Common mistakes in terrace decoration

Terrace decoration

A terrace is an often forgotten place in our house and, most of the time, we do not know how to get the most out of it that it can give and that it deserves. Getting the decoration of a space right is a privilege, but in the case of terrace decoration or common mistakes which we tend to commit frequently. And it's a shame that we have it so neglected, because, with a few tricks, it can become a small paradise in which we can relax while observing the world around us. 

If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, no matter how big or small, we encourage you to take note of the tips that we are going to show you in this article, because we assure you that you will not recognize the place when you apply a few changes. It will seem like something out of a movie or one of these interior decoration or real estate magazines that aims to sell us the house of our dreams. 

Forget about delegating this space in your home to a mere storage room and proudly show it off to your guests when they come home. Next evening, now that the good weather is coming, spend it on the terrace and enjoy under the stars. 

Make the most of your terrace

Terrace decoration

They say that there is no ugly person, but simply that some know how to take advantage of themselves and others don't. The same happens with homes and, specifically, with terraces. Actually, there is no ugly terrace, but it is in your hands to fill this space in your home with magic and glamor, which, whether it is large or small, you can transform into a peaceful and attractive corner.

If you feel like crying every time you compare your terrace with others, or you feel anguish when you look at it and find it full of junk or poorly empty, it is time to take its decoration seriously and stop making mistakes. common mistakes in your decoration. They will be minimal changes but they will make a notable difference, you'll see.

A terrace is not a storage room

You have an endless amount of junk at home, a large part of which you consider necessary, ok. And, since you have nowhere to store them at home, finally, you seem to find the most useful place on the terrace to “hide” them so that they don't get in your way. Many people do it, but they think that doing this is condemning yourself to giving up this beautiful space in your home. Forgetting that you have a terrace and not being able to take advantage of it because you have it full of belongings is a crime for yourself. Do not do it!

Look for tricks to store those junk in other places in the home and keep your home tidy, but don't allow your terrace to cease to exist as a storage room. On the contrary, you should pamper this space and allow it to be a cozy corner. Not doing so will be like locking yourself in a cage, when you have such a fabulous window to the outside.

Goodbye to the clothesline

Terrace decoration

El clothesline is another of the enemies of the terrace. We are aware that clothes dry better in the sun or in the air, but don't you have the right to have a nice terrace where you can sit and read a book or simply soak up the sun or cool air with a snack? or a warm coffee while you watch the sky and the outside? 

A dryer does not cost that much, so we encourage you to invest in it, even if it is a small dryer, and to rid your terrace of this function. Instead, decorate it and enjoy it. 

Plants are essential

Excuses like “my plants are dying” or “I don't have time to take care of them” are not valid. A terrace without plants is like a desert without sand, like a beach without the sea or like a cactus without thorns. 

Speaking of cactus, are ideal plants if you consider yourself a green thumb and your plants don't usually survive. There are many species of plants and flowers to choose from, some of which are super hardy and very easy to care for. But please, add plants. Your terrace needs green, oxygen, color and life.

Furniture yes, but outdoors

Terrace decoration

Of course you can have furniture on your terrace, such as chairs, sofas, tables or poufs, shelves, etc. But these must be Outdoor and comply with your own style. For example, if you like the zen or boho style. 

What you should not do is place any chair at home and one of these cheap tables and settle for that. With rain and sun, this furniture is damaged, and it is worth decorating your terrace by giving it personality, just like the rest of the house. 

Attention to the ground

El terrace floor It also influences your appearance. If it's not pretty and you can't afford to do any work, fix it by adding outdoor rugs that are pretty and contribute color and style

A wall cannot be empty

The terrace wall cannot be empty and, even less, dull. From the sun, water and dust (imagine when the haze comes), the exterior wall can suffer a lot. Clean it so that it looks impeccable and paint from time to time. 

Furthermore, he adds Decorative elements, which are suitable for outdoors, of course. For example, shelves with flower pots, forming a small vertical garden. Figures of birds, butterflies or colored geckos also work. 

Even rattan hanging items, dream catchers and rugs can look great on the terrace.

A resounding “NO” to disorder

You are allowed to take advantage of the terrace as a storage place, as long as it is done with order and harmony. For example, you can place rattan trunks and store some belongings in them. 

The awning cannot be missing

On your terrace you have to have shade when the sun shines. For that reason and to protect from the rain, there has to be an awning. In addition, here you can also customize your style and choose your terrace awning design with pleasure. 

If you can't afford to put up an awning now, you can also put up an umbrella that, in addition to being decorative, adds shade to the space. 

Another tip is that the natural fibers consist of ideal for the terrace, so you can bet on them when choosing the awning, cover or umbrella. It will give it a style very appropriate to the place.

These are the most common mistakes in terrace decoration and the tricks to turn this space into a small cozy paradise to look out at the outside world from your personal refuge.

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