How to cut artificial grass

How to cut artificial grass

No, we are not referring to the fact that you have to cut the artificial grass as if it were natural. Does not grow. But it is true that, when it comes to installing it, it will not come with the measures that you need, there will always be a little more and that is when you have to know how to cut the artificial grass so that it is not noticed.

If you are already wondering if it is going to be too difficult or if you can do it yourself, then we are going to give you the keys and everything you need to know about mowing the lawn.

Why do you have to cut artificial grass?

Why do you have to cut artificial grass?

Normally, when you talk about mowing the lawn, what you think of is a lawnmower and cutting it because it has grown. But in the case of artificial that does not happen. At most, you might want to cut it off more, though for that it's enough to choose another type of grass.

When we talk about artificial grass, the normal thing is that, if it is said to be cut, it is because, when it comes to installing it, it must always be at the correct size. In other words, you can't leave a little just in case because then it would be a place where it could rise up, become ugly and even damage the rest of the installation.

For this reason, when buying it, you normally buy a little more than the amount you need and then, when installing it, either through the gaps, corners, etc. ends up leaving part and it is important to know how to cut the excess. First, so that it does not affect the whole (Can you imagine that it looks badly cropped or with holes?); and, second, to avoid problems in the installation of the grass.

Tools used to cut artificial grass

Artificial grass has a peculiar way of being cut. And it is that, instead of doing it from the front, it is always cut from the back in order to prevent it from being noticed in the cells of the lawn.

To get it, large strong scissors can be used (the best are the specialized ones). But if you want a cleaner cut, although depending on which one you use it will take longer, then use a cutter. The one used by children at school is not worth it, because the blade they use is too thin and you will end up breaking it in seconds; but one with a very thick blade. In hardware stores you can get these types of tools.

Of course, do not go to cut crazy. First of all you have to measure and make sure, several times, that it is what you should cut. Then, you just have to find a flat and hard surface to be able to make the cuts you need in a more comfortable and accurate way (don't move the cutter, you can cut yourself, take too long, etc.).

The steps you must follow to cut artificial grass

The steps you must follow to cut artificial grass

Now that you know which tool you are going to need, the next step is to get down to work. Cutting the artificial grass is done only once, before installing it in order to have the necessary pieces to cover the extension that you want to put in your garden or where you want to place it.

And, for this, the steps to take into account are:

To size

And do it right, since If by chance you measure wrong and cut where you shouldn't, when installing it you can leave spaces without artificial grass, and then having to create "patches" to fix the problem (as long as you have artificial grass left).

It seems silly. But the truth is that good measurement will not only allow you to buy the right and necessary one; but also to be able to play with the pieces to place it in the most complicated parts (for example around trees, corners, etc.

make an approximation

What do we mean by this? Well, specifically to what Lay out all the rolls of artificial grass you have, making sure they are in the same direction. Then, one by one, you must place it on the surface where you are going to put the grass. The goal is to make sure you have everything you need to cover it.

Most likely, it will overdo you, especially on obstacles, but that's where the cutter will come in to cut it.

Measure and mark obstacles

artificial grass

As we have told you before, when it comes to making a first "set" of the lawn, without fixing it yet, you may come across obstacles or parts that you have to cut. Although you will have already measured before buying it, it is important to measure again in the areas that have to be cut to know where you should make the cut and that it is the best possible.

The same goes for obstacles. Experts recommend that if you have stairs, pillars, columns or something similar that you have to "salvage", it is best to make a mark every 30cm on the lawn with the cutter. Remember, always from the back to have a line and know where to cut.

And, although professionals usually cut it in situ, that is, while they are placing it without having to remove it, it may be more comfortable for you to do it with the aim of using a support (a wooden surface, a table, etc.) to do it more precisely.

Don't throw away the cuts

Once you have made a cut surely you will have cutouts. And these the most normal thing is that you throw them away. But we recommend that, while you are installing the artificial grass, you keep them.

In this way, if at any time you need patches to repair, either because you have not measured well or you have cut too much, you could always use them to solve the problem.

It is also important, when cutting, remove the remaining strips as large as possible, as far as it can go.

Some even recommend save those strips (the largest and usable ones) for a while Since artificial grass, although highly durable, can sometimes deteriorate and you could use them to replace those that look in worse condition with new ones.

Is it clear to you how to cut artificial grass? Remember that in many places not only do they sell you grass rolls but there are services to install it themselves and you don't have to do anything.

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