Gardening gloves: how to choose them?

Gardening gloves are the first thing we have to put on before we start doing any work. Hands are our main tool, and also very sensitive ones, so if we don't protect them properly we can end up with wounds or other types of problems, such as blisters.

In addition, it is very important to wear them because, although touching the earth directly with your hands is a magnificent experience, if we have to use chemical products and they come into contact with the skin, it could be irritating ... at least.

Selection of the best models of gardening gloves

Every gardener or hobbyist should have at least one pair of gloves. They are indispensable for making planting holes, transplanting and, also, for carrying out phytosanitary treatments whenever necessary.

But what are the best models?

For adults

Our top 1 in adult gardening gloves

You know that gloves are something that is always good to have on hand (and never better said 😉), but… choosing one model from the many that there are can be a bit complicated. Therefore, if you don't want to waste a lot of time, we are going to recommend this:

  • Made with 100% nylon
  • Elastic cuff, adjusting well to the wrist
  • Highest sensitivity
  • Protects hands from dirt and is breathable
  • Economical price
  • They are not suitable for when using power tools
  • They do not protect too much from the cold

Other gardening gloves for adults we have selected


Gloves from a brand like Acorn always provide security. They are made of nylon, and allow you to grip objects correctly as the palm has a rough coating.

The price is very attractive, as well as its quality.


A durable, ergonomic glove with a beautiful nylon design with a latex-coated palm. The fabric allows the skin to breathe, and the fingertips are reinforced to make working easier.

If you are looking for quality at a low price, and your size is L, don't miss out on your Gardena gloves.


For jobs where greater protection is required, these long gloves will be very useful. They are made with premium goat grain, and are flexible enough for both sowing and planting or pruning.

They will keep your hands protected from the cold at a low cost, so they are advisable for all seasons of the year. Ideal if you have a size M.


Are you one of those who do gardening tasks even in winter? If so, your hands must be well protected. And you will achieve that with these windproof and rainproof gloves. Designed with high quality materials, which will allow you to work comfortably.

The design is very original, so if you want to surprise your family and friends, you will love this model.

For children

Our top 1 in gardening gloves for kids

Choosing gardening gloves for children is not always easy. And it is that by wanting to explore what surrounds them, they can end up hurting themselves, something that must be avoided.

  • Comfortable and safe design
  • Made of materials resistant to cuts from sharp objects (no punches)
  • Perfect for children from 4 to 8 years old
  • They keep hands clean and protected
  • Economical price
  • Does not protect against punches
  • It is important not to leave children unsupervised

Other highly recommended gardening gloves for children


They are comfortable gloves, coated with non-slip nitrile that will allow your children to grasp objects normally, without having to use too much force. With them, you will also protect their hands against cuts.

The price is very cheap, so much so that if you have children between 8 and 11 years old who love gardening, they are sure to enjoy these gloves even more.

Little Pals

The Little Pals brand children's gloves are specially made so that the little ones can have contact with the ground while keeping their hands protected. Being made of cotton, they will be very comfortable, so those jobs they want to do will no longer be a problem.

With a basic but beautiful design, and a very interesting price, if your little ones are at least 3 years old, do not hesitate to give them these gloves.


A pair of work gloves for children, made of synthetic leather with a microfiber palm that will allow them to help their parents with tasks such as sowing or planting small plants.

The fabric is breathable and they fit well in the hand, which added to their low price make them a highly recommended model for children between 5 and 6 years old.


If you are looking for gloves that have a colorful design but that also guarantee the protection of your children's hands, this HandLandy model is for you, well, for them 😉. They are made with cotton, and the wrist is knitted so that it fits well, thus keeping dirt away.

Ideal for 5-6 year olds who spend a lot of time in the garden.

What is a biosimilar

Gardening gloves, an indispensable tool

Gardening gloves are garments that protect hands. Although there are different types, they are generally made of latex, nylon and cotton that are very resistant materials and that, in addition, allow us to protect them from -almost- everything bad, such as chemicals or dirt that could get into the ones.

