How many colors of cyclamen are there?

Cyclamen Characteristics

Cyclamen is a highly appreciated variety, because it gives us the beauty of its flowers during the winter season. If you like this plant and are thinking of adding it to your collection, you surely want to know how many cyclamen colors there are.

We are going to resolve this and other questions you may have regarding this showy plant, and we also compiled some tips for its care, so take good note.

Cyclamen Characteristics

Tips to make your cyclamen bloom even more

This ornamental plant winter flowering It is highly appreciated for its curious trumpet-shaped flowers of bright colors and its decorative foliage.


Without a doubt, the cyclamen flowers are its most distinctive physical characteristic; they are trumpet or butterfly-shaped, with petals that curve backwards. As we will see later, they can be of different colors and It is common for the color pattern to be darker in the center.

Furthermore, in some varieties, the flowers give off a delicate aroma that is very pleasant.


Even when it does not have flowers, the cyclamen remains a very attractive plant, because it has striking heart- or arrow-shaped leaves that emerge from underground rhizomes.

Its color can vary from dark green to a more silvery green, and It is normal for them to have marks of a different tone on the top.

Size and shape

The size of this plant can vary depending on the variety, but it is usually maintained between 15 and 30 centimeters in height. Its growth habit is compact and it usually grows in a rosette shape.


Cyclamen is a perennial plant, but in most areas it is grown as a cool-season annual. During the summer it enters a dormant phase and the leaves usually wither and dry. However, if you let it sit, It is normal for it to sprout again during the fall.

How many colors of cyclamen are there?

How many colors of cyclamen are there?

In a pot or in the ground, you can combine cyclamens of different colors to create a beautiful effect in your garden.


The white cyclamen has the most classic and elegant appearance and, precisely for this reason, it adapts to a wide variety of garden styles. Furthermore, its presence is common in floral arrangements and Christmas decorations, because It has a fresh and wintery look.


When it comes to cyclamen colors, pink is the most popular. We find it in shades ranging from baby pink, which is very soft, to intense and vibrant pink.

It is a color suitable for a wide variety of garden styles, and It combines perfectly with the white-flowered cyclamen.


Due to its intense tone and its particular shape, The red flowers of the cyclamen can never go unnoticed. They are a great way to add a vibrant touch to winter gardens and festive decorations.


The purple cyclamen has a visual appeal that makes it unique and somewhat exotic to us. Which helps give a touch of mystery and elegance to the gardens.

Within the purple range there is a lavender version that is more delicate and soft. Perfect flowers to create a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


One of the most beautiful cyclamens is the one with two-color petals. They are striking and unique flowers that add originality to floral arrangements and gardens.

The combinations can be, among others:

  • White and pink.
  • Red and white.
  • Pink and purple.

Tips to make your cyclamen bloom even more

Tips to make your cyclamen bloom even more

Naturally, cyclamen flowering is quite abundant. But good care of this plant can ensure that you enjoy a greater number of flowers:

Adequate light

Place the cyclamen in a well-lit location, but where it is protected from direct sunlight during the central hours of the day. For healthy flowering, it is best to receive several hours of bright indirect light throughout the day.

cool temperature

This is not a plant that likes heat, it does best when temperatures are cooler.

Ideally, the cyclamen should be in a location where The temperature is between 18º C and 20º C throughout the day and at night between 13º C and 10º C. These temperature conditions stimulate abundant flowering.

Moderate watering

Good watering conditions are essential for your plant to bloom profusely. The cyclamen requires slightly moist soil, which is never waterlogged. As soon as you notice that the top layer of soil is dry to the touch, you can water again.

What is not advisable in any case is to water the leaves or flowers directly, because this can promote the development of fungi.

Regular fertilization

If you want to enjoy the colors of cyclamen and stimulate flowering, apply liquid fertilizer diluted in the irrigation water every two weeks during the active growing season. To improve results, Choose a fertilizer that is specific for flowering plants.

Removal of wilted flowers

Don't be afraid to remove wilted flowers and leaves that have turned yellow or damaged. This improves the appearance of the plant and stimulates the production of new flowers.


Perfect conditions for this plant include a humid, well-ventilated environment. Therefore, it is advisable that you place the pot on a tray with pebbles and a little water.

Rest after flowering

Once the flowering season is over, let the plant rest. Gradually reduce watering and keep it in a cool, dark place. This way it can prepare for the next season and resprout strongly when autumn arrives.

Cyclamen is a resistant and easy-to-care plant, with spectacular flowers that fill the gray days of winter with color. Therefore, it is a great addition to your garden. If you don't know what colors of cyclamen to choose, don't hesitate and create a beautiful combination with the different existing varieties. If you apply the care we have seen, you will have many flowers for a long time. You dare?

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