How to make original flower pots for outdoors

How to make original flower pots for outdoors

If you like plants, but you are also a fan of DIY and crafts, this article is perfect for you. Because We are going to explain how to make original outdoor planters.

Ideas that can serve as a source of inspiration for you to create absolutely unique containers for your plants. Without leaving aside the fact that flower pots must be practical and provide good support so that the species that live in them can develop normally.

Flower pots in wellies

How to make original flower pots with rejected wellies.

When it comes to how to make original outdoor planters, there is no better idea than take advantage of items we have at home and those we no longer use.

If you have some of your children's, or even adult's, wellies that are no longer used, you can turn them into an original flower pot. And of such a quick way that it won't take you more than five minutes.

Start by cleaning the boot well inside and out. Then, dry it to prevent humidity from affecting the plant. Make some drainage holes in the sole, making sure they are not too large. nor too small.

You can help yourself with a slightly thick screw or nail and a hammer to pierce the sole. But always do it carefully so as not to hurt yourself.

When you have this ready, the only thing left to do is add some gravel to the inside of the boot, and then fill the remaining space with substrate. Next, you can plant your favorite flowers. You can choose a hanging variety like ribbon, or an upright growing variety like clivia.

Hanging Coconut Planters

How to make original flower pots with coconuts

If you like crafts and you like coconuts, you may have already made practically everything with their shells. Well, here's one more idea, turn them into an original hanging pot.

Clean the coconut well and make a drainage hole in the base. ANDOn each side of the top, make a small hole. Through them you will pass a chain that will be used to hang this particular basket.

The only thing left for you to do is fill the container with substrate and put your favorite plants in it.

You can also create your own version of the non-hanging coconut shell planter. Due to its shape, It becomes a perfect container to decorate the outdoor table with some pretty flowers.

How to make original outdoor pots with old pots

If you want to simplify the work a little, you can use a pot or planter that you already have at home as a base for your work. The one that has deteriorated over time and is collecting dust in a closet.

To work with old pots, the first thing you What you have to do is clean them thoroughly both inside and out. It is especially important to clean the interior, so that the new varieties you plant do not become infected if the plant that has previously lived in that pot was sick.

Use water and neutral soap and dry well. If they are ceramic pots (it is most advisable), you will have to wait a few hours or a few days until they are completely dry.

Afterwards, you can start working with the support, and here the only limit is your imagination. You can give them a new look with:

monochrome painting

Some pretty colorful pots will give your garden a unique and fun look. You can choose from more neutral tones to much more striking ones.. But what we advise you is that you choose a quality, waterproof paint.

Geometric designs

With the help of masking tape or insulating tape, You can design patterns on the pot and apply the paint in different layers. The result will be a unique and original design that will not go unnoticed.

decorative mosaic

Some broken tiles, or broken colored glass, allow you to create pots that will shine in the sunlight. You can glue the pieces with white glue, assembly adhesive or hot silicone. The important thing is that it is a glue that resists humidity and is not noticeable.

The result is much more than a flower pot, it can become a true work of art. To give it even more shine and protect the materials, After gluing the pieces of porcelain or colored glass, apply a grout to cover the joints, and then a layer of protective varnish.

Flowerpot with an old trunk

How to make original outdoor planters with a tree trunk

If you are a fan of walking through the countryside, it is possible that in some of During your walks you may have come across a more or less large piece of trunk. If it is not in too bad condition, you can give it a new life as a flower pot.

You have to empty the inside, so you will need tools, and have a little patience to leave the hole clean enough como to be able to fill it with substrate.

Also, don't forget to make some drainage holes in the bottom. Then, fill your new pot with substrate and plant the plants of your choice in it.

If you are working with an elongated log and want to make it a little more attractive, you can place it on some wooden shims. But Try to do this before filling the pot with soil, because by then it may be too heavy to move.

Planters with light

A very simple way to give new life to your garden is to add a little light. In this case, It is as simple as gluing some LED light strips suitable for outdoors. and resistant to humidity in pots.

You can even glue them together creating different patterns and designs. They will provide subtle lighting to outdoor spaces, and they will make your garden have a unique appearance.

These are just some ideas on how to make original outdoor planters. Now it's up to you to get to work and make unique and spectacular designs. Those that will ensure that your garden or your balcony has its own personality and will not go unnoticed.

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