How to decorate a balcony

Plants cannot be missing to decorate a balcony

Would you like to decorate your balcony but you don't know how? It does not matter if the space you have is limited or you are lucky enough to enjoy a larger outdoor area, here we will give you ideas and tips to beautify it. Our goal is that you can create a comfortable space to enjoy and relax in your spare time.

In order to help you, we will give you a series of ideas to decorate your balcony. In addition, we will propose some solutions to cover both terraces and balconies and thus not feel observed when we want to take the air for a while without leaving the house.

How to decorate a balcony?

We can decorate the balcony to our liking

Before getting down to work with the ideas that we will give you to decorate the balcony, it is imperative to clean it first. The ideal would also be that you empty it completely and thus start from scratch to create an idyllic outdoor space. Once you have removed all the objects, it's time to clean it thoroughly.

In the event that your balcony has the typical red terrace floor, it is best to use warm water with a cup of white cleaning vinegar. This way you will be able to disinfect the soil but without losing its characteristic color. In fact, it can intensify and shine.

Apart from cleaning the entire balcony well, it is also the optimal time to give a review of the painting of the railings. There are some municipalities in which you have to keep the neighborhood in tune. If this is your case, simply paint them according to the colors and established guidelines. In the event that there are no such normals in your neighborhood, you can choose the color you prefer. But I advise you to keep in mind that it should look good with the style and / or furniture that you are going to use for your balcony.

Artificial grass to decorate the balcony

Once you've thoroughly cleaned your balcony and painted the railings, you can choose to add artificial grass to give it a more distinctive touch. This option has several advantages, but also disadvantages. We will comment on them below.

Among the advantages is the fact that artificial grass is one of the options that provide more freshness, resistance and comfort to the balcony, not to mention the touch of nature that it gives it. In addition, in the hottest months of the year, this material absorbs heat very well, while in winter it does not retain the same level of moisture as natural grass. Therefore, it is suitable for any time of the year. It should also be noted that it is quite soft, simple to assemble and easy to clean.

how to clean artificial grass
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However, the price of good artificial grass, that is, of one that does not look so much like a fake, is quite high. What's more, it is more difficult to clean if it gets stained on the inside, as could happen for example when spilling a drink or other substances. Even so, it is a good option to decorate the balcony.


Furniture is of utmost importance to decorate the balcony. The most recommended thing is that it be consistent in style and color with the rest of the balcony. However, at this point it is very important to take into account the space we have available. In the event that your balcony is tiny, the ideal would also be small, folding and multipurpose furniture. So you can optimize the space. The trick to achieve this is to glue the furniture to the corners or to the walls, since it is important that on your balcony you have some free space to be able to move around without any problem.

To make sure you optimize the space, the best thing is that you opt for folding tables and chairs so that you can easily collect and store them when you need it. There are also other options, such as hanging tables. These attach to the railings and can be folded down when not in use. In the same way, hanging chairs and furniture can go well with a storage system included.

Whatever you choose, remember that they are furniture that will end up being outdoors for a long time, so It is essential that they are suitable for it. So you will have to make sure that they are made of robust and weather resistant materials. Generally, large DIY, furniture and garden stores have an exclusive section for outdoor furniture.

Garden furniture is usually made of durable rattan or steel
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If you are lucky enough to have a wider balcony, you can opt for somewhat larger and more comfortable furniture, as they could be, for example, some nice armchairs with cushions instead of folding chairs. You can also think about whether you want to put a coffee table for coffee or evening cocktails in your outdoor space. In the end, this depends on your tastes and the use you want to give your balcony.

Chill Out area with pallets

It is very fashionable to create "chill out" areas with a bohemian style to decorate the balcony. The ideal material for this are pallets, which are also very cheap. First you must get the odd pallet. The most recommended is that each chair is made up of a total of three, but obviously this will depend on the size. If they are small pallets, his will be to use two as a base and one as a backrest.

colored chairs made with pallets
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Once you have obtained the necessary pallets, You will have to sand them and paint them to your liking. When they are ready, you will only have to look for cushions to make them more comfortable and beautiful. But remember that they must be suitable exterior textiles.

Plants to decorate the balcony

Without a doubt, plants could not be missing to decorate the balcony. These bring life, joy and color to the space. However, you have to be careful when choosing plants, as some are suitable for outdoor use and others are not. some need a lot of sunlight and some not so much.

In the event that your balcony has a lot of sun during the day, a good option is to buy petunias or geraniums. These flowers will add a very cool touch of color! They are of summer and spring flowering. They require a lot of sunlight, but also a lot of watering.

There are many plants that you can put on a sunny balcony
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On the contrary, if your balcony is in a mostly shaded area, you should opt for other plants. Begonias, for example, would be a good option. They bloom most of the year and need semi-shade or shade. Here is a video about the Begonia rex, the most colorful:

Also ivy, ferns and asparagus are plants suitable for shady balconies.

Geraniums are ideal balcony flowers
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To decorate a balcony, you can not miss the decoration itself. Apart from the furniture and plants, we can add more things to our outdoor area to make it more beautiful. In the event that you have chosen to leave the floor as it is, without artificial grass, you can shuffle the idea of place some outdoor carpet. Remember that it has to be made of a material suitable to withstand the elements, otherwise it will last very little.

There are also other objects that can be very good to decorate the balcony. Let's list some examples:

  • Small pictures, especially if they are made of wood and / or with messages.
  • Hanging objects: Sailor anchors, lanterns, etc.
  • Vases with dried flowers of wheat.
  • Colored pots.
  • Decoration for the pots, such as grinders.
  • Vertical gardens for the walls.
  • Figurines, sculptures (suitable for outdoors, of course)

Lighting to decorate the balcony

Lighting is also important to decorate the balcony, especially for hours without sun. Generally it is advisable that they are not too strong lights. Some garlands of light bulbs or some lanterns they look great. You can also place candles on the balcony, but it is advisable to be aware to avoid scares.

What to put on the terrace so they don't see you?

Lighting is important to decorate the balcony

One concern many people have is the lack of privacy in its outdoor areas, whether they are balconies, terraces or gardens. Obviously, if you don't mind that your neighbors can see you, you don't need to put anything up. But if you prefer to have a little more privacy when you go out to the balcony, I recommend that you read this section.

When closing the balcony, there are a number of factors that you should take into account:

  • The neighbors that live around.
  • The height to which the floor is located.
  • It tienes children and / or pets o no.

First we must take into account the height at which the floor is located. In the case of the low and the first ones, it is advisable to add some type of special security to make it difficult for thieves to enter. Therefore, fences and lattices are good options, as they prevent them from easily jumping. In addition, it is good that they are made of some sharp and opaque material.

From the second or third floor we can already consider closing the balcony with more decorative and natural materials, such as bamboo. Another option we have to avoid the curious glances of the neighbors is to cover the railings with vines and other plants.

In the event that you have children and / or pets, the height of the fence is important. You must bear in mind that they cannot climb or jump over it. Also, keep an eye on the material, as some wood or bamboo options can have splinters.

With all these ideas to decorate the balcony, you will surely be able to create a very cool outdoor area. You just need to get down to work!

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