How to know the name of your plant

How to know the name of your plant

Maybe it has ever happened to you that you love a plant, you buy it and, finally, you forget what its name is. Or they give it to you and you have no idea what plant it is. Or you find it and decide to adopt it, but of course, you have to find out what plant it is to be able to care for it correctly. ¿How to know the name of your plant? There are applications that tell you. 

In this article we are going to show you a few applications that help you know what plant you have in front of you, what it is called and, some, help you with relevant information such as its characteristics, the care it needs, etc. 

Take note of these gardening applications because they are quite useful and can get you out of trouble. In addition, they are perfect if you like to go through the countryside and discover species you don't know about. 

The best gardening apps to learn about plants

These applications will help you know what plant you have before you. They are very practical if you have a collection of pots filling your home with life, whether in your garden, orchard, terrace, patio or balcony. Sometimes it happens that birds come to visit our green area and leave seeds that they carry on their legs or wings, helping to spread another species on our land. After time we see that a plant is growing that we did not plant ourselves and we become curious to know what it is. 

How to know the name of your plant

With these applications you will be able to instantly know the name of your plant. And start enjoying it, giving it the care it requires according to its species.

Google Lens

If you look among the tools on your tablet or mobile phone you will surely find the Lens tool. With it you can identify practically anything and, if you don't want to download any new app or, depending on where you are, you don't want to, it can get you out of trouble.

PlantNet, endorsed by scientists

PlantNet is free and it is created with the help of groups of scientists since, in fact, it was none other than the Agropolis Foundation that promoted the project. It has a large database that helps compare images to identify which plant is in front of you. Thus, among so much variety, you will surely find your plant. 

In addition, it increasingly contains more photographs to compare, because users can add their photos to expand this database. 

It is an app that has been around for 10 years and is still in the spotlight, which is a good sign, because it tells us that users trust it.

PlantSnap, to create your own plant library

Another magnificent free app to know the name of your plant es plant snap. With it you can recognize plants of all types, including trees and flowers. Learn what plant it is, what its characteristics are, its care and a lot of useful information. In addition, it is an app with users from more than 200 countries, so you can learn about countless species from all over the world, not just your area. 

NatureID, identify and diagnose your plant

How to know the name of your plant

With NaturedID identify What plant is it With just one photograph and you get the complete biography about the species. But it offers much more, because you can even know the state of your health, If you suffer from any disease and how to cure it. Therefore, it is an application to take into account. 

But this app offers you much more, because you can also identify animals with it. Very useful if, for example, you go through the countryside and you find a bird or some reptile or insect and you don't know what it is.

The only flaw of the app is that it is in English, but otherwise, it is a good option to always have on your device at hand.


picturethis also helps you know the name of your plant and, it has the endorsement not of the scientific community as in the case of PlantNet, but of 30 over millions of users who have joined her. He recognizes plants and flowers, gives you information about them and tells you how to care for them. Can one ask for more? 

This app works with Artificial Intelligence, so that the success is much greater. In fact, it is attributed a reliability of 98%. 

Another option that this app offers you is that you can save your photos and create your files to also configure alerts about them. This way you can ask the app to notify you when it is time to water or cover a need for each of your species. 

Flora Incognita

Learn, identify and discover if the plant species you identified is in danger of extinction. Flora Incognita is another trusted tool, having been created by scientists and engineering experts from the Ilmenau Polytechnic University and the Max-Planck Institute in Jena. 

However, this app, although it is very good, is created to identify wild flora, so it may not be entirely efficient when it comes to identifying ornamental or indoor plants, etc.

More apps to know the name of your plant: LeafSnap

Leaf Snap It can recognize 90% of your plants with absolute ease. And to do this you don't have to do anything more than take a photo of the plant in question. In addition, it is a tool that users really like because it has a minimalist and attractive design, easy to use and reliable.

You can download these applications on your tablet or mobile phone, to always take them with you when you go on an excursion, for a walk or on a trip. You will finally be able to know, with just a quick image capture, what plant species you have before you and learn everything about them, including what care they need.

In some cases, as we have seen, the app also recognizes animals, so if you consider yourself a declared lover of nature and you are passionate about getting lost in it, download the app that you liked the most and start enjoying it.

You can know the name of your plant with these applications and also discover if you are taking good care of it and even set alerts to remind you of watering, pruning and other care.

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