to exist.

discover conifers


All about conifers, their characteristics and some of the most important species of these plants with seeds of a type called cone. Discover them!

Leaves that fall to the ground decompose and release nutrients

Burnt or dry leaves

Find out why sometimes there are leaves burned around the edges on a plant and why the leaves turn yellow or brown and how to fix it.

Flowers of the Loropetalum chinense var rubrum

Loropetalum, a lovely garden tree

The Loropetalum is an evergreen plant with a high ornamental value. Its leaves, its flowers, and its elegance will make your garden an incredible place. Enters.

daphne smells

Transplant plants

Do you know how to transplant plants? We show you when is the right time to do it, how to do it and the care that the plant needs afterwards.

Leaves of the plant Coffea arabica, the coffee plant

How to grow a coffee plant?

The coffee plant is a shrub with which you can decorate the interior of your home for several years, but how? Here we show it to you. ;)

Acer palmatum Emperor

Japanese maple

Tips for growing and caring for Japanese maple. Recommendations for its optimal development, and thus be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Sensevieria or sword of Saint George

Sensevieria plant care

Sensevieria is a plant that is also known by the names of cow's tongue, tiger's tongue, mother-in-law's tongue, and by the sword of Saint George.

recover dry bonsai

How to recover a dry tree?

If for some reason the tree that we have at home has begun to dry out, whatever the case, you should follow these simple tips.

Heather plant, ideal for acid soils

What are the heather care?

It is a very beautiful plant that you can use to decorate both the patio and the garden, but how to keep it healthy? Find out what the heather care is.

Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca' in garden

Cedar, the most ornamental conifer

Cedar is a conifer that will look great in your garden. Easy to grow and care for, it provides excellent shade and provides amazing elegance. Enters.

Tangerines, the fruits of Citrus reticulata

How to sow tangerines at home

Would you like to have a small fruit tree at home? If so, come in and we will explain how to grow mandarins at home step by step.

Pink flower lanta

How to grow lantana

We explain in detail how to grow lantana, a beautiful shrub that produces brightly colored flowers during spring and summer. Enters.

Trees in a park in Germany

All about the trees

Trees are amazing: they provide oxygen, shade and fruit, as well as producing beautiful flowers. Do you want to know everything about them? Enters.

Flowers of Prunus cerasifera 'Atropurpurea'

Prunus, magnificent flowering trees

Prunus are trees that have such beautiful flowers that it is impossible not to reserve a place for them in the garden. Enter and discover everything about them.

Hibiscus syriacus flower

7 small outdoor plants

Looking for small outdoor plants that are really hardy and easy to care for? Discover 7 with which you can enjoy from day one.

Potted herb

How to grow potted herbs

It is not necessary to have a garden to enjoy a great variety of them. If you don't believe me, come in and discover how to grow potted herbs.

Cactus of the species Echinocactus platyacanthus

How to know if a plant is sunny?

If you have just bought a plant and do not know where to place it, do not hesitate to enter to find out how to know if a plant is sunny.

It is a plant that can measure from two to five meters

How to grow hibiscus?

The hibiscus can be grown in gardens, since it is used in the streets, but in case you want to grow them at home, it is also possible.

Curiosities about medicinal plants

Did you know that we started to imitate animals to improve health? If you want to know this and other curiosities about medicinal plants enter.

Bombax ceiba flower

When do trees bloom?

Seeing these plants bloom is a wonderful experience, but do you know when trees bloom? Not? We will tell you. Enters. ;)

Jacaranda mimosifolia

What is an evergreen tree?

We explain what an evergreen tree is so that you know its main characteristics and you can have the garden you always wanted.

Blue hydrangea flowers

What is the care of hydrangeas?

We will tell you about the care of hydrangeas, some bushes with beautiful inflorescences with which you can decorate your patio or garden.

how to dry figs

How to dry figs?

They are ideal for your desserts, to add them to a delicious dinner or lunch or simply as sandwiches and so you can meet that goal.

Gynura Plant

Gynura, the velvet plant

The gynura is one of the most curious plants that exist: it has villi on its leaves that give it an amazing appearance. Get to know it.

Wheat is a drought resistant crop

How to grow wheat germ

Do you want to know how to grow wheat germ? If you want to have your own harvest, buy the seeds and sow them following this simple step by step.

Potted Dionaea muscipula plant

Basic care of carnivorous plants

What are the basic care of carnivorous plants? If you have purchased some and do not know what to do with them, do not hesitate to enter.

Saguaro seeds germinating

When to plant cacti?

Would you like to know when to plant cacti and how to make them succeed? If so, come in and follow our advice to have some beautiful cactus.

Euonymus europaeus in flower

Why have a bonnet in the garden?

The bonnet is a very interesting shrub plant for low maintenance gardens: it resists high temperatures, cold and pests. Get to know it.

Pistia stratiotes or water lettuce plant

Water lettuce, an invasive plant

The water lettuce is a very beautiful aquatic plant with which you have to be careful: it multiplies very quickly, too much. Get to know it.

Achillea millefolium plant flowers

Aquilea: all about them

Aquilea are plants that have very interesting medicinal properties to maintain good health. In addition, they are very easy to care for. Discover them.

Moringa oleifera seeds

How to germinate seeds successfully?

Have you been trying to germinate seeds for a long time but have not had much success? Do not worry. Follow our advice and you will see how your situation changes. ;)

Sunflower and black cat

Plants toxic to cats

If you have a feline at home and you are concerned that a pot could pose a problem, go in and discover which plants are toxic for cats.

Dionaea muscipula plant

Curiosities of the flytrap plant

The flytrap plant is one of the most curious carnivores in the world: its traps close as soon as an insect touches them. You want to know more? Enters.

Detail of the Psilotum nudum

What are primitive plants?

At present it is possible to contemplate primitive plants that colonized the planet millions of years ago it is even possible that you have them at home. Enters.

vine mildew affecting the crop

Downy mildew of the vine

What is vine mildew, how can we prevent it, the symptoms that we can notice and some treatments to avoid them in our crops

Brunfelsia panciflora flowers

Brunfelsia, pot or garden plant

If you are one of those who are looking for easy-care tropical plants, you will surely like Brunfelsia. Its flowers are so beautiful that they give a lot of life to the home.

Fruits of the Ardisia crenata plant

Decorate your home with an ardisia

Ardisia is a beautiful shrubby plant that you can use to decorate the interior of your home and that will surely give you great satisfaction. Enters.

Fitttonia verschaffeltii plant

Phytonia care

We tell you what the care of phytonia is, a small plant that you can use to decorate any corner of your home.

Ulmus glabra leaves

Hardy outdoor plants

Take a look at the four resistant outdoor plants that we propose and get the low maintenance garden you dream of.

Seedling tray with seedlings

When to make seedbeds?

If you want to get new plants at a low price, buy their seeds. We take care of telling you when to make seedbeds. Enters. ;)

Apple tree seeds

What are the parts of a seed?

Learn about the different parts of a seed and why it is so amazing. Thanks to her, the world is covered with beautiful and wonderful plants.

Cut leaves of the rhubarb plant

What is rhubarb?

It is a herb widely cultivated in gardens, since delicious recipes can be prepared with its petioles, but do you know what rhubarb is?

Fruits of the Sorbus domestica

Sorbus domestica, the common rowan

Sorbus domestica is a beautiful, rustic tree that is very easy to grow and is ideal for low-maintenance gardens, such as yours. Enters. ;)