What types are there?

Depending on what we are going to do, it will be highly recommended to choose one type of gardening glove or another. Thus, we have:

  • Latex gloves: they are elastic, made of latex, nylon and cotton. They are the most suitable for tasks such as transplanting.
  • Cotton and leather gloves: they are ideal for using tools and collecting leaves.
  • Multipurpose gloves: they are made of polyester and cotton. They are used to prune small plants, or transplant.
  • Polyester and foam gloves: they are usually flowery. They are used to plant small plants and work the land.
  • Polyester and nitrile gloves: they are ideal when you have to water.
  • Synthetic Leather Gloves: they are the ones to use when using motorized tools such as brush cutters.
  • Nitrile gloves: are those used for the manipulation of chemical products.

Gardening Gloves Buying Guide

Gardening gloves will protect your hands

Gloves. They sell them everywhere. There are many models, different types, ... and of course, very different prices. How to get it right the first time? The answer is as simple as it is complicated: thinking about exactly what we want them for. If you need help, here are a few tips that we hope will be useful to you:


The material is the first thing to look at. For simple jobs such as planting or sowing, nylon ones will do, as long as the surface of the palm is rough so that you can grab, for example, a hoe without it slipping through your hand and ending up on the ground. But If you're using power tools, feel free to get some made of synthetic leather.


Obviously, size is the second thing you should take into account. Gloves they must be adjusted so you can work at ease. Trust me: there is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing ones that are a bit too big for you.


The price of gloves will be determined by the quality of their materials, and also by the brand. If it is high, we can assume that they are good, but the truth is that sometimes well-known brands get very interesting offers.

Where to buy gardening gloves?

You can buy gardening gloves in these places:


On Amazon they sell everything from food products to tools that every gardener or hobbyist may need. Also they have a wide variety of gloves at very good prices, which are valued by buyers. These ratings will help you when you want to choose the best model for you. Then you just have to wait for them to be brought home to you.


If you plan to go shopping at Carrefour or place an order through their online store, in addition to buying what you need to cook, you can take a look at their catalog of gloves. But you should know that they do not have many models, and they do not offer the possibility of evaluating them, something that you can throw back when buying.

Leroy Merlin

At the Leroy Merlin they sell a wide variety of home and garden products: furniture, heaters,… everything! But their catalog of gardening gloves is rather small, and as in the Carrefour, they cannot be valued.

What are the advantages of wearing gardening gloves?

Gardener boy with gloves

Although at first you might think that gloves are of little use, in reality they are very useful. As you know, human skin is quite delicate: a simple cut causes some blood to come out, and microorganisms, such as viruses or fungi, can enter through this wound.

No, I'm not trying to alarm you. Also, your immune system will keep you safe. But you have to keep in mind that Putting on gloves can prevent your hands or those of your children from getting injured.

Although protection is one of the several advantages they have and that you should know:

Help make work more comfortable

Although you may like direct contact with the ground, when you have to do work in the garden or with the plants It is always advisable to wear gloves, as the touch is considerably better. And that's not to mention that, on days when the wind blows, your hands will be quite protected from it.

Dirt is avoided

And with it the risk of infections is minimized. A large number of microorganisms live on the earth, some good, but others could cause us diseases. Wearing gloves is a way, on the one hand, to keep your hands clean, and on the other to keep fungi, bacteria and viruses a little away.

You keep your hands safe from cuts

No matter how focused you are, there can always be a risk that you get lost and cut yourself. But if you wear quality gloves, the damage will be much less ... or you may not even cause such a wound. This is especially important to keep in mind when using power tools, and also for children. Don't take unnecessary risks.

So now you know: don't hesitate to put on your gardening gloves every time you have to do something in the garden. Your hands will thank you. 😉

If you have reached this point and have not yet chosen some gardening gloves, in this link you will find all the models there are the best price.