Geranium pansy: colors and everything you need to know about it

geranium pansy varied colors

When it comes to geranium pansy colors They are what attracts the most attention of this species. But this is much more than pretty flowers. Because it is an extremely resistant plant that can help us give a touch of color to our garden.

It is capable of turning even a single-story balcony into a small garden. If you take good care of it, this beautiful plant will reward you with all its beauty and spectacular flowering.

Characteristics that make pansy geranium special

geranium pansy colors in pot

La viola x wittrockiana or pansy geranium is a hybrid plant obtained starting from the wild species Viola tricolor. Its compact size and colorful and abundant flowering make it one of the most common varieties in patios, gardens and balconies.

  • Shape of the flowers. The name "pansy" is no coincidence, and derives from the shape of its flowers, which resemble a frown, like when we are concentrating on something. There are also those who say they see everything from eyes to mouths in the shape of their petals. Be that as it may, the truth is that its flowering does not go unnoticed.
  • Variety of colors In the pansy geranium, the colors are the most striking thing about the plant. We can find varieties in yellow, white, purple, pink, red...
  • Perennial. While varieties that also have a high level of flowering, such as petuniaThey are seasonal plants, the pansy geranium is a perennial plant. If you take good care of it, it can last for many years, and each season it will bloom again.
  • Compact size. The plant itself is not too tall, at most it reaches about 30 cm. This quality makes it a perfect variety to grow in pots.
  • Resistance. The pansy geranium is a fairly resistant plant that does not require too much care. It holds up well in hot climates and can also withstand moderate frosts.

Geranium pansy: available colors

pansy geranium

Its varied and striking colors make Viola x wittrockiana a very attractive plant from an ornamental point of view. Only with this plant could we achieve a dream garden or balcony, combining different colors.


Purple is one of the most common colors in this variety. Within the petals we can find a gradient that usually ranges from the softest violet to a more intense and deep one.

Although they are not very common, there are also pansy geraniums whose Purple flowers have a rather lavender tone.


The yellow color of the petals of these flowers can vary greatly within the same range. There are plants with yellow flowers in a very light tone, while others look proud bright and vibrant yellow.

On some occasions we can also find yellow pansy geraniums whose petals have some marks of another color.


When it comes to pansy geranium and colors, white is one of the most common. Although it may seem a little ahmed Compared to other more attractive shades, this is not the case.

Because the target turns out to be the ideal color to combine with others like purple, yellow or red. Providing a clean and classic look.


Orange pansy geraniums are not too common. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to find one, take very good care of it, because is something special.

As with yellow, in orange flowers the tone can vary from a very soft and light one to an intense and bright orange.

Pink and red

Pink and red are other popular colors for this plant. Red stands out for being very vibrant and intense, but Within pink it is easier to find different shades.

Some flowers have petals in a very soft, delicate pale pink, and in others the color takes on a darker, more vibrant tone.

Color mixes

As you have surely already seen, there are interesting varieties of pansy geranium with colors mixed together.

For example, petals that combine a little purple or red with some white areas. It is even possible to find more than one shade of the same color in a petal and, in addition, another completely different color.

Essential care for the pansy geranium

geranium pansy flowering

One of the great advantages of these plants is that they are very easy to care for. If you give them a little time, their flowering will be abundant and they will fill any corner with life.

  • Location. This plant likes sunlight, and can tolerate it even directly. If it receives a minimum of six hours of light a day, its flowering will be much more abundant. If you are somewhere with a warm climate, it will also tolerate some shade.
  • I usually. It requires a substrate with good drainage capacity and that is rich in organic matter. The acidity, it is better to keep it between 6 and 7.
  • Irrigation. The pansy geranium needs regular but not excessive watering. Allow the top layer of the substrate to dry between waterings. Prevent waterlogging from occurring, because this can negatively affect the roots. Make sure you water the base and not the leaves of the plant, as moisture buildup on them increases the risk of disease.
  • Fertilization. A special fertilizer for flowering plants is enough, and you have to apply it during the growing season, which runs from early spring to late summer.
  • Pruning. You can remove withered flowers without any problem, this will stimulate the appearance of new flowers. You can also prune the plant to shape it and prevent excessive growth. Of course, pruning is best done once the growing season is over.
  • Winter. If you live in an area where winters are cold, place the pot away from frost, or cover the plants during the coldest nights.
  • Reproduction. To fill your house with pansy geraniums, there is nothing better than reproducing them through cuttings.

In the pansy geranium the colors are striking, but how easy it is to care for is the real reason why this variety should not be missing in your garden. Can you tell us your experience with this variety?

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