How to make your own homemade drip irrigation with bottles

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

Having a garden or orchard requires dedication and sacrifice. Because you will have to be aware of satisfying the needs of your crop, as they say, 24/7 or, what is the same: every day of the year, regardless of whether you feel tired, happy, depressed, overwhelmed or other obligations or leisure opportunities arise. There are species that require more watering and others less, but it may happen to all of us that we find ourselves needing to be away for a while, or, simply, to be absent more and not be able to monitor their watering on a daily basis. make your own homemade drip irrigation with bottles It can save your life in these cases.

Imagine that you are setting up your mini garden, with a terrace full of beautiful plants and colorful flowers, or your small garden for self-consumption. But this one will need you to water it every x time throughout its life. While you, enjoy your time gardening or being with your hands in the soil to the fullest, but you will not be able to be present for a few days or there are even weeks in which, for any reason, it will be difficult for you to visit your land. . Has it happened to you?

It can happen to all of us, as much as we love to feel like farmers, there are other demands in our lives that also demand us. The solution exists, of course there is, it is drip irrigation. The really good news, however, is that you won't have to spend money on purchasing a complex irrigation system, but you can make your own. homemade drip irrigation with bottles

Do you want to know how to make this system so that your plants never lack water? We show it to you with a very didactic and simple guide that we have prepared for you.

Different drip irrigation systems

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

The first thing you have to know is that there is not just one option drip irrigation system, but many, so you can be inventing your own method using our proposals as a guide, or follow to the letter the models that we share here:

  • Cord irrigation system
  • Screw irrigation system
  • Evaporation and condensation irrigation system
  • Drip irrigation using plastic bucket
  • Irrigation using stakes
  • Watering with a barrel
  • Irrigation with membrane and adjustable flow rates

These are all drip irrigation systems that we can find, although a creative mind can devise more original ways to take care of your garden. Meanwhile, we are going to show you some of these systems that we just mentioned.

Drip irrigation using a cord

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

You can use a cord or also a cotton fabric. The system consists of inserting the cord or fabric tape into the water bottle and burying the other end in the soil of the pot or field. The plant itself will take the water it needs from the cord, as if it were used to drink from a straw. 

Drip irrigation using screws

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

If you prefer to try the method of screws for your homemade drip irrigation systemWhat you will have to do is take a plastic bottle and fill it with water, closing it tightly so that the water does not leak out or evaporate. 

Now, with a needle, make a small hole in the bottle cap. You now have your device ready and the only thing left is to place the bottle upside down on the ground or hang it, with the idea that the water comes out little by little and thus the plant receives water. 

You will have to experiment until you find the appropriate size of screw that provides the water it needs and at the precise speed, so that the plant does not fall short of watering, nor does it receive excessive watering.

Evaporation-condensation irrigation

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

Cut two water bottles in half, one larger and one smaller, and fill the bottom of the small bottle with water. Place the top of the largest bottle as a cover. The sun will cause the water to evaporate and this same steam will water the pot.

Irrigation system with plastic bucket

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

We connect a hose using washers to the plastic bucket (we will have to make the holes first). Also, we can put a screw with wingnuts on the tube, at the other end of the hose, that allows us to regulate the amount of water. We must place the bucket where we want to water, but on a safe surface, so that the bucket does not wobble with the force of the water.

We nail the bucket with a pickaxe and add the hose to the end. Once assembled, we fill the bucket with water and adjust the intensity of the water with the help of the screw. 

Irrigation using stakes

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

We take a two-liter or one and a half liter water bottle and cut off the bottom base. Now we take the stake and insert it into the neck of the bottle. We will have to regulate the intensity of the dripper. 

We stick the stake and the dropper into the ground and, now, we fill the bottle with water. You can add all the irrigation units you need.

These that we have just seen are the systems of homemade drip irrigation with bottles more effective and popular. 

Other drip irrigation systems

You can follow the same guidelines but using a barrel so that you have more water. Or use a system with adjustable membranes, without breaking your mind so much and prefer to go easy.

Why install a homemade drip irrigation system?

Homemade drip irrigation with bottles

You know how to make your own drip irrigation system homemade with bottles, but the question is, why do we advise you to use these systems? We have several arguments in favor:

  • You will save water.
  • You will be able to give yourself a break by leaving the place from time to time without regrets.
  • We want to stimulate your creativity and we know that you are a handyman.
  • With these systems, you will be taking care of your crop and saving money.
  • We encourage recycling.
  • It works for all kinds of plants.

You can add more reasons to this list and explain to us how to make your own homemade drip irrigation with bottles, which is the most effective method and which is your favorite. We learn with you. 

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