How to give privacy to a terrace

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Our garden or terrace must become a private place to be able to have privacy in the tranquility of the home. Therefore, there are some tips to learn how to give privacy to a terrace. The ultimate goal is to be able to be calm without anyone seeing us while we relax.

In this article we are going to teach you how to give privacy to a terrace and what are the best tips for it.

Importance of privacy

ideas how to give privacy to a terrace

Privacy and intimacy in the family are paramount. So much so that I don't think you can call it home if you don't have it. I am referring not only to the interior, but also to the exterior: terraces, balconies and patios. It is true that privacy is a bit complicated to achieve in these areas, but if it is what you want, is the most important thing to achieve.

Many patios and balconies have mandatory and approved railings to prevent falls. But this railing, in many cases, does not offer even an iota of privacy. There are even railings with fully transparent glass panels where you can see everything. Let's see some solutions to gain privacy in this area.

How to give privacy to a terrace

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We are going to analyze some of the best options to learn how to add privacy to a terrace:


ideas with wood

It is the most popular option due to its price, ease of installation and efficiency. In any store or DIY and decoration center, you can buy reed rolls to install on the railing of your patio. On Saturday morning you'll have it all done, at least from the waist down, and you'll have total privacy on your patio or balcony.

Translucent vinyl for the glass of the railings

There are many terraces with glass paneled metal balustrades, which negate the privacy and intimacy as we saw above. In this case, more light enters the house because there are few obstacles. This is the biggest advantage offered by these railings. So, if you want to maintain that advantage and gain privacy, you can install translucent self-adhesive vinyl on the windows, which will let in light but provide privacy.

This is the cheapest and fastest way to cover the glass of the railing. Depending on how many meters of glass you have, you can do it in a morning with just a roll of translucent vinyl, a knife, a plastic scraper, and some water. The adhesive vinyl for windows adheres very easily, without the need for glue. Enough, as I say, with a little water.


how to give privacy to a terrace

Bamboo is another natural material that we can use to place on patios without being seen, for privacy and intimacy. Thin bamboo branches are placed on the railing, as if it were a railing, but with a richer style, because It has a more modern aesthetic, and the effect is very good. Also, you can raise the height of the bamboo beyond the height of the patio railing and leave uneven lines, gaining more privacy in the patio without having to close it.

We can also use bamboo to close the patio or the horizontal gap between balconies and balconies, where in many homes there is no privacy at all. In this case, you can put a screen of bamboo branches from floor to ceiling so that the neighbor next door does not see us anymore, at least in our house. This idea, like the previous ones, is very cheap to execute, fast and efficient.


The world of lattices is huge. We have masonry lattice, metal lattice, laser cut, handcrafted, wood, ceramic and other materials. So you can use a wide variety of models, materials and prices, use lattices to close or cover parts of your patio or balcony and gain privacy from both sides and from the street.

It is a few panels that we add until we create a curtain of the length and width that we want. It is a convenient solution that we can fit perfectly into our patio or balcony and that we can easily and precisely remove, install and manipulate as needed, as the panels are virtually weightless and easy to remove and install.

Leaving aside the above lattices, we also have these trellises/panels that have been made (or we can make our own) and they work fine. Also, being panels, we can move or remove them as we please.

Another advantage of these panels is that they serve as the perfect surface to place climbing plants and add greenery to a patio or balcony in an easy and vibrant way. Nor is it necessary to resort to standard blinds to install one.

We can also install one ourselves using a wooden pallet, treat the wood well and keep it beautiful, and even paint it to our liking, we will have a very functional and effective trellis for its purpose.

Room Dividers

The advantage of the screen is that it is inexpensive, self-installing and self-folding when needed. That is, they are mobile. You want to cover the patio so they don't see you at a certain time, then you put the screen.

Then you remove it, fold it and put it away, and voila, a clean patio. The downside of them is that they also cover your field of vision. That is, they are a screen both for the viewer and for what is seen. But without a doubt, they are another great solution to achieve intimacy quickly and efficiently.


It may seem strange to have curtains on a patio, but I find it very useful and practical. if we want to have privacy at certain times and then leave the patio. We only need to see the patio above these lines. A curtain has been installed to temporarily protect them from the eyes of the neighbors next door.

If you want more privacy, you can draw the curtains further and even cover the entire patio if necessary. As in the previous solutions, the installation of curtains is something that we can do ourselves without having to resort to a professional. In addition to these solutions that we have just seen, there is another very nice and effective element to gain privacy on a patio or balcony: plants.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about how to give privacy to a terrace.

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