How to dry a tree?

How to dry a tree

We are living in a time where a natural phenomenon occurs that we all know by the name of global warming, but in addition to that there is progressive deforestation and pollution in general throughout the world.

This is what compels us as human beings to protect the environment. Nevertheless, sometimes we have to make the difficult decision of having to remove a tree, either due to lack of space or for reasons of our own safety or that of a neighbor.

Ways to dry a tree

If it is the case that we have a tree trunk in our garden that is generating new shoots, we have to eliminate it, since it is possible that it continues to grow. For this we show you a few methods that we can use for this task.

Use Epson salt or rock salt

The first thing we have to do is buy Epson's salt or rock salt, this being a fairly simple way to remove a tree stump if you don't have a lot of money. However, we must bear in mind that if we use this method it will take us a few months for the stump to die, therefore, this is not the best alternative if we want to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

We should not use common salt, because it is quite harmful to the soil where the stump is located. We have to use the Epson salt or 100% rock salt without having added ingredients, so that we have the assurance that the earth that surrounds the stump does not suffer alterations.

If this is a stump that you have a hard time dying, we can try a chemical or herbicide that has glyphosate or tricoplir among its components instead of salt. Of course, the herbicide will remove the tree trunk as quickly as possible, but we must bear in mind that it will kill the roots of the plants or trees that are around.

Grasses on the lawn
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We have to drill a hole pattern along the entire surface of the trunk so that the solution can enter correctly.

These holes must have a Measured 1,4 to 2,5 cm wide and at least 20,3 cm deep or in its difference 30,5 cm if our drill is long enough and it is that a deep penetration is what will give us the assurance that the solution with the salt can reach all the roots of the trunk and if the roots of the trunk are too big, we have to pierce them in the same way.

Then we fill each of the holes with the salt and we cover with wax. For this we fill each hole with ¾ of Epson salt or rock salt, without forgetting those holes that we also made in the roots of the trunk.

Then we light a common candle and we add the wax in the holes to be able to seal themIt is very important that we make sure that the salt is in one place, instead of being spread around the patio, because excess salt can be harmful to the roots of the other plants that we have in the garden.

Now we cover the trunk and to do it we put a plastic tarp, a garbage bag, or anything else that helps to cover the trunk. In this way it will dry much faster since it does not have sunlight and receives rainwater, therefore the shoots will not be able to continue feeding.

Cover the trunk to avoid the sun's rays

The first step is to cover the trunk, this being a low cost technique, but it can take a long time. By this we mean dry the trunk slowly by taking away all the basic necessities.

For this we put a dark colored tarp or a plastic bag over it so that in this way it cannot receive either sun or water. Then we only have to wait 3 to 6 months, since in this time the trunk will dry slowly, having to check from time to time to see how the process is going. We will notice that the trunk will begin to rot and crumble.

We have to cut off any shoots that grow around the trunk If we cover the trunk, it will cause anything else to grow, but as long as it is not dry we have to cut all the shoots that appear at the base of the trunk.

Another solution we can use for this is paint them with a brush containing some triclopyr.

Other techniques we can use to delete a tree

methods to dry a tree

In this first method we have to use the drill

We start by making some holes with the drill that do not have a measurement greater than half an inch, taking into account that we have to follow the circumference of the trunk. Then we have to make the holes, filling using a high nitrogen fertilizer.

As the days go by, in the holes a fungus will grow that will decompose the wood, something that can take four or six weeks.

In this second method we have to use nails

In the second method to delete a tree we have to use some nails that are made of copper.

We need a large quantity of copper nails and if possible, large ones. Only we have to nail them to the log of the tree, something that will cause the fungus to enter the tree to decompose it.

In this third method we have to use a chainsaw

And finally, the best method we can use to remove a tree no matter what the reason is, is by using a chainsaw.

For this task, all we have to do is make an assessment of the size of the tree, since falling could cause significant damage to any property that is nearby. For being a fairly simple task It is not necessary that we should leave this activity in the hands of an expert person, however, we must take into account certain security measures.

man in tree cutting down a branch
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How to dry a pine

Next, we want to give you some examples of situations in which you can find yourself, and that is that, to dry a tree, it often depends on the type of tree it is.

In this case, do you have problems with a pine? Are you looking for how to dry a pine tree? If so, and there is no other possible solution, since it is not pleasant to see a plant die, the most widely used remedies that usually work are the following:

Use of paraffin

The method is not fast, but usually in a 3 month period you will start to notice this. It consists of making holes around the trunk and filling these with paraffin. The normal thing is that it takes a while to dry this but after those months you will begin to notice that the pine tree changes color; this is because the paraffin gets into the tree and it collapses its system to the point that it will eventually dry it out completely.

copper nails

Another option you can practice is nail around the trunk, and with a separation of 5 cms, some copper nails. These will cause the copper fungus to develop and attack the pine causing it to consume from the inside.

Of course, both this method and the previous one can cause the land to suffer and, when you plant another tree or any plant, it has more chances of dying than of getting ahead.

Apply Glyphosate

On this occasion, this method of drying a tree is not so harmful to the ground, although it is for the tree. The first thing you will have to do is drill the trunk of the pine tree enough to reach the center. You can do this at various points along the trunk.

Next, in those holes that you have made (which should be 1,5cm in diameter) you will have to inject Glyphosate. Of course, be careful that it does not touch other plants because it could kill them too.

In a matter of weeks the tree would begin to die.

cut off the sap flow

This is a method that does not always have positive results, because it can serve as "pruning" and make the tree sprout again. But if you want to try it, it consists of using a radial saw and making a cut around the trunk in order to cut off the flow of sap (cuts at least 5 cm deep must be made).

