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garden swing

A few years ago, when you had a small nature refuge, whether it was a plot, a garden, etc. the first thing that was done was to place a garden swing. It was something that only needed a few ropes, a tree and a piece of wood or similar to sit on.

Now those swings have evolved, and although the traditional ones remain, there are also other models in stores. But what is the best garden swing? What must you take into account so that it lasts for years? We will discover everything below.

Top 1. The best garden swing


  • Three-seater garden swing.
  • It is independent, it does not need to be held on any surface.
  • It is of high quality.


  • Assembly can be tricky.
  • The fabric can be easily torn.
  • It is not very comfortable.

Selection of the best garden swings

PELLOR Children's Swings, Garden Swing, Garden Swing for Children, Adults

It is the typical garden swing, the most basic of all, made up of ropes and a wooden board to sit on. The only thing is that you will need a place to hang it.

Ohuhu Garden Swing, Height Adjustable Nest for Children and Adults

No products found.

This swing has a fun round shape that allows several children (a load not exceeding 300 kilos) or adults to sit. It is quite large and with a four-point grip that gives it stability.

Relaxdays Hollywoodschaukel Children's Garden Swing, Bear Design

It is an independent swing that you can place in any area of ​​the garden. It is for two children, and the one that has a seat belt for the little ones stands out. It does not support more than 100 kilos.

3-Seater Metal Rocker Garden Swing with Cushion and Adjustable Awning

Measuring 170 x 110 x 152 cm, this independent garden swing is 3-seater. The cushions are washable and the awning is also easy to remove for cleaning.

Smoby-310191 Metal Swing 180 cm, Multicolor

It is a traditional swing but with an independent structure, ideal for children up to 8 years old.

Buying guide for a garden swing

Buying a garden swing should not be a decision made lightly. It is necessary to review the characteristics of this to know if it is going to adapt to what we are asking for. In other words, we must know what to look for to buy the best ones.

Specifically, we are talking about:


Who will use the garden swing? Children, adults? Do you want it freestanding or hanging? Two seats or one? Maybe a bank?

There are many types of swings, from the type seesaw, hanging, swings for children, adults ... So you have to think about the type you want to focus on.

If you have enough space you can opt for independent swings, so you will not need any surface to fix them. If you don't have it, the pendants take up less, but they need a structure.


The next step is the size of the swing. The usual thing is that in stores you find two sizes: individual and for two people. Only if you search a little more can you find for three or more people, but it is not usual.


One of the most important factors in buying a garden swing is undoubtedly the material from which they are made. Especially since this can indicate how long that product will last for you.

En general, the swings are made of wood, aluminum, metal, PVC ... They are the most common materials and also the ones that allow a greater time of enjoyment before they deteriorate.

Price range

We come to the price. And here we are going to meet many. And it is that depending on the type, size and material, prices go up or down. It is clear that the greater the durability and resistance of the material, the more expensive it will be. And the bigger it is, the same.

We could say that prices oscillate between 50 and more than 1000 euros. Now, the most basic, with some ropes, a board and a tree will only cost the prize of the materials.


garden swing maintenance

As you know, any product that is outdoors needs certain care so that the sun, rain, wind, etc. do not affect its usefulness.

In the case of the garden swing, maintenance consists of the following:

  • Clean both the surface on which you sit and all the elements that compose it.
  • Check that there are no cracks or signs of problems. For example, in the wood, that has humidity; on PVC or metal, there are knocks or breaks.
  • Apply a primer coat to protect it from low temperatures.
  • Cover it if possible so that it does not suffer from the sun or the cold.

Where to buy

Now that you know a little more about the garden swing, if you have space at home we recommend that you put it because it will really be a success, both for children and adults. But where to buy it? We give you several stores.

The Amazon

It is one of the first options we take, because we always usually consult it. Here you can find different garden swings, almost of all the types that there are. Regarding their prices, the fork is quite wide ideal for any pocket.

To field

At Alcampo we cannot say that you will find a large number of possibilities. Being a supermarket, the space for garden accessories It is very limited and they tend to change products based on the season (giving it more or less space). Therefore, finding a garden swing is going to be limited.


Aki is another one of the stores related to DIY and gardening. Although there are no longer so many stores in Spain, the ones that do have do have some models of swings that you can take a look in case they convince you.


The same thing happens in Carrefour as in Alcampo. Being a supermarket that sells many things, the gardening and outdoor theme is somewhat more left and finding variety is difficult. Even so, they do have some models, which are extended in spring and summer especially.


Decathlon is focused on sports, but that does not mean that there are not some other garden swing. If it is true that there will be only a few models, you can see them because they may convince you because of their price.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a store focused on DIY, gardening ... So you will find garden swings to choose from, although its catalog is not very extensive.

At certain times, such as the arrival of spring and summer, there will be more variety. Meanwhile, you can order under the catalog since many stores allow that.

Do you dare to have your own garden swing?

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