What is and what advantages does a mulch in gardening have

mulch for the garden

Mulching is a technique used in gardening that consists of placing a layer of organic or inorganic matter to protect the ground against external actions such as rain, wind, etc.

The padding has numerous benefits that we will see below. In addition, we will explain what type of mulch is most suitable for gardens and orchards. Do you want to know more about it?

Padding benefits

mulch also works in orchards

The padding is typically a thickness of about 5-15 centimeters and it can be of an organic or inorganic material.

Among the advantages that we find when using mulch in our garden we have:

  • We reduce the loss of humidity, since we reduce the evaporation rate. In this way we optimize the amount of water we use in irrigation and we do not waste water.
  • Regulates the temperature of the soil by appeasing sudden changes in temperature in times of colder or hotter. Thanks to this protection the roots of the plants they do not suffer from extreme temperature changes.
  • Prevents soil erosion, since it serves as a screen against the action of the wind.
  • Prevents the growth of weeds and other unwanted species.
  • Enriches the substrate as it decomposes.
  • It beautifies the garden, since it also fulfills an aesthetic function.

Padding materials

there are organic and inorganic padding

Among the organic products that are used for padding we find the bark of pines or other trees, pieces of shredded wood, straw and some almond shells.

On the other hand, we have the inorganic type padding. These are made up of materials like gravel, marble, volcanic soil and other synthetic materials.

To decorate your quilting, you can use decorative rocks, different colored sands, artificial animals or everything that your imagination can give you.

Use mulch for the plants in your garden, they will look more protected and you can decorate and give a special touch to your plants.

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