How to dry a tree quickly

set of tree trunks

We know that sometimes there is no choice but to "kill a tree." It is not the most pleasant, especially for plant lovers, but there are circumstances that make this action necessary.

Therefore, when you want to dry a tree quickly, the first thing you should do is make sure that it is so and there are no other options that may be viable.

If you continue, one of the best and perhaps fastest methods involves picking up an axe. No, it does not mean that you are going to cut it down. But it is one of the tools you will need along with an herbicide.

You should apply that herbicide to the blade of the axe, machete or similar. With it, you will have to make deep cuts, and even in some cases remove the bark. Every time you make a cut, you must thoroughly soak the leaf so that the herbicide itself enters directly into the center of the tree.

In this way, in a matter of days, weeks, the tree will dry quickly.

Another option, which may take you a month or a month and a half, is apply nitrogen-rich fertilizers. These will cause the fungi to appear and begin to decompose the wood of the tree, killing it in that time.

How to dry out a big tree fast

If the tree you want to dry is large, it is most likely because it is causing damage. It may be because it is close to the house and damages the foundation, because it is raising the soil, or because the roots are becoming a major problem.

On those occasions, what you need is to shorten the drying time as much as possible, and for this, we can recommend cut as many branches as possible. By leaving it without leaves, it cannot collect the sun's rays and carry out photosynthesis, which hinders its development and weakens it.

This allows any of the methods that we have talked about before to be more effective, perhaps being the fastest glyphosate, since in a matter of 4-6 weeks it would kill it. Of course, try to take a pure one and apply it several times so that it is faster and more effective, especially if the tree is large (if you also apply it in several points and even in visible roots (injecting it) you will shorten the waiting time much more) .

Once dry you will have to remove it, since, otherwise, it could pose a greater danger.

liquid to dry trees

dry tree in the field

To finish, we are going to give you several liquids to dry trees that are quite effective. The time it takes for them to take effect will depend on how big the tree is and other factors, but all of them, sooner or later, kill it.

Among them are:

  • Herbicides. Like the glyphosate that we have told you about, which can be found in specialized gardening and agriculture stores. It is easily sold and you can find it with different percentages. Obviously, the purer it is, the more damage it will do, and the faster it will do. Another option is triclopyr.
  • Boiling water. Yes, believe it or not, when you pour water that is over 120º on the tree, what you get is a thermal shock and that kills the cells of the plants and alters the proteins. In conclusion, it will dry out because it will burn it inside.
  • Chlorine. If you have a swimming pool, surely you have chlorine. If you spray the roots with it, or even make a hole in the trunk and inject it, it will dry out completely and pretty quickly.
  • car oil It is used similar to herbicides, making a cut in the tree and injecting this liquid to kill it from within.
  • Bleach, ammonia... Cleaning products can also be used to "harm" plants, and when thrown on them they will penetrate the roots causing them to burn and destroy, in such a way that the plant will inevitably dry out.

As you can see, there are many options to dry a tree, but before doing so, make sure that there are no other options that allow it to continue living.

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  1.   Juan said

    Hello friends: The annoying tree theme is an even bigger problem if you want to make it disappear from the site. The above ideas what they do is dry it, but later to cut dry branches or branches it will be much more difficult than when they were not, because the wood hardens a lot and a saw will practically slip on its surface and hurt it very little. Therefore, if we never want to see it again, instead of drying it a slight semantic change is better: removing it. I believe that there are products that produce, together with their death (here we start from their living state), the rotting of their roots. I do not know for sure because I have not confirmed it, but if so, if it is large, when it loses its roots it loses its support and then it will fall, and for this it would be necessary to foresee that there are no harmful consequences. In the area where I live someone has brought and / or planted seeds. These germinate with enormous ease and in the span of 3 or 4 years it becomes a tree of appreciable size, ideal to begin to hate, because it blooms and scatters seeds everywhere and none fails. They cover sewage drains, etc. Quite a problem and the tender vegetable is called Elm to top it off. A hug.

  2.   DANNY said


    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Danny.

      Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is water a lot, pour a lot of water once so that the salts go down, and wait.


      1.    Kevin said

        Hello, the method of copper nails how long does it take to take effect? And I only find copper nails that do not rust, I do not know if it will work, greetings.

        1.    Monica Sanchez said

          Hi Kevin.
          In principle, a short time. It will depend on several factors, but generally within a few weeks the leaves will begin to dry out.

          1.    Kevin said

            Does it influence whether the nails rust or not?

          2.    Monica Sanchez said

            Hi Kevin.
            Not much, because what the nails do is pierce the roots, causing them to dry out.
            If you have any further questions, ask.

  3.   Gabriela said

    how could he kill an ombu tree

  4.   Marcelo said

    I want to dry and a tree stump so that neither the tree nor the roots grow, they gave me a FERTILIZER for this, indicating that I avoid contact with water; is this correct? a fertilizer can dry out a tree? I understand that they are used to grow.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello, Marcelo.

      Indeed, the fertilizer is used for the plant to grow, not for it to dry out (although if you put more doses than the container indicates to a plant, it is most likely that it will spoil).


  5.   Mark said

    Hello good, by rock salt you mean sea salt?

  6.   Raymundo said


    An expert from a recognized fertilizer store tells me that perhaps the article is referring to a fertilizer with a high content of NITROGEN, but not hydrogen. Is it an error or is it as the article indicates?

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hello Reymundo.

      Yes, it was certainly a slip. It is already corrected.


  7.   READ said

    Good afternoon, I would like to know what can be done to dry a palm tree that is about 10 years old.
    I do not know the species, but it is very common of these that give dates.

    1.    Monica Sanchez said

      Hi Leia.

      It is enough to cut the trunk. Palm trees, unlike trees, can only grow if they have the root ball intact. If the trunk is cut it will be.