How to distribute fruit trees on a plot

To grow fruit we must know how to distribute fruit trees on a plot of land

Much is said about orchards and vegetables that we can grow. But what about the fruits? We can also get these from our own harvest, but for this it is essential to know how to distribute fruit trees on a plot of land. Being larger vegetables, we must respect a certain distance between them and take into account several factors due to their dimensions.

But do not worry, we will talk about how to prepare the ground to plant fruit trees and what distance to leave between them. Also, we will explain what are the different types of plantation that we can use.

How to prepare the ground to plant fruit trees?

It is important to prepare the ground before planting fruit trees

Before explaining how to distribute fruit trees on land, it is essential that we know how to prepare it. When making a plantation, whatever the type, You have to review the sowing calendar, especially if it comes to planting fruit trees.

Once we are clear when it is time to sow, we must prepare the ground for it. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the type of soil, as it is a decisive element for plants to grow correctly. Apart from its composition, it is also fundamental analyze the terrain. What should we pay attention to? Let's see:

  • The existence of drier areas.
  • Top soil layer too thin or too compacted (by digging small holes we can find out what the subsoil is like).
  • Inclination of the land.

This last point is very important, because in case there is a lower part, we must take into account some factors. First of all there is the issue of cold air. This usually weighs more than the hot air, which is why the fog tends to accumulate in the lower areas, moving downwards. This is a problem that can become quite serious in the frosty season, and even more so if there is shade. Thus, the defrosting will take more days.

On the other hand, if our terrain is inclined, it can also produce the soil abnegation. In order to prevent this from happening, it is essential to design an outlet system for the water, to avoid major problems on days of heavy rain. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that the soil has good drainage.

Land preparation and aftercare

When we are clear that the soil is suitable for cultivation and how we will distribute the fruit trees, the following aspects must be taken into account both for land preparation and for aftercare:

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  • Holes: We need a hole filled with compost and soil for each fruit tree that we want to plant.
  • Fertilizer: When planting trees, we must use fertilizer and soil, it is important not to use only fertilizer. Since fruit trees are the crop vegetables that require the most nutrients, they must be fertilized again every winter, specifically at the end.
  • Irrigation: Of course, watering is vital for all plants. In the case of fruit trees, it is very important not to overdo it with water when they are in the flowering and ripening season. It should also be noted that each species has its own needs, so we must inform ourselves about the basic care of each fruit tree that we are going to plant.
  • Protection: Humans are not the only ones who enjoy the delicious fruits that fruit trees produce. Animals, insects and especially birds also consider them a delicacy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to think about protection systems and prevention techniques.
  • Pruning: Through this technique we help plants to rejuvenate. In addition, this favors the appearance of new shoots. The best time to carry out this work is usually in November.

How to distribute fruit trees on a plot: Types of plantation

It is important to leave some distance between fruit trees on a plot of land.

To know how to distribute fruit trees on a piece of land, it will be very helpful to know the different types of plantations that exist. At this point it should be noted that we must have a certain distance between the trees. Not only to respect their needs, but also to leave paths for us and the machinery (if we need it). The most common types of plantation are the following:

  • Staggered plantations: Fruit trees are planted in rows so that each one in the same row faces the gap of the next. In this way, more fruit trees can be planted for each hectare and the machinery can circulate in different directions.
  • Rectangle plantings: This type of planting consists of placing the trees in a line, leaving a little more space between the various rows. It is a good system to take advantage of the terrain. Although it is true that the machinery can only move in two directions, we can carry out soil and crop operations throughout its life.

What is the distance between fruit trees?

Now that we know how to distribute fruit trees on a piece of land, we only have one important factor left to take into account: The distance that we must leave between them. This is vital for plants, since they can take water and nutrients from each other if their roots invade the underground space. Of course, the distance that we must respect will depend mainly on the species in question, so we must inform ourselves before planting it.

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Let's take as an example the Orange tree. This tree needs a space of between four and five meters with another. This measurement is very reasonable and can be applied to almost any type of fruit tree. However, it is advisable to review the data for each species that we are going to cultivate.

In terms of distances, it is also very important to take into account local ordinances and customs. In many places it is mandatory to leave a minimum space between trees and boundaries. Generally they are about two meters in the case of very tall trees, and fifty centimeters when they are smaller. However, it is best to inform us about the regulations of our municipality.

I hope this article has helped you to plant fruit trees. Without a doubt, it is a great idea if we have a suitable plot of land!

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