9 Climbing Plants to Climb Walls

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

To talk about climbing plants is to talk about a great variety of species. Because there are evergreen or deciduous plants, green and colored plants, capable of climbing walls and covering a façade, decorating pergolas or giving you that intimacy that you are looking for in your garden and other external spaces of your home. Now that the hot season is approaching and we will soon be taking advantage of our swimming pools or, those of us who are not so lucky, splashing ourselves with fresh water in our swimwear, it is time to think about the set-up. And you are climbing plants to climb walls They are really useful. 

We invite you to know the different types of climbing plants that exist, their characteristics and find out which ones best suit you, to personalize your space according to your preferences and the style you want to achieve. Furthermore, of course, you will have to take into account the climatic conditions of the place, to know if they are compatible with the climbing plant. 

First of all, think: what you want to achieve with climbing plants, what look you like and what species you think is suitable. Consider, apart from all this, whether you will be able to care for the chosen species as it needs and will have the optimal climatic conditions for its correct development. Because the result could be disastrous if the plant withers and the effect that remains will be exactly the opposite of what you are looking for. That being said, let's start exploring the options.

Climbing plants that you will want to have

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

Ivy, easy to care for and wild in appearance

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

It is no coincidence that ivy is the climbing plant to climb walls that we most commonly find in old houses. It grows quickly and clings well to walls. Furthermore, it is Evergreen, which guarantees us that vegetal cover throughout the year. It is easy to care for, as doesn't need too much water y can grow in the shade, reaching an average of 10 to 20 centimeters each year.

The Poto

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

Another climbing plants The most common in homes is pothos. Gardens and facades in general are not far behind and are also usually decorated with the help of this species, making them grow around these structures. 

It is very easy to entangle its branches and leaves anywhere, including furniture, railings and, wherever you want, creating that vegetal waterfall effect in beautiful green tones that the species gives us. 

Like ivy, pothos is easy to care for and has great ease of growth. It adapts to different environments, although it prefers places with a lot of indirect light and requires little water.

Plectranthus australis or money plant

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

La plectranthus australis or better known as money plant It is another easy-care option. It is an indoor plant, although it will have no problems growing outdoors, as long as the sun is not too strong. More than a climber, it is a hanging plant, but for this reason you can take advantage of it to entangle it yourself in the places you want to cover and its ease of growth will cover the places you want to cover with vegetation. 

If, in addition, you are a superstitious person, you may feel covered with that fortune that they say the plant attracts, given its curious nickname. 

As for care, just water it a couple of times a week and that's it. 

Climbing rose

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

If you're looking for more than green, there is climbing plants to climb walls that produce flowers. The most popular is the climbing rose. It preserves the beauty of roses but with the peculiarity that this variety is a climber and will expand by clinging to walls and structures. Flood your space with yellow, red, pink or white colors to taste. 

It is a plant that can reach up to 20 meters in height, although the most common thing is that it stays at about 5 meters. It will need pruning and you will have to take good care of your rose bush so that the roses grow beautifully and decorate your spaces during the summer when they bloom. 

It will need a lot of sun, regular watering about four times a week and a lot of fertilizer so that it receives the necessary nutrients. 

Tunbergia and its intense orange

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

It withstands intense light and also shadow, so it is another good option. tunbergia that will beautify every corner with its bright orange flowers with a striking brown center. This curious design and play of colors have earned it original nicknames such as Eye of Venus, Susanna with black eyes or also Bird's Eye. 

It will appreciate a good fertilizer and it is important that the soil where we grow it is well drained to avoid waterlogging.

Aromatic and beautiful jasmine

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

Those who value smell, beyond visual beauty, will find in the jasmine your ideal climber. If you take good care of it, your exterior will be fragrant and beautiful. from May to September, which is when its flowers bloom. But you will have to water frequently to prevent the heat from wilting them. 

Bugambilia, medicinal and beautiful climber

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

La bougainvillea is a medicinal plant and of spectacular beauty that will decorate any wall or facade with its purple tones. As tropical plant That is, it loves the sun and resists heat well, so you won't have problems with it when summer arrives and it will be enough to water it once a week.

The purple bell

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

More color for your walls will be given to you by Purple bell. It can reach up to 3 meters in height and produces flowers during the summer. It tolerates sun and semi-shade and needs the substrate to remain slightly moist.

The vine

Climbing plant that attaches to walls

It is also very chosen the vine to cover walls, however, although they have the added incentive of the delicious grapes, this is also a problem, because you will have to be very careful when the fruits come out, so that insects and pests do not invade. 

These 9 climbing plants to climb walls They are beautiful and resist well different weather conditions. With the exception of the vine, which is more delicate. They will cover your walls and other structures, giving them beauty and filling them with life. Which one do you prefer?

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