How to plant dahlias

Dahlias are easy to plant

Have you heard of dahlias? These pretty Mexican plants are perennial vegetables that are very easy to grow. In addition, they stand out for the long duration of their flowers, which can delight our eyes from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn. It should be noted that it is a bulbous plant belonging to the family Asteraceae It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. So that you can enjoy these precious vegetables in your home, we are going to explain how to plant dahlias

It should be said that there are more than 16 different types of these flowers, so we can find varieties of different colors, heights and sizes. But, generally, dahlias have large flowers with intense colors and their height ranges between 30 centimeters and one meter. So these precious plants They are ideal for making floral arrangements and for decorating our garden or home. In this article we will explain when and how to plant dahlias step by step.

When are dahlias planted?

To plant dahlias we need a bulb of this plant

Before explaining how to plant dahliasIt is important to know when to do it. These bulbous plants bloom in summer. So that they can do it, we should plant them in spring. Once its season is over, in autumn, we can recover its bulbs and preserve them. In this way we can replant them in the following season. To do this, we must first prune the aerial part of the plant and clean the bulbs well. To preserve them, it is best to store them in a cool, dry and dark place, wrapped in silica sand.

A good trick to be able to enjoy these beautiful flowers for much longer is plant the bulbs in a staggered manner from February to the end of May. That is to say: Do not plant all the bulbs at the same time, but distribute them throughout these months.

How to plant dahlias in the ground?

Dahlias are bulbous plants

Now that we know the best time to plant these flowers, let's see how to plant dahlias. First of all, it is important to note that, despite being quite resistant to low temperatures, these bulbous they do not do well in cold soils. For this reason it is essential not to plant them too early and protect them properly from late frosts.

Taking into account what we have just discussed, it is not surprising that it is best to plant these beautiful flowers first in pots and then transplant them to the garden soil, specifically in an area where they receive a lot of sunlight. It should be noted that the land must be fertile, rich in humus and have good drainage. Next we will comment step by step how to plant dahlias:

  1. Dig the hole: The hole should be slightly larger than the bulb and about six to eight inches deep.
  2. Insert the bulb: Once we have made the hole, it is time to insert the bulb, placing the growth point facing upwards. Then you have to cover it with a little compost and soil, which should cover it between two and three inches. It is advisable to add a little bone meal or compost when we plant the dahlia.
  3. Regar: When we have already covered the bulb, the next step is to water the soil without flooding it. We must water a little every three weeks approximately.
  4. Cover the stems with soil: As the stems emerge, we have to cover them with soil until they reach ground level. It should be noted that there are some varieties of dahlia that can reach considerable heights. These will need the support of a stake. Then all that remains is to take care of these beautiful flowers.
Dahlias have flowers of various colors
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How to care for dahlias

Once the dahlias have grown, it is important place them in a place protected from the wind and with plenty of sunlight. Irrigation should be done approximately three times a week, although it will depend above all on the weather. The best way to carry out this task is to do it on the ground, avoiding wetting the flowers and leaves. In addition, it is best to always water at night. Taking these aspects into account, it will be more difficult for them to be affected by fungal diseases.

How long does it take to grow a dahlia?

When we have already carried out the planting of the dahlia, this It will start to flower after about eight weeks. Its beautiful and large flowers usually last the entire summer season and even much of autumn. However, it should be noted that dahlias cut to make bouquets or adorn vases end up withering in five to seven days or even sooner.

As you can see, planting dahlias is a very simple task that requires very little time. In addition, these flowers are very resistant and easy to maintain. If you like them, you no longer have an excuse not to grow them yourself! So get to work, I'm sure you'll love seeing these beautiful flowers in your home.

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