How to plant a peach tree

The peach tree is also known as peach

The peach tree, also known as peach, It is especially characterized by being a fast-growing tree. This means that it bears its first fruits after a few years. If you are thinking of growing your own peaches, you must first know how to plant a peach tree.

In this article we will not only explain how to carry out this task, but we will also comment on when we should do it. So take note and get to work. Let's remember that peaches contain a lot of fiber that helps our digestive health. In addition, they can help reduce cholesterol levels, which is very good for the heart.

When can a peach tree be planted?

The best time to plant a peach tree is in the fall

Before explaining how to plant a peach tree, we are first going to comment on when we should carry out this task. The best time of year to plant this tree is in the fall or winter. If the peach from which we obtained the seed was good, the plant will begin to sprout in spring. It is important that we water during sowing, later it will only be necessary when the land is dry.

Regarding the location of the peach tree, it is important that the soil has good drainage and is fertile. In order for this vegetable to thrive properly, it is also important that it receives many hours of sunlight. Also, if we can have it next to a wall, it will be much better, since it will be protected from the wind.

How to plant a peach tree?

Now that we have an idea of ​​the best time to carry out this task, we are going to discuss how to plant a peach tree. The first step in planting a peach tree is prepare the seeds. But how do you do it? We have to wrap the seed in a wet towel made of paper. Then we will place it in a sealed plastic bag. We should keep this bag in the refrigerator and keep both the paper towel and the peat moss and vermiculite moist. The peach seed will be ready after about two months.

It is best to plant several holes, since it is most likely that some of them will not germinate, and of those that do, many will not survive their first year of life. If we live in a rather warm area, we must artificially stratify the seeds in a refrigerator. When autumn comes, we will put the washed and dried pits in a plastic bag. Later we will cover them with water.

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When planting peach trees, we must bear in mind that the soil should not be too compact. In addition, the ideal would be to add organic matter to enrich the soil. For this we can use compost, manures and/or leaves of other fruit trees. The peach seed should be planted at a depth of between three and four centimeters. Then you have to cover it with mulch or straw so that it can spend the winter well.

Regarding the distance that we must leave between tree and tree, the usual thing is to leave about six to seven meters if they are of standard size. It should be noted that the vast majority of peach trees are self-fertile. What does this mean? Well, really with a single tree we already have enough, because they do not need pollination.

Basic peach tree care

Once we are clear about how to plant a peach tree, there are a series of basic care that we must keep in mind so that the plant develops correctly. A good fertilizer is key to this. For the peach trees, The best thing is that it has a uniform balance composed of the three main nutrients: Potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Of course, we should never fertilize the planting hole or the soil around a newly planted peach tree.

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Regarding irrigation, this should be carried out just after planting. Then it will be time to water approximately every two days, At least for the next few weeks.

How long does it take for a peach tree to bear fruit?

The peach tree is usually self-fertile

The peach tree is a tree that requires some patience, since the first years of life it will be investing all its energy in increasing the vegetation and its own structure, At least for the first two years. Peaches grow only on branches that are at least one year old. Therefore, we can deduce that a two-year-old peach tree is usually not large enough and developed enough to produce and/or maintain a good harvest. So, if we want to grow and harvest our own peaches, we will have to be patient and take proper care of the peach tree. Still, this vegetable is a fast-growing tree. Other fruit trees take considerably longer to bear the first fruit.

Now that you know how to plant a peach tree, you may have realized that it really isn't difficult. If the fruit of the chosen seed was good and with minimal care, the tree will begin to grow practically on its own. Of course, we will have to wait patiently until we can enjoy the first fruits.

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