How to grow and care for a Peonies plant?

peonies care

Speaking of beautiful flowers, it is undeniable that the Peony native to Asia, occupies its own space in terms of beauty, colorful and decoration it means. But the use and enjoyment of the Peony is not limited to the Asian continent since it is common to find it in many countries outside of that continent.

Experts point out that there are approximately about forty species of this flower and if it is about Fengh Shui, its use supposes a very effective cure in love affairs and romances.

Peonies and their care

peonies and their care

First of all, we must know that the ideal climate for its development is temperate, so we will avoid very hot climates at all costs.

That being said, it is important to consider correct lighting, provide the necessary nutrients, document the correct times to remove foliage, soil conditions (humidity, depth).

Plant requires at least six hours of sun a dayIndirect or indirect, the latter is usually harmful at noon. Must ensure their sowing at a safe distance from homonymous plants and other species to ensure good lighting.

El excessive use of compost harms the flowering of the Peonies, not the foliage, although it is our knowledge the soil has the necessary nutrients for its cultivationIt is only recommended to supplement it with the use of a fertilizer that contains, for example, bone meal and little nitrogen. It is important not to apply it at the base of the plant but around it.

The removal of the foliage prematurely impairs the flowering process, while the plant is in flowering process, it must be left intact. The ideal time to do this is as soon as fall begins.

If the plant is herbaceous, the depth to which it should be planted is about 5 cm and if it is a tree between 10 and 15 cms. This guarantees a good establishment of the roots and in part the subsequent growth of the plant.

El good drainage of the soil where we want to grow our peonies is a priority, so if we observe that the water remains standing around the plant It means that there is not a good drainage and therefore the plant is going to be damaged, the correct thing is that the soil remains humid without frost and it is recommended water them about 2 times a week.

Peonies transplant

the use of peonies in decoration

Transplants in these plants usually cause a delay of one year or more in its flowering, so if it is our case, you have to have the knowledge and patience to wait. In the same way, he must ensure that the minimum conditions for cultivationApart from the fact that climatic phenomena such as extreme cold and untimely or prolonged drought affect the development and flowering of the plant.

It is recommended a separation of approximately 1 meter between one Peony plant and anotherLikewise, keep the surroundings of the plants clean of weeds to avoid infections and that the air circulates between them in an optimal way.

It is important to remember that Peonies are divided into arboreal and herbaceous

They are considered arboreal those that develop a woody stem whose size can grow and exceed 2 meters; Herbaceous plants, on the other hand, can grow up to one meter.

This flower, apart from beautiful gives off a delicious aromaThere are them in beautiful colors such as red, violet, pink and white and in their variety of forms we can find them more or less leafy, determined by their rows of simple and double petals.

Your season to bloom spans from early spring to late summer. It is also a plant type where we can find some varieties that last up to 50 years, provided that the proper care is maintained of course.

A couple of fun facts, the plant is affected in its flowering: when it is transplanted and when the frost has not been at least 37 days with a temperature that oscillates between 7 degrees and -7 degrees centigrade.

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