How to choose a hedge trimmer?

If we have several hedges in the garden, or we do not have time or patience to keep them well cut, we can choose to purchase a hedge trimmers. With this tool we can have very beautiful plants without getting too tired.

Therefore, if you are considering buying a hedge trimmer, we will explain what are its characteristics and the different types there are. Also, we will help you choose one.

What are the best hedge trimmers?

If you have a lot of shrubs such as hedges, you will probably have to prune them frequently to keep them just the way you want them. Therefore, although this work can be done with pruning shears, it is undoubtedly much more advisable to do it with a hedge trimmer, especially when you have many and / or they are already becoming large. But which?

There are several types, so we recommend one of each. They are as follows:

GARDENA EasyCut 420/45 - Electric hedge trimmer

This electric hedge trimmer is perfect for both small and large hedges. It has a weight of only 2,6 kilos, and an ergonomic handle thanks to which you can work comfortably. The blade is 45 centimeters long, and it also has a motor whose power is 420W.

GERMAN FORCE 23CC - Gasoline hedge trimmer

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If you are looking for a hedge trimmer with which you can work anywhere in the garden, without having to depend on the electric current, then this model will be very practical. It weighs 6,5 kilos, and works with a gasoline engine whose power is 0,9Kw. The handle is ergonomic, and the blade is 60 centimeters long, perfect for wide hedges!

TECCPO Hedge trimmer (includes charger) - Battery hedge trimmer

This battery-powered hedge trimmer is ideal for those looking for simplicity and convenience. It has a 52-centimeter blade, and an ergonomic handle with which it will be easy for you to work. It weighs 3,2 kilos, and is therefore quite light and good to carry.

Ikra ITHK 800 - Telescopic hedge trimmer

Maintaining a high hedge well cared for requires pruning, and these have to be made with a quality telescopic hedge trimmer, like this electric model that we present to you. You can work hedges between 4 and 4,5 meters high, since it has a telescopic bar between 1,88 and 3,05 meters long. The blade of the tool is 41 centimeters long and weighs 5 kilos.

GRÜNTEK - Hedge trimmer

When you have low or medium height hedges, and you want to make more precise cuts, you have to get a hedge trimmer. This Grüntek model has a total length of 47 centimeters, of which 6 correspond to those measured by the blade. With a weight of 685 grams, with it you can cut green branches of up to 33 millimeters in diameter and dry wood of 29 millimeters.

What are the characteristics of a hedge trimmer?

Motorized hedge trimmer

It is very important to know what are the names of each part of the tool that we are going to use, since this way, if one of them were to break down tomorrow or need special maintenance, it would be much easier for us to find the products we need.

The parts of a hedge trimmer are:

  • Double handle: used to hold the tool with both hands, safely. It also contains the start-up trigger. It can be rotated 180º to be able to work at an angle, which makes cutting close to walls much easier.
  • Pivoting handlebar: serves to improve the working position. Some models carry it.
  • Protection: it is a kind of board that prevents chips from jumping when pruning. It is located just before the cutting sword.
  • Cutting sword: It is provided with two blades with sharp teeth that move one over the other in a reciprocating effect.

What types are there and which one should I choose?

In order not to make a mistake with the decision, we have to know what types of hedge trimmers there are and which one we must acquire in order to carry out the work. Choosing one will depend on:

  • Fuente de alimentación:
    • Gasoline engine: it has great power and, since it does not need electricity, it allows you to move freely.
    • Electric motor: it is light, silent and more manageable. There are of two types:
      • Battery - Ideal for small, quick jobs.
      • With cable: although the cable can limit us a lot, they have a longer use time.
    • Manual: they are hedge trimmers. These are great for pruning low hedges, or to finish perfecting the pruning done with a hedge trimmer.
  • blades:
    • Single Leaf - Used for trimming large hedges and straight sections.
    • Double blades: allow cutting on both sides and in any direction. They make a cleaner and more precise cut, and they also vibrate less.
  • Types of branches: both the hardness and the thickness will determine the power of the hedge trimmer. The harder and thicker, the more power we will need. Power determines bar length and tooth spacing; thus, the more power it has, the longer the sword and the gap between the teeth will be.
    • Thin branches: an electric model up to 400W can be used. If they are green, a hedge trimmer will do.
    • Medium branches: an electric model between 400 and 600W can be used.
    • Thick branches: a gasoline model can be used.

Where to buy a hedge trimmer?

If you need a hedge trimmer or you plan to buy one, but you are not sure where they sell, you should know that you will find it for sale in these places:


In Amazon you can buy many things, both for the home and the garden. It is quite easy to find what you need, since they sell practically everything. If we talk about hedge trimmers, you will find all types: gasoline, electric, battery, telescopic, and hedge trimmers at a wide range of prices. In addition, many have received reviews from other buyers, so choosing one is easy. Then, you just have to buy it and wait a few days to receive it at your home.

Brico Depot

At Bricodepot they sell many useful products for gardeners. Their catalog of hedge trimmers is small but they have all types, and at very reasonable prices. The only thing is that they can only be purchased in physical stores, since they do not have a home delivery service.

Leroy Merlin

In the Leroy Merlin we will find a great variety of gardening tools. Focusing on hedge trimmers, they have many and of various types, at interesting prices. You can choose your model based on the ratings (with stars) that other customers have given them. Then, you pay and wait to receive it at your home, or you can go to a physical store and buy it directly from there.


At Lidl they sometimes sell hedge trimmers, but to know for sure what days they will have available you have to be aware of their mailing list, or to visit your website from time to time.

Tips for using a hedge trimmer

Use a hedge trimmer to comfortably trim your shrubs

These tools, if used well and maintained correctly, are safe. Even so, wear protective glasses, gloves and hearing protection before going to work. In addition, never cut near a metal fence: The sword would bounce and we could do a lot of damage.

When we go to trim the hedges, we must do it from the bottom up, and drawing a kind of bow. In this way, the thicker branches will be exposed, so it will be easier for us to see and cut them. If it rains or there is a forecast of rain, we will not use it, since the risk of suffering an accident increases.

So that the sword can keep cutting like the first day, it is very important to apply oil and spray every day, and remove any remaining leaves or wood that they have. The rest of the hedge trimmer should be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth. After each use, you have to check the air filter, because if it is dirty, the power will decrease and consumption will increase.

Thus, not only will our machine be able to make clean cuts, but our safety will be, to a great extent, guaranteed; not to mention that the garden will continue to look great.