What is the meaning of the Chinese money plant and where to place it

Chinese money plant

If you are a superstitious person and want to attract the goddess fortune, you should know that there is a plant that, according to beliefs, will help you achieve this. No, you are not on the wrong website, you are indeed on a page about gardening, however, the species we are going to talk to you about is called, precisely, “Chinese money plant”. And just like its name, the orientals and the philosophy of Feng Shui relate it to prosperity. Do you want to know about What is the meaning of the Chinese money plant and where to place it? We tell you 

Pay close attention because, superstitions aside, the Pilea peperomiodes, as this species is known in botanical jargon, is a very beautiful, cheerful and ideal plant to have at home, decorating and brightening your favorite corners. It is relatively easy to care for and will bless your home with very good vibes. 

What is the Chinese money plant

La chinese money plant barely measures 30 centimeters, an ideal measure to have in a houseplant and place it wherever you like, for example, on your desktop. It also receives other names such as missionary plant or UFO plant, perhaps because of the shape of its leaves, round, thin and shiny, which look like halos of lights floating in the environment like almost transparent green spheres. 

Chinese money plant

It must also be said that it is a plant that belongs to the order of rose bushes and the Urticaceae family. 

Where is the Chinese money plant from?

La Pilea peperomiodes It comes, as one might imagine, from China, specifically from the area southwestern china, by Yunnan province. 

Meaning of the Pilea peperomiodes

What interests you most at this moment is knowing the meaning of chinese money plant, which is why you stopped at this blog. And it exactly means a call to fortune. The reasons why this plant is considered a powerful talisman are found in the shape of its leaves, who They are like coins, round and vibrant, which creates a visual game that makes our mind remember money when looking at a pot with this species planted.

Not only the Pilea peperomiodes, but for Chinese culture, all plants that are green and vibrant tone conceived as a powerful appeal to money. But, apart from inviting the goddess fortune to enter our house, plants like these provide us with well-being so we should not miss them. 

The Chinese money plant and Feng Shui

Chinese money plant

If you are especially interested in the doctrine of Feng Shui and knowing how energies influence at home, you should know that this philosophy, the Chinese plant also has a positive role and, therefore, can help us increase positive energy flows or also known as “chi” energy. 

Where to place your Chinese money plant in the office

If what you want is to get all the benefits of chinese money plant, it is equally important to know where to place it. Because it is not enough to have your pot and take care of it, but the place where you put it will influence its effects. 

This plant is valid for attract fortune to your home and also to your office. So it will help you bring prosperity into your home and your business. If you want to encourage success in the latter, place the pot on a shelf in your office. Not only will it attract professional and work prosperity, but it will also help you reduce stress something that we professionals overwhelmed by responsibility often suffer. Furthermore, it is a plant that awaken creativity

Best places to place Pilea peperomiodes en casa

Chinese money plant

Inside the house you can put the chinese money plant at the main entrance, the living room, the kitchen and the southeast corner of the home. Starting with the entrance, in addition to flooding it with positive energy, it will provide a pleasant welcome to guests and its green color will be very decorative for the environment. 

You can also use the plant to decorate your living room, while filling the space with all that prodigious energy that it will bring, placing it, for example, on a beautiful side table. 

The kitchen is another ideal place, because it will fill the space with vitality and freshness. On the other hand, if your intention is to attract wealth and you have decided not to miss it this year, place the Chinese money plant in the southeast corner of the home, the office or a room. Because Feng Shui says that these areas are those corresponding to wealth and the presence of a plant with these characteristics will activate the flow of positive energy.

Essential care for the Chinese money plant

Chinese money plant

We have seen where you have to place the chinese money plant. Now, it is also important that the plant is healthy and grows strong, vital and full of color. For this, need light. Place the pot next to a window so that it receives enough light but indirectly, so as not to burn its leaves with the sun. 

In addition to light, Pilea peperomiodes prefers a moderate watering, where moisture does not accumulate. Water it only when the soil is dry and add a substrate with good drainage. However, what will come in handy is a tray with pebbles to maintain relative humidity at the base. 

On the other hand, the most suitable temperature for the plant to develop well is a temperate temperature from 15º to 24º

There are many superstitions around plants and their symbols and it is up to you to believe in the benefits of having one specimen or another, although just for its beauty and originality, it is worth having one of these at home. Regardless of what is the meaning of the money plant, our recommendation is that you give yourself the pleasure of growing one. Because just looking at it will hypnotize you. And if not, take the test. Or can you resist it?

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