How to care for artificial grass

How to care for artificial grass

You may have an artificial grass on your terrace, perhaps on your balcony. Or maybe and you have it all over your garden. The problem is that many think that, by having it, they no longer have to do anything else. Y It is a mistake, since you must learn how to care for artificial grass.

It is true that the maintenance and care is not as complicated as with the natural one, but even so, if you want it to last time, you need to carry out some essential care. Do you know which ones they are?

Artificial grass care

Artificial grass care

One of the most common mistakes when placing an artificial grass is to think that you no longer have to water it, or maintain it, or do anything to it. And actually it is a big mistake and the reason why many of those lawns end up deteriorating and having to be changed.

Now, we are not going to tell you that the tasks you have to carry out are just as heavy and difficult as with natural grass. Not much less; they're easy, don't take up a lot of time, and they're cheap. In other words, it is worth installing an artificial grass and, Although you have to dedicate some time to this, the normal thing is that it is much less than if you had the natural one.

And what do you have to do?

Clean it from time to time

With the passage of time, the wind, the weather and day to day the lawn gets dirty and accumulates dust. And that makes it look run down and lacking in "life," in the sense that it won't look green.

To eliminate it, you have to be aware that, from time to time, you must Clean the lawn with soap and water to remove all pollen, dust, and other items that make it dirty.

In fact, a mixture of neutral soap with water and a little fabric softener will be perfect because you will not only clean it but also leave it soft and static-free.

Brush it (or sweep it)

As it is not good to scrub it every day, and even depending on where you have it placed, every week, something you should do more often is brush it, especially in areas with the highest traffic.

To do this, you should always use a hard brush, like those of a street sweeper. And always, always, always in the opposite direction to that of the fibers. Otherwise, you can cause a major problem. Another option is to use an electric toothbrush that saves you a lot of time and you will have to make less effort.


Did you think that artificial grass is not watered? Well, you are in error. Every month, or every two months if you live in a cold climate area (or it is winter) it is important to water it.

If the summer is very hot, you can water it more often to keep it cool. And if the winter is very cold, it is better not to water it because that water can freeze, especially at night, and damage the artificial grass.

take care of the artificial grass

Move furniture

Imagine that you have a terrace that you have decided to cover with artificial grass. In it you have a table and a sofa to enjoy after a hard day at work. And after a year or more, you decide to do a general cleaning, the furniture and… why is the artificial grass "dead"?

You are right, When you place something on top of the artificial grass and do not move it for a long time, the fibers that compose it end up dying and you find "bald spots" on your lawn.

To avoid this, all you have to do is remove the furniture (not dragging it but lifting it) to brush that part and make the bristles underneath recover their state (get up, water can fall on them, give them light ...).

Does this mean that you should move the furniture around from time to time? Yes, exactly. It must be seen as a way to redecorate with the elements you have to safeguard and care for the artificial grass.

Clean it as soon as possible

In this case we mean if we drop something, or if we have animals and it occurs to them to relieve themselves in it. It is very important to clean it immediately as the fibers can absorb odor, color, etc. and make it look bad. And to that we have to add the lack of hygiene.

Yes it is water, soda, alcohol, etc. it is best to clean it with soap and water to prevent fibers from sticking together, sticky texture, etc. And in the case of animals, you have to remove everything first with a paper and then scrub it.

You should not directly pour water on it because it will not clean or sanitize that area, and the only thing you will achieve is that it can spread to a greater part of the lawn.

Apply sanitizing perfume

Artificial grass, believe it or not, can also be a home for many bugs and bacteria. Therefore, if you want it to always be as clean as possible and above all sanitized, what you should do is apply a sanitizing perfume. East It will keep bacteria but also bugs away and it will also prevent your lawn from being damaged.

As for the smells, if the area where you have the grass is small, you may notice it, but it is usually pleasant.

Reposition the sand

artificial grass vs natural

In case you don't know, artificial grass sits on sand (usually silica). The problem is that, with the passage of time, use, wind, etc. makes the sand, even under the grass, move and can cause mounds to appear, other areas to sink, etc.

Therefore, another of the tasks to take care of artificial grass is to reposition the sand. You only have to lift it up a bit, flatten the sand and put it back.

Now, this is not something mandatory in your installation. That is, many times the grass may have been placed directly on the ground. The problem is that if herbicide is not applied the weeds will come out and can spoil the appearance, In addition, fungi are more likely to appear due to excess humidity. If this happens, you will have to use fungicides lifting the grass, applying it and replacing that which is in poor condition.

In this way, caring for your artificial grass will ensure that it lasts for many, many years. You have doubts? Let us know.

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