9 Original Ideas to Give Air Plants to Your Wedding Guests

Original ideas to give air plants to your wedding guests

Plants without soil? Exist! And no, we are not necessarily talking about plants that grow and develop in an aquatic environment, but there are also air plants that are, in addition to being curious, very pretty and elegant, ideal for decorating charming spaces, for example at weddings and Other events. Even to give as a souvenir to our guests. Therefore, we thought of sharing these with you. original ideas to give air plants to your wedding guests

These air plants can be original wedding gifts and the guests will surely like them, especially now that sustainable wedding souvenirs are so fashionable. In case you don't know what they are like, their secrets, their uses and all the possibilities that these specimens can offer you, in this article we are going to explain everything about them and, of course, give you some creative ideas. Take note.

What are air plants

Hen/Stag air plants Are calls "tillandsias” in botanical jargon. They are characterized because they are epiphytes or, in other words, unlike the rest of the species, they do not need to be on land. 

Original ideas to give air plants to your wedding guests

They are called air plants because their leaves absorb nutrients and moisture directly from the environment. Thus, they do not need substrate, fertilizer, or irrigation. As you might be imagining, they are a real delight to take care of because they simply take care of themselves. They are the perfect species for people who enjoy the beauty of a plant but do not have the perseverance to care for them, who are forgetful or who spend time away from home and do not have someone to take care of their pots. 

Additionally, you can choose between different varieties of tillandsias, so you can combine various shapes and colors to create a personalized decorative set and a creative wedding favor. 

Air plant care

As we have seen, air plants take care of themselves, but it is advisable to pamper them a little so that they remain very beautiful. It will be enough to place them in a bright space, where they receive indirect light. 

Additionally, they will appreciate if we submerge them in water once a week for a while. Half an hour is enough, because they are plants that do not tolerate excessive humidity. 

Air plants as wedding gifts

Original ideas to give air plants to your wedding guests

Now, knowing more about this species, you can start writing down original ideas to create unique wedding memories with air plants. Imagination rules and your personal preferences do the rest. As suggestions, we will tell you that you have to think, mainly about the presentation you will make of them, but also about other details.

Presentation and packaging

To present your air plants and surprise your guests you can use terrariums, glass containers, glass globes Or, an element that is very fashionable currently, are the vintage style glass jars

Think that they should be containers that are beautiful and, at the same time, protect the plant. In this sense, those we have cited are perfect. And it will depend on the style of wedding you want to celebrate:

For contemporary style weddings: the geometric shaped terrariums.

If the wedding will be romantic or you want to go for a rustic style: go for glass jars.

At weddings where ethereal decoration is preferred: suspended glass globes They will be beautiful. 

Accompany with personalized cards

Original ideas to give air plants to your wedding guests

We have seen the packaging where the air plant will be presented and, at the same time, protected. Now, how about we top off the gift presentation with other elements such as personalized cards, frames and other details? 

Every worthwhile gift is more special if it has a card to accompany it. On this occasion, since it is your wedding, one of the most special days of your life, it will be fine if you make a card with a thank you note for having accompanied you on this magical day, along with the air plant care instructions. If you want, you can add, without exceeding paragraphs, a quote that is meaningful to you and your partner. 

This card can have any design and style you want, from classic, modern or even bohemian, depending on the style of the ceremony. 

Air plants as wedding gifts in decorative frames

On the other hand, you can also do decorative frames, if you prefer this option to present plants, as an alternative to glass jars or containers. Following the line of the event, these frames can be of a rustic design, made of wood; modern, in metal; or go for custom frames 

Give air plants in pots or carriers

Original ideas to give air plants to your wedding guests

If you prefer, you can deliver the potted air plant. Although it does not need soil, you can choose mini-sized pots, beautifully designed pots, or carriers, depending on what you like. Seeks hand painted pots, terracotta or elaborate recycled carriers with various materials such as seashells, branches, trunks, etc. 

Add extra details

The extra details for decorate air plants for your wedding They will be well received. For example, put your wedding initials. 

Put color tapes, to make the presentation more attractive. Of your favorite colors or those tones that have meaning. Help? If the wedding is nautical style, place a blue ribbon, while if the wedding is rustic, the earth color will be ideal or also the color green. 

Air plants in wedding centerpieces

In addition to give air plants to your wedding guests, you can take advantage of these beautiful plants to decorate the centerpieces. To prepare them, also place candles and fresh flowers that match in color. We leave the rest of the decorations to your imagination.

Why give air plants to your wedding guests?

Giving air plants to your wedding guests is a good idea because it is a sustainable gift, which invites you to admire the beauty of nature. In addition, they are plants that do not ask for water, so they help save water without giving up the pleasure of having plants at home.

On the other hand, if cared for correctly, air plants can last for many years and, every time your guests see your plant, they will remember you and how much fun they had at your wedding. It is a way for him to carry you in his thoughts and for the memory to last over time.

We hope you are original ideas to give air plants to your wedding guests have been to your liking and that, from now on, you include these species among your favorites, especially when it comes to decorating the interior of your home or your special events.

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