Entada: one of the largest climbers in the world

Inlet gigas

In the hot and tropical regions of the entire planet we can find a genus of climbing plants It stands out mainly for its adult size and rapid growth. In fact, one of them, the Entered gigas which is endemic to the rainforests and rainforests of South America, can grow up to 500 meters Tall. Incredible, right? Without any doubt, it is not a very suitable plant to have in small gardens, but it is for those who are lucky enough to have a large field.

The Entada is popularly known as "monkey ladder" since these animals use them as support to reach their favorite tree branches.

Abyssinian inlet

They have thin trunks, no more than 30 centimeters thick. The type of leaves depends on the species: some are thinner than others. The fruit is a legume that contains several seeds inside.

Its growth is very fast. If the climate is favorable for it, it can grow an average of 30 meters in two years. Much more than most plants! Right?

Entada gigas seeds

This type of plant has a very interesting characteristic, and that is that once the seeds have matured, they fall into the river and from there they can reach the ocean. The ocean currents will be in charge of deciding their destiny.

Some seeds are lost, others reach cold containers and do not germinate, but most come to fruition, and germinate without problems.

Inlet phaseoloids

In traditional medicine it is often used a lot to cure snake bites, although because the seeds of some species are so beautiful, they are also used to make beautiful necklaces.

One of the most interesting uses is perhaps as a substitute for soap, but it is also known for being able to adulterate coffee.

What did you think of the Entada? Did you know her?

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  1.   Pink beni said

    This plant is also known in Veracruz as fence sucker and is used to make necklaces.

    1.    handsome charles said

      Do, Beni, do not

  2.   Sebastian said

    You mean 500 meters in total length of the plant, right? Because I don't see what it can be attached to to reach 500 meters in height.

    1.    handsome charles said

      Sebastián, refers to 500 meters IN the land where it grows, not high, it gets to expand and form a canopy, or a vegetal roof, and the monkeys take advantage of it to move without touching the ground, which is why they call it a ladder of monkey. Its roots grow with the plant, that is, how long the plant extends the roots extend, I hope it has clarified your doubts.

  3.   Marie said

    Jolines because last week I found one of these seeds in the south of Tenerife, on one of its beaches, at first I thought it was a stone, but when I picked it up and saw that it weighed nothing, I realized my mistake. I have to say that the seed is precious, I don't know what to do with it, what's more, I've always carried it with me ever since.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Marite.
      Yes, the seeds are very pretty.
      Well, you can sow it if you want, directly in a pot, if you live in a warm climate free of frost (this plant does not support cold at all, unfortunately).
      A greeting.

    2.    handsome charles said

      Friend Maite, the plant is a climbing plant, but it SPREADS up to 500 meters. on the ground, forming a kind of canopy, and its roots grow the same amount, that is, they grow or expand together with the plant, that is why they call it Monkey Ladder, since they use it to move without touching the ground.

    3.    handsome charles said

      Excuse me Marita, the comment was for Sebastián and I sent it to you, my apologies

  4.   Roxi said

    how long does she take to give seeds

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Roxi.
      I'm sorry, I can't tell you. It is a tropical plant and here where I live it cannot be had.
      Maybe a year or two.
      A greeting.