Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

Just because they are no longer there does not mean that we do not have them present. We remember them every day and, sometimes, there are still those who maintain the custom of taking flowers to the cemetery or to the place where their ashes rest. When special dates arrive, such as the anniversary of their departure, the day of the dead or their birthday, saints' days and other cherished events, there are many flowers with which we can decorate or give to those who have left. If you like the idea of ​​communicating through flowers, you will like this article where we show you a variety of flowers for the dead and their meaning

Maybe you find yourself having to send a bouquet of flowers or order some wreaths for the dead for a known person and you don't want to make a mistake by choosing varieties that are not suitable. Your intention and good faith is what counts and, surely, your family will appreciate your gesture. But if you are a thoughtful person and you like to choose your gifts consciously, pay attention to what each of these flowers means.

Chrysanthemums, the most typical flower for the dead

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

El chrysanthemum It has been associated from the beginning with the sad symbolism of death, because it is the flower most popularly placed at funerals. However, there is no reason to be sad or crazy about them, if you know what they mean. 

The reality is that they are really beautiful flowers, very leafy and full of color, qualities that reflect life and joy. Placing chrysanthemums is like bringing light and color to the darkness and counteracting the gloom of the moment and place. Plus, there is a lot of color variety, so you can choose from the crowd. 

Conclusion very easy to maintain, which facilitates its survival in cemeteries, if it is decided to place it in pots, although logically it will also require care and maintenance. 

They symbolize eternity, and hence it is one of the favorites to place next to those who have left, to indicate that their souls did not die. Furthermore, in other cultures such as Asia, they symbolize life, happiness and longevity. While in the West it is considered the flower of respect and honor.

Gladioli, beauty and sensitivity

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

The gladioli They have an elongated and vertical shape, which symbolizes the path to heaven and they are another of the usual flowers for the dead. Because they are also beautiful, delicate and elegant, ideal qualities to reflect the affection and honesty towards our loved ones. 

If you are thinking of placing the gladioli in pots, is a good idea, because they need many hours of direct sunlight and, with a little luck, they can last a long time outdoors if the weather is not too cold.

Roses, flowers for any occasion

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

All the roses They are the wild card flower, perfect for any occasion, being able to choose from a wide variety of colors. A bouquet of roses that were the favorites of the deceased person or those established by the protocol for funeral arrangements, which are usually the White roses. If you prefer, you can opt for pastel tones. Are White roses and in light tones symbolize purity

Carnations, fresh and elegant

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

El clavel It is often chosen for the deceased because it has a lot of endurance and is one of the most elegant flowers. It is advisable to select a combination of three colors: whites, pinks and reds and also to reflect love and union with the person who left.

Daisies, a message of tenderness

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

All the daisies We usually associate them with the countryside, joy and childhood or youth. But this does not mean that we cannot choose them to honor a deceased person. These flowers also have their place in this context, because symbolize purity, loyalty and innocence. It is even thought that daisies They communicate a new beginning, that is, they would help us transmit that desire that life in the afterlife be prosperous. 

white lilies

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

The lilies They are another of these beautiful and charming flowers that grow vertically, with elegance and joy of varied colors. If you are looking flowers to take to a funeral home or for burials, it is recommended White Lily, because it is the variety that symbolizes purity, innocence and, furthermore, they are flowers of undeniable beauty. 

In addition, lilies are one of the few flowers that emit a very special fragrance. So pleasant and attractive that it is widely used in perfumery to make perfumes. 

Orchids, elegance and serenity

Flowers for the deceased and their meaning

Continuing with our list of flowers for the dead and their meaning we have to include the Orchids. Another elegant and cheerful flower, which is worth taking into account. They are so delicate that they resemble small butterflies perched on a plant. 

If you choose them for a funeral, we again recommend the white ones, because the white orchids reflect purity and also the serenity. It is a very suitable flower to show respect and gratitude towards those who lived in peace and doing good to others. 

Knowing the meaning of each of these flowers for the dead, you just have to choose which one or which of them you like the most. Once the flowers have been chosen, you can choose different forms of presentation to take to the funeral home or to leave at the cemetery. The options offered by funeral homes are varied and range from wreaths to flower centers, bouquets and palms, crosses made of flowers or pillows. The latter are less known but very elegant. 

You can also simply leave your bouquet of flowers next to the grave or in the place where their ashes are. And even plant some of these favorite species in pots and visit the place from time to time to ensure their good maintenance.

The topic of the flowers for the dead and their meaning, but you already know that flowers have been used since ancient times to transmit messages and that they have their own language. Now you also know their value and how useful they are to leave our good wishes and gratitude to those who have left. 

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