Climbing plants with fragrant flowers

Jasmine is a climbing plant with fragrant flowers

Strolling through the garden, leaning out on the balcony, or resting on the patio or terrace is a wonderful experience when you have climbing plants with fragrant flowers. Whether they are jasmine, clematis, dipladenias or wisteria, for example, these shrubs they are amazing all the time, but especially when their flower buds open, because it is that moment in which the place feels different.

Many can be kept in pots, although for that we will have to do something from time to time: prune them. If we didn't grab the pruning shears and give them a 'haircut' on a regular basis, we would end up with plants with stems so long that they would hang down, rather than climb. So, Which are the most climbers with the most beautiful aromatic flowers? Difficult question, but we hope you like our selection.

Akebia (Akebia quinata)

The akebia quinata is a climbing plant with fragrant flowers

Image - Wikimedia / H. Zell

La akebia It is a climber that is easy to fall in love with. With a height of 6 meters, its palmate leaves that only fall if the winter is very cold, and especially its reddish flowers, which give off an aroma similar to chocolate., is a plant that adapts well to pots and the garden. Its fruit is also edible, which is said to taste like watermelon. Its flowering time is spring, and it will not need any type of protection in temperate climates, since it can withstand frosts of up to -14ºC.

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Beaumontia (Beaumontia grandiflora)

The beaumontia has white flowers

Image - Wikimedia / PEAK99

The beaumontia or white trumpet is an evergreen climber that, if supported, will reach 5 meters in height. Its flowers, as you might suspect, are white and trumpet-shaped.. These are large, fragrant and appear in spring. Although it can withstand some cold, and even very slight frosts, it prefers to be in a protected area, so do not hesitate to bring it indoors if temperatures drop below 5ºC in your area.

Clematis (clematis montana)

Clematis is a climber with aromatic flower

El clematis It is a fast-growing climber that reaches a height of 10 meters, rarely 12. It has green leaves, about 10 centimeters, and its flowers are white. It is a plant that looks great on trellises and walls, but it can also be kept in pots if it is pruned. Withstands frost down to -12ºC.

dipladenia (Mandevilla lax)

Mandevilla laxa is a perennial climber

Image - Flickr / Stefano

La dipladenia It is a climber that does not grow much: just about 6 meters. Therefore, it is great for planting in pots, small gardens, or even for decorating wells if it receives regular pruning. Its leaves are green, of a good size, and also when they fall they are immediately replaced by new ones. This makes it look evergreen, but be careful, because if the temperature drops below 10ºC it will be left without any until spring. In fact, in these conditions we will have to put her in the house so that she does not suffer. The flowers appear in summer, and they are white.

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False jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Star jasmine is a perennial climber.

Image - Flickr / Cyril Nelson

El fake jasmine It is a climber that looks a lot like common jasmine, but is more resistant to cold. Moreover, it can be grown in areas where frosts of up to -12ºC are recorded, although you should know that it is a plant that reaches a greater height: about 10 meters. It needs to be pruned regularly to control it, to prevent it from looking 'unruly'. Its flowers are white and bloom throughout the spring..

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wax flower (Hoya carnosa)

Hoya carnosa is a flowering plant

La wax flower It is another small climbing plant of tropical origin that is often used in interior decoration. The stems can reach a length of up to 5 or 6 meters, and its leaves are green and fleshy. The flowers are small, white or pink, and appear in spring. But for it to be very beautiful, it must be kept indoors during the cold months, as it does not withstand low temperatures, 10ºC or lower.

Flower of the Passion (Passiflora incarnata)

Passionflower incarnata is a fast-growing climber

Although there are many plants known by the name of the passion flower, we are left with the Passiflora incarnata. It grows up to 9 meters in height, and its flowers are lilac, very aromatic. Also, it is interesting to know that its fruits, called granadillas, are edible. Withstands temperatures down to -10ºC.

Japanese wisteria (floribunda wisteria)

Wisteria is a very large climber

Although all wisteria are spectacular, when the floribunda wisteria It is clear that it is the best option when looking for a climbing plant with fragrant flowers. Why? Because its flower clusters can measure more or less half a meter. That means that on a stem of about 50 centimeters there are numerous lilac flowers. Now, it is important that it is planted in acidic land, because it will not grow in alkaline or calcareous soils. Likewise, it should be grown in temperate climates, so that it loses its leaves in winter.

Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

Jasmine has white flowers

Image - Wikimedia / CT Johansson

El common jasmine it is another climbing plant with fragrant flowers that can be kept outdoors all year if the winters are mild. It withstands the cold quite well, but frosts are another story: for its own good, if temperatures fall below -2ºC, the ideal is to keep it indoors. It grows up to 6 meters high, and is evergreen. Its flowers are white, very aromatic, and you can enjoy them during late spring or sometimes even early summer.

Jasmine from Madagascar (Stephanotis floribunda)

Stephanotis is tropical

Image – Wikimedia/randreu

El madagascar jasmine It is a beautiful climber, which unfortunately cannot stand the cold, but that is not really a problem: it can be kept indoors as it adapts very well. It reaches a height of 4-6 meters, has dark green leaves, and very pretty flowers, white, and fragrant that sprout in summer.

These are the climbing plants with fragrant flowers that, without a doubt, we recommend. Some for indoors, others for outdoors, all have beautiful flowers and do not require much care.

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